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USA History Solved MCQs - History of USA MCQs Solved - 600 Questions Answers Related to USA History For CSS, FPSC etc Exams

USA History Solved MCQs - History of USA MCQs Solved - 600 Questions Answers Related to USA History For CSS, FPSC etc Exams

1-Article One is the _________ article and cannot be __________.

Longest, Amended

2-Constitution of USA consists of a __________ and _________ articles.

Preamble, Seven

3-By Rigid means that US Constitution cannot be ___________ by the Congress by the ordinary procedure.


4-The amendment procedure of the US Constitution is a _________ step process.


5-For proposal of the amendment it is necessary that either ____________ of both the houses shall propose amendment to constitution or on the application of legislatures of __________ states shall call a convention for proposing amendment.

Two-Third (67%), Two-Third (67%)

6-Only __________ and ____________ can propose amendment to constitution.

Congress, States

7-For ratification it is necessary that the amendment shall either be ratified by the legislatures of ____________ of all states or by the convention of ___________ of states.

Three-Fourth (75%), Three-Fourth (75%)

8-The American constitution establishes the ________ sovereignty of the people which means that in US the _________ rule.

Popular, People

9-In United States ____________ is the parliament which consists of _______ houses.

Congress, Two

10-The two houses of Congress are _____________ and _________________.

Lower House, Upper House

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MCQs Of History Of USA – Part V

61-The Three electors of Washington, D.C have been allowed by the _________ Amendment.


62-To become President, a candidate must win ________ votes.


63-The winner candidate of US presidential election, sworn into office at noon on ____________.

January 20

64-President Trump is the ________ president of USA.


65-In case of no absolute majority, the president is then chosen by the ____________ from top three presidential vote-getters.

House of Representatives

66-In case of no absolute majority, the vice-president is then chosen by the House of Representatives from to ________ vice presidential vote-getters.


67-Untill ________ presidential winner used to sworn into office on _________.

1937, 4th March

68-With the passage of __________ Amendment, the date of presidential inauguration was moved to __________ from ___________.

20th, 20th January, 4th March

69- ___________ is the only US president that served for more than Two terms.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

70-In September 11, 2001 attacks a total of ________ civilians and _________ hijackers perished.

2977, 19

MCQs Of History Of USA – Part V

71-Franklin Delano Roosevelt served in office for __________ terms.


72-President __________ is the only US president that served for shortest time.

William Henry Harrison

73-William Henry Harrison served in office for ____________ days.


74-FBI was created on __________.

26 July 1908

75-National Security Agency (NSA) was created on ____________.

4 November 1952

76-United States Secret Service was created on ____________.

5 July 1865

MCQs Of History Of USA 

1-About how many years ago some nomadic groups of people from Asia reached American continent?

15,000 – 50,000, Siberia, Alaska

2-About how many years years ago some groups of Native Americans began to domesticate plants?


3-In which era Native American began to establish stable communities?

300 BC

4-There were about how many spoken languages at the time when Columbus discovered America?

300 – 350

5- Where Aztecs and Incas built great empires?

In Mexico and Peru respectively

6-What was the full name of Columbus?

Christopher Columbus

7-When and for whom Columbus had sailed?

 1492, Monarch of Spain

8-Columbus in his lifetime had made total how many voyages.


9-Christopher Columbus died in which year?


10-The first sail for England in search of new land was made by whom and when?

John Cabot, 1497

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CSS Past Papers MCQs USA History

MCQs Of History Of USA

11-Who was John Cabot?

An Italian navigator

12-The land of present day America was first colonized by whom?


13-Which Spainish monarch invaded which area and when?

Hernan Cortes, Mexico, 1519

14-When Spainish monarch Francisco Pizarro invaded Peru?


15-Spain had built first colony in present day America nearly how many years before English and French colonization began.


16-When Britain imposed Mercantilism policy in its colonies?


17-What were the main objectives behind the policy of Mercantalism?

Gain of Political power and wealth

18-Spanish conquerors in their colonies established a system of force labor which was called


19-What large estates, established by the Spanish conquerors in their colonies, were called?


20-What was the colonial name of Mexico?

New Spain

MCQs Of History Of USA 

21-The colonial name of Colombia was

New Granada

22-Spain used its conquered colonial land for which two purposes?

Mining, Agricultural

23-Where France established its colony ‘‘New France’’?


24-France was mainly using its colonies for what purpose?

Fur trade

25-What was the colonial name of New York City?

New Amsterdam

26-Fort Orange was the colonial name of which city?


27-The collective name of Dutch colonies was

New Netherland

28-Dutch colonised the area of present day America from where to where?

New York City to Albany

29-England in 17th century sent how many people to the New World for colonization?


30-When was the first permanent English settlement established?

May 14, 1607

MCQs Of History Of USA –

31-A group of roughly how many members of a joint venture founded the first English settlement?


