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USA History Solved MCQs - History of USA MCQs Solved - 600 Questions Answers Related to USA History For CSS, FPSC etc Exams

USA History Solved MCQs - History of USA MCQs Solved - 600 Questions Answers Related to USA History For CSS, FPSC etc Exams

1-Article One is the _________ article and cannot be __________.

Longest, Amended

2-Constitution of USA consists of a __________ and _________ articles.

Preamble, Seven

3-By Rigid means that US Constitution cannot be ___________ by the Congress by the ordinary procedure.


4-The amendment procedure of the US Constitution is a _________ step process.


5-For proposal of the amendment it is necessary that either ____________ of both the houses shall propose amendment to constitution or on the application of legislatures of __________ states shall call a convention for proposing amendment.

Two-Third (67%), Two-Third (67%)

6-Only __________ and ____________ can propose amendment to constitution.

Congress, States

7-For ratification it is necessary that the amendment shall either be ratified by the legislatures of ____________ of all states or by the convention of ___________ of states.

Three-Fourth (75%), Three-Fourth (75%)

8-The American constitution establishes the ________ sovereignty of the people which means that in US the _________ rule.

Popular, People

9-In United States ____________ is the parliament which consists of _______ houses.

Congress, Two

10-The two houses of Congress are _____________ and _________________.

Lower House, Upper House

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MCQs Of History Of USA

11-Lower House is also called as ___________.

House of Representatives

12-Upper House is also called as ____________.


13-The House of Representatives has _________ members who are elected for a period of _______ years on __________ basis.

435, Two, Population

14-In House of Representatives, the state of _________ has highest number of seats which are _________.

California, 53

15-The member of Senate are elected by the ___________.

State Legislature

16-Each state has _________ senators.


17-Senators are elected for a period of ___________ years.


18-The total number of senators is ___________.


19-In US, Congress has the power to __________ while President has the power to _________.

Make Law, Enforce/Execute and Administer Law

20-According to Article 1 of the US Constitution, federal government has jurisdiction over ________ matters and the residuary powers are vested in ___________.

Eighteen (18), States

MCQs Of History Of USA

21-US Constitution provides for a ________ form of government.


22-President is elected for a period of _________ years.


23-President of the USA is _________ to Congress and __________ Congress.

Not answerable, Cannot dissolve

24-Article ______ of the US Constitution provides the powers, process of election and other matters related to president.

Two (2)

25-US constitution calls for a _________ system.


26-Republican system means _________.

A form of government in which power of sovereignty vested in people

27-According to US Constitution, every American citizen has _________ citizenship.


28-Every American citizen is first of all the citizen of ________ and secondly he is the citizen of that _______ in which he lives.

America, State

29-In a Confederate government, the ultimate power resides in _______ ________ governments. The central government has only as much power as ________ are willing to give to it.

Regional and Local, Local governments

30-In a Federate government, the ultimate powers resides in ___________ government.


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31-The constitution of USA was signed by the Constitutional Convention on ____________.

September 17, 1787

32-Among the initial thirteen states of the USA, _____________ was the last state that ratified the constitution.

Rhode Island

33-Rhode Island ratified the constitution of USA on _________.

May 29, 1790

34-Anti-Fedralists were a group of people who were opposing the creation of a _________ type of government.


35-The most influential figures that the Anti-Federalists included were ________, _________ and _________.

Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason

36-In opposition to Anti-Federalists were _________.


37-Federalists were in favour of a strong _________ government.


38-The most influential figures that the Federalists included were ________, __________, ___________ and ___________.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington

39-Federalists favoured the idea of entrusting the administration to men of _____________.

Principle and property

40-Anti-Federalists were in favour of entrusting the administration to ________ people.


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41-The most famous example of Federalist doctrine is ____________.

The Federalist Papers

42-The Federalist Papers were a collection of ________ essay written by __________, _________ and __________.

85, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay

43-Federalists wanted representation to the Congress be in proportion of ________ of the states.


44-Anti-Federalists on the other hand wanted the representation to Congress be on _______ basis.


45-The first ten (10) amendments made to the US Constitution are also called as _________.

Bill of Rights

46-The Bill of Rights was ratified by the US Congress in ___________.


47-The period in American history from roughly 1789 – 1801 is commonly called as ____________.

Federalist Era

48-The period in American history ranging from 1789 – 1801 is called Federalist Era because during this time __________ was dominant in American politics.

Federalist Party

49-The Anti-Federalist Party was also known as ___________.

Democratic-Republican Party

50-Republican Party was created in _______ by ______ after he resigned from Washington’s cabinet.

1793, Thomas Jefferson

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51-The United States first National Bank was established in _______ after Congress grant it a _______ years charter.

1791, Twenty (20)

52-George Washington remained president of USA for ______ terms from ________ to _______.

Two, 1789, 1797

53-After the adaptation of constitution, the first Congress was convened in _________ in ________.

New York City, March 1789

54-Congress created a court system with the _______ Act of _____.

Judiciary, 1789

55-Congress created the first cabinet in US history in _______.


56-In Washington’s cabinet, Secretary of state was ________.

Thomas Jefferson

57-________ was secretary of treasure in Washington’s cabinet.

