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Water Needed ( Pani Peella Dye koi - Karbla kay Nam par )

Dear Fellows , Here are self explanatory images: If anyone can help people in Dera Murad Jamali and other such areas of our homeland in drinking  clean safe water ; Let it be dedicated to Love for Companions of Imam :  They laid their life , water was not available :  here many loss their life after having this water.    One donkey delivers a water drum  for Rs. 30 - 70 each trip.



And this

This was but CLEANER water,  Jagoo Pakistani Youth....

First read,  see the images,  feel the pain of million of wound I have on my soul, I live here. Have talked to all : from Commissioner to Ministers.

(I am working to best my abilities, so far explored by myself Still Accept my apologies as I could not stop people from drinking this safe water as I could not provide them CLEAN water. they have , (they think) NO choice.

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How much people or educated people are caring : this is the scene I snapped while standing in front of house of  MS  District Hospital  Jaffarabad and EDO Health house as well. Both houses face each other, . Do not wondder, both MBBS doctors said street  cleaning is not their responsibility.   

This time I could approach from other side, now Dried up  and praying that Allah SWT  help me Help this poor community - The MS , MOs , Specialist Doctors of Dera Allah Yar.   Transformer is as It was in Flood Days...

I asked for water, as water was needed by those who lived in Tents in Karbala.

No body has time to even write a single word : agree /   disagree /  so so...

See the plight ,



Lakhoo , karooroon daily kharach kar nay wali nation ?  What a pity.

See  this OLD lady has self respect...

I my be knocking at the wrong door.....


How many millions were WASTED in the name of those who never had three time food in a day ? Do you remember the stones tied with body during Battle of Ditch ( Ghazwa-e- Khandak ).  And how expensive were the arrangements and security expenditures on the processions just to Morn ? Please donate a pint ( bottle ) blood in the name of Shuhada of Karbala.


and this one ,


All this is just a  call to inner self .  May be someone , helps someone. I will be thankful. Just do that. Do not ask recognition, no return gesture , no waiting to listen TKANKYOU, etc.


Help others, you will be helped by the ONE who has created others to come in front of you, in your way, may be like pellets( small  stones ) . But only He knows, He has planned that some poor person should stand in front of you,  but see how poor, weak, helpless  are you in front of HIM, the Al Mighty.

( Please Note :  This all is not a call for charity or any fund raising, it is just a wake up call to inner self and I am sure VUSTUDENTS would appreciate the spirit. )

For Saray Mahal Owner, Rai Wind State developers, for 90 Karachi and all those who have  forgotten that any moment, their breath can be stopped, like Bank of America stopping Transactions of WIKILEAKS, their life account can be just closed.

While many have donated  a lot for preparations of Muharram , please do some thing for those who just got the shelter today ( 18 Dec 2010 ) WHILE THEY WERE DISPLACED ON 12 AUGUST,  Wake up my Nation, if at all  there exists some Pakistani Nation on this earth.


Charity from China,  feel some thing. Am I a beggar, well we know that many in top lot are  greedy, BUT why charity from everyone for everything.

We need to do something as a nation.



Just count the biscuits in giving hand , and compare with begging hands ..... ( this young boy came from Kashmir and working in an organisation distributing FOOOOOOd among still the flood displaced persons.

Cheers for them,````````````````````````````````

From a forum I got this, again for someone , who could deliver for the Nation :  A message and reason I always select such topics for discussions....

The problem is : only two members have read / replied , others are so busy in their Individualism..... ( May be ) or they think it a useless discussion.    Well, KIDS are not allowed to play with Match box ( less they burn.... )  

These topics are just to burn the blood, and from the ashes , build a new Morning for my Nation... I am on my way... AND ALLAH is with. 




A quality education changes lives & start with you.

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