32-The first English settlement was established on the bank of which river in North America?

James River

33-What was the name of first English settlement?

James Town

34-Till 1640 England had established how many colonies?


35-In 1660 Charles II established how many more colonies?


36-When England took New York from Dutch?


37-In 1775 approximately how many Europeans were living in the New World?

2.5 Million

38-The British Colonial Governments in the New World were of how many types?


39-What were the Three types of British Colonial Governments in the New World?

Provincial/Royal Colony, Proprietary, Charter

40-Provincial/Royal colonies were governed by a governor who was appointed by the will of whom?


MCQs Of History Of USA –

41-There were how many Provincial colonies among the thirteen English colonies?


42-What was the number of Proprietary English colonies?


43-The total number of Charter English colonies was


44-When England became the lone imperial power in North America?


45-What is the rough duration of the period of Enlightenment in Western history?

100 years

46-The era of Enlightenment is marked by how many political revolutions?


47-What are the three political revolutions of the Enlightenment period?

English, American, French

48-When English political revolution occurred?


49-When American revolution occurred?

1775 – 1783

50-French revolution was occurred in

1789 – 1799

MCQs Of History Of USA – 

51-The famous essay ‘‘Two Treatises Of Government’’ was authored by

John Locke

52-When John Locke wrote the ‘‘Two Treatises Of Government’’?


53-Who was the author of the ‘‘Declaration Of Independence’’?

Thomas Jefferson

54-The Declaration Of Independence promised what to all citizens?

Personal freedom

55-According to historians when the conflict between Britain and her American colonists began?

After 1763

56-When was the Navigation Act passed?


57-The Enumerated Commodities Act was passed in the year of


58-When was Staple Act put into force?


59-Duty Act was passed in which year?


60-When was Mollases Act passed?


MCQs Of History Of USA –

61-What Enumerated Commodities Act did?

Put ban on export to other countries

62-What Staple Act of 1663 did?

All European exports must first be brought to England before shipping to America

63-Under the Duty Act of 1673 it was made compulsory that cargo ships must either be

English or managed by English

64-Mollases Act was designed for what purpose?

To stop importation of Molasses

65-When was Crown’s Proclamation issued?


66-Sugar Act was passed in the year of


67-The Sugar Act of 1764 was the continuation of which previous Act?

Mollases Act of 1733

68-When was Quartering Act passed?


69-Stamp Act was passed in the year of


70-The Quartering Act of 1765 demanded from colonists to provide food, shelter and other supplies to whom?

British soldiers

MCQs Of History Of USA 

71-What the Stamp Act of 1765 demanded from people?

All Printed material in the colony be produced on an official paper bearing an embossed stamp

72-According to historians the Stamp Act was to yield how much revenue a year?

£ 100,000

73-When was the Stamp Act of 1765 was protested for the first time?

October 1765

74-When the British parliament revoked the Stamp Act?

March 1766

75-When was the Non-Importation Agreement signed by the Boston merchants?

August 1768

76-When was the incident of Boston Massacre occurred?

5 March 1770

77-How many people died and get injured in the Boston Massacre?

Three died Eight injured

78-Tea Act was passed in the year of


79-When was the incident of Boston Tea Party occurred?


80-What had happened in Boston Tea Party?

People threw overboard chests of tea valued at 15000 Pounds

MCQs Of History Of USA – Part I

81-When and where the First Continental Congress met?

5 September 1774, Philadelphia

82-When and where the Second Continental Congress met?

May 10, 1775

83-Second Continental Congress appointed who as the Commander-in-Chief of the continental army?

George Washington

84-The Declaration of Independence was framed by which congress?

Second Continental

85-After the Declaration of Independence, what the colonies did?

Formed a Union under the Articles of Confederation

86-When British recognized the independence of initial thirteen colonies of the present day America?


87-US war of independence was brought to a conclusion by which treaty?

Treaty of Paris, 1783

88-The Articles of Confederation were drafted and passed by the Congress in which year?

November 1777

89-When Shay’s Rebellion began?


90-US Constitution is comprised of about how many words and how many pages?

4000 words, 10 – 12 pages

MCQs Of History Of USA – Part I

91-The Constitution of USA is composed of how many articles?


92-The three out of total seven articles of the US Constitution deals with

Legislative, Executive, Judiciary

93-The remaining four articles of the Constitution of USA are dealing with the position of states, modes of constitutional amendments and

 Supremacy of national power and Ratification

94-Article One of the US Constitution is related to structure and powers of what?


95-Article Two of the US Constitution is related to structure and powers of what?


96- Article Three of the US Constitution is related to structure and powers of which branch of the government?


97-Article Four of the US Constitution deals with

Position of states

98-Article Five of the Constitution of USA deals with the modes of


99-Article Six of the US Constitution is about supremacy of

National power

100-Article Seven of the US Constitution is related to the procedure of



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