Alexander Hamilton

58-George Washington appointed __________ as secretary of war during his presidency.

Henry Knox

59-Edmund Randolph was _______ during Washington’s two terms of presidency.

Attorney General

60-________ led the group that drafted the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

James Madison

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61-In _________ farmers of __________ began a violent protest which is commonly known as _________.

July 1794, Western Pennsylvania, Whiskey Rebellion

62-Whiskey Rebellion was started by the farmers against Hamilton’s _________ on domestically produced __________.

1791 excise tax, Whiskey

63-The state of Vermont was admitted to the Union in ________.


64-Kentucky was admitted to the Union in _______.


65-The state of Tennessee became part of the Union in ___________.


66-John Jay negotiated ______ treaty in ______ with ______ which resulted in the removal of British troops from American land.

Jay’s Treaty, 1795, Britain

67-Thomas Pinckney negotiated __________ in ___________ with ________ which granted US access to Mississippi River and removed troops from American land.

The Treaty Of San Lorenzo, 1795, Spain

68-Washington’s two terms office serving tradition became law with the ratification of ________ amendment in _______.

Twenty-Second, 1951

69-George Washington was born on _________ in ________.

22 February 1732, Virginia

70-Washington joined the militia of Virginia as an _________ at the age of _______.

Adjutant General, 21

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71-George Washington became the member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in _______.


72-George Washington became the president of USA in _______.


73-Along with George Washington _________ became the first vice-president of USA.

John Adams

74-Gorge Washington died on ________ of fever.

November 14, 1799

76-John Adams was born on _________ in ___________.

19th October 1735, Massachusetts

77-John Adams became second president of the USA in __________.


78-Before becoming the first vice-president of USA, John Adams served as ________ to Great Britain.

US Minister

79-John Adams died on __________.

July 4, 1826

80-John Adams served the office of US president for _____ term only.


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81-Thomas Jefferson was born on ___________ in __________.

13th April 1743, Virginia

82-Thomas Jefferson became the Unites States first Secretary of State in _______.


83-Thomas Jefferson held the office of Secretary of State from _________ to _______.

1789, 1793

84-Before becoming the Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson served the office of _________ to France.

US Minister

85-Thomas Jefferson became the second vice president of USA in __________.


86-Thomas Jefferson became the third president of USA in _____________.


87-Thomas Jefferson founded the University of ___________.


88-Thomas Jefferson was died at the age of 83 on _________.

July 4, 1826

89-Thomas Jefferson was the author of ____________.

Declaration Of Independence

90-USA purchased the territory of Louisiana on __________ for a price of _________ dollars.

30th April 1803, 1.5 million

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MCQs Of History Of USA – Part II

91-Historians called the war of _______ as Second War for American Independence.


92-US went to war against Britain on ___________ as a result of British harsh behaviour towards US.

June 16, 1812

93-Embargo Act was adopted in ________.


94-The US and British War, that began in 1812 finally came to an end in ________.


95-US – British war of 1812 finally ended with the ___________.

Treaty of Ghent of 1814

96-The Treaty of Ghent was signed in _________ at Christmas Eve in ____________.

August 1814, Ghent (Belgium)

97-Adams-Onis treaty is also known as _______.

Florida Treaty

98-Florida Treaty was signed in _____________.


99-Holly Alliance was formed in __________.


100-One of the objectives of Holly Alliance was to support ________ in regaining her lost _________ Colonies.

Spain, Latin American

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Css USA Histry 2020

1-Monroe Doctrine was issued on ______________.

December 23, 1823

2-Monroe Doctrine was a statement made by __________ on foreign policy in his annual message to ___________.

James Monroe, Congress

3-Andrew Jackson was born on ______________ in ____________.

5th March 1767, South Carolina

4-In the war of 1812, Andrew Jackson led American forces to victory over the British in the Battle of ____________.

New Orleans (January 1815)

5-Andrew Jackson became president of the United States in _____________.


6-Andrew Jackson remained president of USA from ___________ to _____________.

1829, 1837

7-Andrew Jackson was the __________ president of USA.


8-In US history the time from ________ to _________ is called ‘‘Age of Jacksonian Democracy.’’

1824, 1840

9-The time from 1824 to 1840, in American history is also called as ____________.

Era of Common Man

10-Andrew Jackson died in ___________.

June 1845

11-Jamestown was built by the English settler in _______ in the state of _______ in North America.

1619, Virginia

12-The earliest English settlement was called Jamestown because of its vicinity to _________.

James River

13-According to historians the practice of slavery in America began in ________ when African slaves were brought to Jamestown.


14-Cotton Gin was invented by ___________, a young Yankee schoolteacher in ___________.

Eli Whitney, 1793

15-Cotton Gin made possible the efficient removal of seeds from _______ fibres.

Raw Cotton

16-Fugitive Slave Act was passed in ______________.


17-Under Fugitive Act of 1793, a white person was allowed to claim a ________ as a fugitive unless another white person testifies otherwise.

Black Person

18-Missouri was added to the Union as a slave state in ___________.


19-Congress officially banned the international slave trade of USA on ___________.

January 1, 1808

20-Representative James Tallmadge, Jr., of New York offered ________ amendments to the _________ statehood bill on ___________.

Two, Missouri, February 13, 1819


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