Handsout of All Subjects of Virtual University of Pakistan

Subject Code Subject Name Lectures Detail File Type Downlaod
ACC311 Fundamentals of Auditing Lectures 1-45 pdf
ACC501 Business Finance Lectures 1-45 pdf
BIF401 Bioinformatics-I Lectures 1-45 pdf
BIO - Related Subjects
BIO101 Basic I-Biology Lectures 1-17 pdf
BIO102 Basic II-Chemistry Lectures 1-21 pdf
BIO301 Essentials of Genetics Lectures 1-167 pdf
BIT Related Subjects
BIT701 Introduction to Programming Lectures 1-45 pdf
BIT703 Database Management Systems Lectures 1-45 pdf
BIT710 Computer Network Lectures 1-45 pdf & ppt
BIT715 Software Project Management Lectures 1-45 pdf & ppt
BNK Related Subjects
BNK601 Banking Laws & Practices Lectures 1-45 pdf
BNK603 Consumer Banking Lectures 1-45 pdf
BNK604 Management of Financial Institutions (original code=MGT604) Lectures 1-45 pdf
BNK701 Banking Laws & Practices Lectures 1-45 NIL
BNK703 Consumer Banking Lectures 1-45 NIL
BT733 Bioethics, Biosecurity and Biosafety Lectures 1-45 pdf