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The ignorant and divided people of Pakistan are its biggest enemy. Pakistani citizens have forgotten what values like freedom and rule of law mean. Governed for decades by corrupt and incompetent civilian and military leadership, the society as a whole has been stripped of its basic moral and ethical values. Intolerance, dissidence and pessimism looms large.

The education system is debilitated. Hospitals are non-functional. There is an increasing gap between the lower class and upper class while the middle class is quickly wiping out.

We are a nation that has cried for decades over electoral rigging but never once has a serious debate to initiate reforms sprung in the parliament. We have the tech and infrastructure needed to conduct free and fair elections but no one seems interested.

The credit for the current inept Nawaz-led government goes back to the late 80s, when the then dictator Gen. Zia offered corrupt Nawaz an office in his cabinet. This shifted the power balance of Punjab in the hands of the corrupt Sharifs who have to date, hoarded enormous amounts of wealth from the public kitty.

The latest Panama revelations establish the Sharif family as one of Pakistan’s most corrupt families.

The former government of Pakistan People’s Party was no different. Do a Google search on Mr. Ten Percent and you’ll find out who the former President of Pakistan was.

I mean, this is shameless, a dirty stigma that can never be washed from the pages of history. And guess who is responsible for bringing Mr. Ten Percent and his stooges to power? It is the military again, this time under General Pervez Musharraf, then President of Pakistan, who struck the infamous NRO deal with Benazir Bhutto, late wife of Asif Ali Zardari.

So, it has always been this duo of shameless and corrupt politicians and the military generals who have brought them to power, that has collectively done greatest harm to the country.

The nation keeps comparing one regime to another, but this can be difficult for a country that has no standards or benchmarks in good governance.

Of the two, the military has a greater burden on its shoulders for several reasons:

For one, it has always kept its own ‘house’ clean for the past 60 or so years since the inception of the country. If I run a department where I exercise zero tolerance for corruption, but then I take over another department and nominate the most corrupt managers to rule that department on my behalf, then I am intentionally inflicting corruption into the other department while keeping my own department clean of any corrupt practices. Same is the case with the military.

The military has run its hospitals and schools in the most exemplary ways. Why then, did it not advocate similar practices for civilian schools and hospitals at least when it was ruling over the rest of us? And mind you, it has ruled for more than half the time since the birth of Pakistan.

Ask anyone about Pakistan Army and you will get the most patriotic responses from every Pakistani. The poor people of Pakistan have such a short memory span; they have probably forgotten that the military is responsible for the divide of more than half of Pakistan under Bhutto (the military brought him to power). They also seem to have forgotten that the military is directly responsible for laying the seeds of terrorism in the country under Zia.

Mullahs are another misery inflicted on the poor people of Pakistan. They distort religious teachings to serve their purpose. They focus not on solidarity, oneness or fraternity, and rather seek to divide through sects. They have a nuisance power and can mold public opinion very quickly. So many Muslim and non-Muslim families have fallen victim to the wrath of mullahs who are quick to incite the masses, should the opportunity arise.

One of the biggest funerals was laid in honor of Qadri, the man who ruthlessly murdered Salman Taseer, former governor of Pakistan. What those people were advocating attending a murderer’s funeral, I fail to understand.

Coming back to the question, it is the dumb, ignorant and divided people of Pakistan who are Pakistan’s biggest enemy, the people who are still undecided about Nawaz and Zardari. The society’s moral standards have stooped so low that we seem to be unmoved by acts of the corrupt leaders and their impact on the society.

The people of Pakistan have degenerated to a point where they have set the corrupt as their role models. Despite the shocking Panama revelations, Islamic mullahs are quick to rise to the defense of the corrupt Sharifs. Even today, Nawaz-led PML-N enjoys the highest popularity of all political parties. PPP also has decent following in rural Sindh. MQM, an urban terrorist outfit and another gift of the military, enjoys majority vote in Karachi.

Those very people who still continue to support these parties to power are Pakistan’s biggest enemy. Pakistan is inflicted with many diseases, but they are all internal. Only Pakistan can undo Pakistan!

Replied by Wareesha Tariq:  Former President of Pakistani Students Association at Penn State University.

