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       WAT DO U THINK ABOUT MALIK MUMTAZ..............

        PLZ POST UR VIEWS N COMMENTS 2 ..................


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simple si baat hai ... jo zulam ka sath de, zulam ko protect karey, wo baraber ka zaalim hai, or jo zulam governer ne (Gustaakh-e-Rasool (PBUH) ko protect ker k kia, wo yakeenan, waaji-bul qatal hi hai .....

Baki awam ka jaha tak taluk hai, (jss ko governer pasand tha, wo kahey ga k ye sub bura hua, or jss ko governer pasand nahi tha, wo kahey ga k bura hua) ...

Iss barey me Aaam awaam apna Opinion de sakti hai, lekin Ksi Aalam-e-Deen se poocho, to wo yehi kahey ga, k ye qatal waajib hai ..... bcz ye Deen ka faisla hai, or deen k faisley per koi doosri teesri Raey nahi ho sakti .....

Koi muslim kabhi soch bhi nahi sakta kisi Gushtaakh-e-Rasool (pbuh) ko Muaaf kerne ka .....

Saza Mout hai .....

Murder of Governor cannot be justified by what Mr. Qadri is stating. Certain aspects have to be taken into consideration.

1) No one has the right to kill on any grounds except the judicial system of a state.

2) Pakistan's constitution is well equipped with laws which should have been consulted.

3) If the religious scholars, or people of pakistan or even other political figures found Taseer's comment as insulting, they are supposed to file a lawsuit against Taseer and not enforce their own judgements and actions.

4) When about 500 religious scholars had issue fatwa against Taseer, It is responsibility of government of Pakistan to approach them and stop it. If religious scholars are to decide the outcome of each activity in pakistan, then there is no requirement of constitution as well as judiciary of any other setup in pakistan. The system should be transferred to absolute Sharia.

5) Even though pakistan came into existence on the basis of religious differentiation, yet the nation has a legal and accepted constitution as well as judicial system.

6) Even when shariat court takes a decision of taking away life of any criminial, the responsibility does not go on the individual who will do the needfull. It will be a court's ruling, a collective decision taken by authorized personnel to act on the behalf of their people as well as the decision will be taken in line with certain benchmarks.

7) Even if the judicial system of a state is on failure, it still does not give right to any individual to start taking actions and violate laws. They have to understand that their actions and specially in such cases can become benchmark for future generations without understanding the basis on which these incidents occurred.
As far as Salman Taseer's statements are concerned, what he said was wrong. But the counter action can also not be considered right. In short, one wrong thing cannot be justified by doing another wrong act no matter what were the conditions.


Lastly, I wish that the scholars who are translating and spreading ISLAM and its preachings do actually understand what they are doing, are not biased and do feel their responsibility. As individuals it might not be of importance but as representatives and widely accepted leaders, they should know the consequence of each of their actions / statements.


On personal node, end of Salman taseer personally pleases me but the way it happened and for the reason it was carried out is not accepted. Its just that we got rid of a menace but in the wrong way :)




I would appreciate if any one around can give me some quotes either from QURAN or from Hadees where ALLAH or his prophet (PBUH) himself has asked people to take away life of others when an insult is made to Prophet (PBUH).


I would also seek an opinion as to why same thing is not done in case of ALLAH who is most greatest and merciful and holds higher position and ranks in our hearts and faith when compared to our beloved  prophet (PBUH). Are other prophets less respected or lovable ? Why ? not give me firing response just for the sake of arguments. Lets talk logically and conclude the matter to get something which benefits everyone in sensible mode.