The people of Pakistan are their own worst enemies. I’m a Pakistani who was brought up in Pakistan and I moved to United States when I was a teenager. My answer is definitely not the only reason for Pakistan’s failure but I really think that Pakistanis have become too self-centered to work for the country’s success.

Suffering from years of corrupt leadership and a never-ending horde of political dynasties, Pakistanis have suffered a lot in past 60 years. Every day we see powerful Pakistanis taking advantage of our country’s resources without thinking about the success or failure of the common man. From the lowly bribe-accepting police officer to the high-ranking president, everyone in Pakistan thinks about their own well-being. Because of this, Pakistanis have given up and they refuse to DO THEIR PART in making the country better.

I didn’t know that this was an issue until I became the President of the Pakistani Students Association (PSA) at my university in America (Penn State).

When I first filed the application to renew PSA I was told that PSA had been an organization at Penn State for many past years. Surprisingly though, PSA never sustained its membership for more than a few years. I was told that every few years the organization disbanded until a new crop of students came out to start the club again.

I was confused. Why exactly was this happening to our organization? Were PSA leaders doing such a bad job?

I got my answer when I finally became president. I found that PSA members wanted PSA to do things for them; like give free rides from the airport, free dinners for major events, create unique hangout sessions, and provide money for cool new field trips. But none of these people were willing to put in any work for the organization. This baffled me because I had served as the President of many other organizations and I knew from experience that PSA could never succeed without hard work from its own members.

When I tried to explain this situation to my members, I got the same sorry response: it wasn’t their problem. Apparently they didn’t care whether PSA succeeded as an organization. All they cared about was their personal gain.

Some commentators have pointed out that maybe these people were not interested in PSA as an organization and that maybe I was barking up the wrong tree. I could accept that as an answer but in reality all PSA members showed up whenever we had an event going on. But these same people conveniently disappeared whenever we were making pots of foods or setting up our event stage.

Here’s a photo of our executive board that kept PSA alive (I’m the one in the middle).

The only reason this organization survived was because some PSA members (including some great Pakistanis and some lovely Indians) decided to sacrifice their time to meet our organizational goals.

But to get back to the question.. why was this happening? Why were PSA members unwilling to work hard to make their organization successful? Well, after talking to many PSA members I have found that PSA members had ZERO trust in my, or my board’s leadership.

This was surprising because I had not given them any reason to lose trust in my abilities. My board and I were elected because of our years of experience running other student organizations. But still, PSA members thought that if they worked hard to do fundraising, then I, along with my board would probably take their hard earned money and spend it on my own luxuries. They thought that if they worked hard to do set-up and clean-up, then I, along with my board would probably take credit for all of their hard work.

Once I realized this sad reality, I realized that Pakistani are bred to mistrust other Pakistanis. This makes them unable to work for any unified cause.

The lack of student involvement was not an isolated incident either. I talked to PSA exec boards from years before and they explained a similar attitude during their own reign. I kept a close eye on PSA for 2 more years after graduating and I found the same issue time and time again: Pakistanis refused to work hard and they refused to work together with other Pakistanis.

To get back to the point, I think Pakistanis are their own worst enemies because they lack unity and they do not have faith in each other. Pakistanis have evolved to think on a selfish yet survival-friendly individual level and they think that other Pakistanis are out to get them. This is a sad reality of our time and it is one of the big reasons why Pakistan is not rising within the ranks of the world right now.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, Pakistanis are also capable of doing great things and I think that people in our generation should keep that in mind whenever they’re interacting with other Pakistanis. My organization (PSA) created the biggest collaborative event with an Indian organization after working hard for several months. The event was called “Indo-Pak: Reviving the Bond” and it was meant to bring people from Pakistan and India together on a large and peaceful platform. Below is the picture of PSA Exec Board singing the national anthem of Pakistan. I think you can see how happy and proud we are for being able to represent Pakistan on this level. :)

And yes, since everyone is asking: I’m the one in that dark pink/purple shalwar kameez and everyone to my was part of the PSA exec board that year. Everyone to my right belonged to the Indian Culture and Language Club (ICLC) and they were part of the ICLC exec board.

Here are some other photos from this event. It really was a great time!

Replied bye Mujtaba Hassan: A Pakistani who lived in all provinces.

1- Religious Political Parties.

They always took part in elections but in the history of Pakistan they were never ever elected by the people of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan always elected secular parties. But these religious parties and their leaders act as pressure groups. They have large number of followers and can’t see Pakistan progressing with the modern world. Any moral law passed by the government is challenged by them because it is not according to religion. Though most of them do not know the real meaning of Islam they are the traitors and they use religion just for the sake of blackmailing the government.

2- Corrupt politicians.

20 Families in Pakistan have 90% of the total money of Pakistan. These families include the Sharif family and the Bhutto family as well. These politicians can even kill their own brothers for the sake of power and wealth. The name of Prime Minister of Pakistan was also present on Panama Papers but he does not have the courage to resign.

3- In equality.

Lahore is the capital city of the Punjab province. It has 5 government medical colleges, two engineering universities. University of Punjab which is largest university of Asia (in terms of AREA), and 68 private universities as well. The city has a metro bus, track for metro train is under construction. The city has Dolphin Police for street Crimes. (There are least street crimes in Lahore). City has least poverty and 80% literacy rate according to the Pakistan national Survey conducted recently. Government has installed clean water plants all over the city. The city is best to live after Islamabad. In Punjab alone there are more 18 medical colleges with some 3,900 Seats.

Now come Towards Baluchistan.

Quetta is the capital city of Baluchistan which has only one medical College . And there is only one medical college in all of Baluchistan. Only 100 lucky students from Baluchistan can take admission in Bolan medical college. and only 11 students from Quetta city can take admission in Bolan Medical College. This means top 11 students from Quetta can qualify to take admission in Bolan Medical College. There is no metro bus system. No metro train. There is no Dolphin Police for street crimes.

Aerial View of Lahore.

Transport in Lahore.

Dolphin Force Lahore.

Aerial View of Quetta

Transport in Quetta

4- Ignorance.

Though Pakistan is a Muslim country with 96% Muslim residents but most of them do not even know the true meaning of Islam and they just follow the religious leaders blindfolded. 40% of the people of Pakistan are a burden on our economy because they can not read or write.

Replied by Rakesh Wagh: Watching Pakistan through India's eyes.

I am an Indian, so if you think that I don't have the right to answer this question, I wont mind, you can as well stop reading here. There is just one fundamental reason for the plight of Pakistan.

An "Islamic Republic" is Pakistan's number one enemy. What Pakistan really need is just a "Republic".

There is only one important difference between Republic of India and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the word "Islam" in its title. After independence, Pakistan's creator wanted a strong identity that would differentiate them from their parent nation. They knew that Pakistan's history and culture are no different than India's, whichever way you look at it. So the only way to justify the partition and identify itself as "different" from India was to become an Islamic nation. Religion ended up becoming the driving force in the society's foundational institutions as education, governance, law and foreign policy.

If Pakistan could had confined religion(Islam) to its homes and places of worship, adopted a complete democratic constitution, given equal rights\laws to all religions and sexes, protected its minorities, not enforced Islam on its minorities, chalked its foreign policy on just trade and commerce, kept religion out of education, not treated the problem of other Islamic countries (Afghanistan, Palestine, etc) as its own personal problem, remained contended with whatever Kashmir it garbed and not let the religion based territory annexation dream remain alive, Pakistan would have automatically shielded itself from all terrorism related issues and complexities the country is facing today and it would had made immense progress.

Pakistanis must understand that Islam is not their native religion, Islam has been practiced in that region only for the recent few hundred years. They must understand the difference between culture and religion and not mix the two, especially with a newly adopted religion. Pakistan's ancient culture is deeply ingrained in its local population and is passed over from generation to generation for thousands of years, irrespective of their religious makeup. When you try to adopt a "new culture", because you have adopted a new religion, you end up in a state of confusion and eventual crisis. When such misjudgment and mistakes make their way into government policies, what you get is a hard to manage situation which is currently been seen in Pakistan.

I did read most of the answers in this thread(as of this writing), some were very thoughtful. I agree with most people who said that Pakistan's enemy is not external, but internal. However the "internal" reasons mentioned in most of the answers like terrorism, corruption, lack of education, politicians, the people themselves, poverty, lack of identity, region/religion/sect rifts, etc are not unique just to Pakistan. Those issues exist in abundance in India as well. Then why is India doing better than Pakistan?