Best Regards,


brother i don't know if you have any knowledge about Islam or not. read my previous post and you 'll get to know weather the blasphemer should be punished with death sentence or not, several examples from the life of Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) are quoted there. secondly consult any religious scholar which you find worthy to ask, and he 'll let you know.

thanks to...BM...he make it clear

Mere khayal main Us Shaks ke qatal ke piche shaid kai aur sayasi wajuhaat hon gi,,,,kisi ko 26 golion se qatal kar dena, mehaz is bina par ke us ne is LAW ko Kala Qanoon kaha...i think is a SHAMEFUL act...kai aur tariqe thay is muamle ko suljhane k liye. HE well said "Bemar Zehin"

please BM read Anssar Abassi's writing on this page for referance

The Messenger of Allah (SWT) was once passing through a lane, a woman emptied her garbage from a window upon his head. He returned home with his head soiled. His young daughter Fatima al-Zahra (sa) sat beside him, consoling and washing off the dirt......... what could be  more insulting then that!...but what was  the reaction of  HAZUR  AKRAM (saw)   does he  ordered to Kill that women???? NO.
very beautifully u explained your point.good

abeera either you don't want to understand or you don't pay attention to replies. this has been answered in my previous posts, but i 'll answer it again. no she was not punished. and its because


when any attacks were made on Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H), Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) never ever answered harshly, because Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was too kind, but when Risalat was targitted, Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) answered with full force. some of examples are given below:

1- musleema bin kazaab.

2- Asma bintMarwan (poet)

3- Abu Afak (poet)

4- Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf (poet)


search a lill either on google or ask any religious scholar they will tell the stories about the people i mentioned above, they are not all, but some...

i can say the same for u! that u don't want to understand either! and the names that you have given first thing is that all theses people who were ordered to kill they must have been taught first about Islam and its message and royalty of Hazoor Akram (saw)  and after no of warnings the Oder wouldhave passed and implemented..

( aik banda jisay islam ke barey main kuch bhi pata na hu or who koi burayalfaz istimal keray tu  i think our first duty is  to clear his concepts  about islam and tell him/her the real meanings  of islam and its teachings  yea nahi ke  usay dheaktay hi maar du!) and it was " Hazur Akram (sallallahu alaihay wassalam)"   who has great knowledge and whos excellence cant be compared with any one the one  who know about things better then any one in this world.....and who are we to decide when there isn't enough verification and was risalat targeted by saying  black law ??and in that way imran khan and other  main stream leader must be killed cuz they supported  governor Punjab on this issue  and  Again  In that way when last year   at a holy place of qadiayani/ahmdei community there was an attack by terraristgroup and many people diead  after that  mian nawaz shreef on media said that" marzai hamre bhai hain"( not the most gustakh???)and calling them brothers isnt a gustakh?? so why didnt that    lunatic killer   killed mian  nawaz shrif sahab ?? cuz qadri isnt a mujahid at all he was  just used by the powers and remember that if thisconspiracy begins to unveil  this qadri will also be killed to hidethings......

and  i  think first and foremost preference should be  QURAN then  a religious  scholar.

Pakistan mei rozana hazaaro be-gunnah log maarey jaatey hain, lekin aap ne kabhi un ki khaatir iss tarha se awaaz nahi uthaai jaise k aap aaj governer k lie larr rahi hain .....

Kaash aapne un hazaro be gunnah logo ki maasoom jaano k zeya per bhi issi jazbey ka izhaar kia hota, to shayyad aaj un me se kuch ko hi Insaaf mil gya hota .....

what.... haani app ko kia pata menay kis ke liye awaz uthai or kis ke liye nahi !!??app yea kesay keh saktay hu ke menay kisi bey gunha ke liye awaz nahi uthai? or  or yea discussion wo bhi on a website  hai app tu isay keh rahe hu ke main  rali le ker nikal khari hui hun awaz uthane ke ..and even if iam doing that why are u feeling so bad i have aright to speak!

search those name again,,, i am not here to take your arrogance,,, just search those name...

arguments for the sake of arguments is not the way to sought out things,,, so its better that you don't suppress to impose your own thoughts, its coz they are not worth enough to be followed... if you can  come up with a good refrence or example we 'd be glade to give them a thought...


secondly after the ijmmah of ehl-e-deen (religious scholars) if you still don't like the idea of 'death sentence for the blasphemer' then may ALLAH help you and show you the path of righteous people,,, because 'Ijmah' is the path shown by the Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H).


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