Both Pakistan and India started with same level of poverty. It could be said that west Pakistan was relatively better in comparison with India at time of partition as it had more productive land and relatively less population to feed. Some of India's densely populated states are also India's extremely poor states: Bihar, Chattisghar, Jharkhand, MP, UP and eastern states. With that said, poverty cannot be the enemy that is holding Pakistan back. Because if it was, then its neighbor India would had definitely not progressed.

Likewise with literacy. India's literacy levels at time of partition were no better than its western neighbor. However low literacy could not hold back India's progress. So why should low literacy be Pakistan's enemy?

How about corruption? There is rampant corruption in India; not just at the bureaucratic level, but also at people level. People don't mind paying bribe to get a job done, especially when they are dealing with the government. So Pakistan in that aspect is no different than India. Even with all the corruption, India is moving in positive direction, then why not Pakistan?

Most people think that inefficient politicians are the number one enemy. Well, it is easy to blame all the problems on politicians. At the same time it is easy to set expectations that politicians and national leaders will magically bring us prosperity. For instance, in India there is a general sentiment that the current ruling BJP govt has not brought the promised prosperity in "21 months"! While the general Indian population will continue to be corrupt, and not bring a single change or improvement in their conduct, they will still expect the politicians and govt to do miracles. Same is the case for Pakistan, and in this aspect there is no difference between the two nations either.

On similar lines, another obvious culprit that stands out is corrupt and selfish politicians. Here also, Pakistan cannot beat India. Even the most patriotic Indian will laugh if you say that Indian politicians are clean and selfless! Modern day politicians enjoy power, but the system does not pay them well. Imagine a King who has all power in in his kingdom but does not have enough money to send his children to the best schools and purchase a good car. Such is the condition of modern day politicians. The system/people does not want them to amass money, but their power position in the society demand them to live a luxurious life style. They are left with no alternative but to choose corruption. Yes, there are always exceptions, but they are far and few. Look at all the scandals that originated in India in past two decades. India is making progress with its so called corrupt politicians, then why not Pakistan?

Region/religion/sect riftsSome people said that there are internal rifts between people in Pakistan. Are you kidding me? Come to India, the most diverse nation in the whole world. Here you will find people divided on everything possible: region, religion, cast, sub cast, language, language dialects, rich/poor, etc. India is the second most populous country, the most densely populated country and has as much Muslim population as Pakistan. Can you imagine a Pakistan with such huge population density and such high numbers of non Muslims sharing the same territory? Even this is not a good reason for Pakistan's problem.

When it comes to terrorism, India has been the victim of this evil ever since Pakistan lost the last major war against India in 71 and thereafter adopted a covert strategy to train and fund fundamentalists in order to bleed Indian population in name of Kashmir freedom. There are other internal and external influences to terrorism in India, however the point here is not to blame Pakistan for this situation, but to bring up the fact that India has been the target of these cowardly acts for past 40+ years. If India can prosper under continuous terrorist attacks, any other country can and should. Pakistan simply cannot use terrorism as an excuse for its current plight.

Most reasons like corruption, poverty, terrorism, people, politicians etc are all prevalent in India as well. If that is the case, then why is India doing so good and Pakistan going downwards? Not just that, India started with just one ally, which is Russia, but Pakistan had US, UK, China and the entire Muslim world (Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc) on its side. If you examine Pakistan's problems objectively, all fingers will eventually point towards one fundamental issue, adoption of a religious identity which is not native to its culture!

Replied by Nilesh Kamath: Lives in United States of America.

Honestly, nobody is nobody's enemy. If there is one Common Enemy of the entire Mankind, it is IGNORANCE. Ignorance breeds hatred, hatred feeds fear, fear makes one act without forethought, which in turn leads to destruction. And finally, destruction results in poverty and this whole cycle starts all over again.

From my rudimentary understanding of Pakistan and its society,  I feel Pakistani society has become deeply fearful, and therefore, chooses its leaders based on one who will feed their fear the most. Once in power, these leaders benefit by keeping people ignorant and poor so that they can keep manipulating them.

It is no use blaming the politicians alone, because after all, these politicians are the product of the society around them. What Pakistan needs to do is banish FEAR and overtime the whole process can be reversed thereby ensuring stability and prosperity.

I honestly feel we Indians, and the Rest of the World, including US will have to take bold initiatives to reassure Pakistani's that they have nothing to fear from us. We all can do this  by  dialing down our anti-Pakistan rhetorics, and helping Pakistan regain its composure on the World Stage.

Isolating Pakistan will only help fulfill the prophecy peddled by its fear mongers.

I know this may sound very holistic way to look at things, but unless the root cause is addressed no change can be achieved. Any quick fix will only cover up the underlying symptoms not cure the disease.

Replied by Abdul Ahad: A teacher (seeker of light).

Answer: (a) The mullahs of Pakistan, and their supporters;
            (b) The moronic [so-called] thought-leaders of the country


Before Partition, the mullahs of India were dead-set against the idea of Pakistan. But Pakistan did come into being, and the religious fanatics quietly moved into Pakistan. They then were faced with the problem of regaining their earlier positions of leadership with the masses. They struck upon the idea of demonizing a peaceful and superbly-progressive Muslim community within Pakistan: the Ahmadis. (Mr. Jinnah had selected an Ahmadi Muslim, Zafrullah Khan, to be Pakistan's first foreign minister. He would later go on to become Chairman of the UN General Assembly and Presiding Judge of the ICJ at The Hague. Another Ahmadi, Dr. Abdus Salam, would earn the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979.)

Within a few years, mullahs had succeeded in poisoning the common man with anti-Ahmadi hatred. They whipped up riots in Lahore in 1953, and were stopped only by the firm hand of (later General) Azam Khan. Bigger riots took place in 1973, with long-lasting ill-effects; which leads me to (b).

The biggest moron in 1973/1974 turned out to be Prime Minister Z. A. Bhutto, who thought it to his advantage to side with the virulent hate-mongers. He prodded the National Legislature into declaring the Ahmadis "non-Muslim", but it speaks volumes that not a single supporting reference could be found in the Quran or Hadith; rather, the excommunication of Ahmadis was justified as "by majority vote", as if a political body had the authority to make a fateful religious decision, one that would pave the way for the chaos and anarchy that would follow.

The morons who have followed have been later political leaders, religious demagogues, and national talking heads such as Amir Liaquat. These hate-filled rabble-rousers fall over one another in trying to show greater hatred of Ahmadis than their competitors. They openly declare that Ahmadis should be killed. I have found almost no instance of a public figure clearly calling anti-Ahmadi statements wrong and inhuman. Those precious few who have bravely faced up to the mullahs, even indirectly, have been openly threatened with death (Shireen Rahman, Asma Jahangir) or have paid with their lives (many Ahmadis, Salman Taseer).

The reason I consider thought-leaders in Pakistan to be utter imbeciles is this: after every gruesome murder in the name of religion, rather than being reviled, the killers are feted and made into heroes, even by so-called educated people! Witness the adulation poured on Qadri after his treacherous cutting-down of the man he was duty-bound to protect -- Governor Taseer!

Only if and when national leaders speak up against  the grievous depredations of the ulema will Pakistan have a chance of recovering from forty-odd years of societal cruelty!

Replied by Syed Fawad Hussain: Patriot Pakistani.

I will answer very shortly to it but if somebody will really go to it's depth. -He/She will realize the importance of that answer.
Pakistan's biggest enemy is 'Pakistani'. That Pakistani, who become 'Mir Jaffer' and 'Mir Sadiq' of 21st century.

-That Pakistani who does the corruption, gives 60,000 $ tips from the fund of nation. Yes, that nation which has got the poverty of 57% and among those 17% are below poverty level.

-That Pakistani, who feels proud to invest in the foreign country and rejects the same in his own country. Why? Because of that Pakistani, who encourages the crimes, corruption and looting.

-That Pakistani is the worse enemy of Pakistan who allow the foreign terrorists to their land, facilitates them and saves him for killing hundred of innocent citizens.

-That Pakistani is the enemy of Pakistan who instigates his/her followers for disobedience against it's motherland and when caught, hides him/herself behind the dirty politics.

-That Pakistani, who becomes the minister despite of knowing 'ABCD' of economics, revenue collection,profit and loss, technology etc.

-That Pakistani who provides no justice to innocent but facilitates the cruel.

-That Pakistani is the enemy of my motherland, who sees the sin/crime with his eyes and then close his eyes, becomes blind and dumb.

-That Pakistani is our enemy, who serve Billions of dollars on miss-managed projects but damn cares about the education,poverty etc.

-That Pakistani is our enemy, who gives the gun to a child instead of a book OR who makes him/her labour instead of educationist.

Pakistan's external enemy has no capability or power to intervene in Pakistan or to disable the state but these are the internal Pakistanis who give them space to do this.

Replied by Taaha Shahid: Questioning, economics major, always hungry for more.

In Pakistan, we're our own enemies. We failed to provide education after independence because our politicians were too busy exploiting people and resources. We fight with our own selves by using senseless excuses like religion, provincialism, sectarianism and so on. Our general population elects politicians based purely on who feeds them a plate of Biriyani before the elections. We let Islamist fundamentalists control our beliefs and make this country "the Islamic Republic of Pakistan", thereby giving other religious minorities literally ZERO say in this country. Plus, we're "jazbati", as in we want to be always right. ALWAYS! If someone proves us wrong, let's just go and beat them up or better yet kill them.

I love this country, I really do but my view is that the people of this country put it in the position it is today. Pakistanis point to the US, India, Israel as enemies of the state. The question is did these countries elect our politicians? Did these countries prevent us from providing education to our children? Did these countries force us to kill other Pakistanis? No they didn't. It's us who's destroying us.

Replied by Hongtao zhang: Fight against terror together,L'Internationale Sera le genre human!

Every years, a few of poor youths will go to Syria from poor regions of Pakistan. They will meet other youths from poor regions of France, Britain, Russia, China, Morocco, Libya etc. We call them ISIS. I don't want to justify terrorists. Most of people are poor and 99% of them don't join ISIS. Some Pakistanis are laboring in gulf states, some Pakistanis are making football for the world. What I want to say is: Why don't we treat those hard-working people better? When you are encouraging good, you are discouraging evil.

I doubt whether gulf kings will improve the treatment of them. So...... My dear Uncle Sam, please stop playing your drones and bombing hospitals. Instead, Let's build hospitals together, build schools and build whatever Pakistanis need. If Pakistan is rich enough, it isn't necessary to leave family and labor abroad.

I'm not a Han Chinese, I'm a Manchu. We Manchus believe in Shamanism. In Shamanism, there is a kind of sorcery dance which is professed to can help cure disease. After my grandfather was cured in hospital again and again, he didn't believe sorcery dance any more. That's the power of hospitals. The same is true of schools.


As a Chinese, I have to say India isn't the biggest enemy of Pakistan and vice versa.

Russia used to support East Turkistan in China, China used to support Islamic extremists in Afghan too. In 1996, Russia and China meet with each others in Shanghai, decided to forgive each others, abandoned supporting each others' extremists and tried to fight against extremists together. Because we realized that the Cold War had finished and there is no such thing as "your terrorists are my freedom fighters". Terrorist is terrorist.

Last year, Pakistan and India were accepted as full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. I believe they had decided to forgive each others.

Replied by Sri Ram: Secret Seeker of wisdom.


I would like to notify the incident from the news I read that reveals more precise answer for this question.

He is the guy named Captain Saurabh Kalia, He and his soldiers were among the first casualties during the 1999 Kargil war. They were captured by Pakistani troops during a reconnaissance patrol in the treacherous mountainous terrain in May 1999, brutally tortured and killed.

The autopsy of the bodies also revealed that they were burned with cigarettes butts. Their limbs were also chopped off, teeth broken and skull fractured during the torture. Even their nose and lips were cut off.

The Pakistani Army subjected Captain Kalia and his soldiers to horrendous torture during which the brave hearts’ ear drums were pierced with hot iron rods, eyes punctured and genitals cut off and the worst part is some among this happened even after their death.

At the same time,

1.Pakistan soldiers who died during the war were buried in India when Pakistan refused to accept them (If am correct it was under Atal Bihari Vajpayee's period) and honored with their own flags along with gun shots.

2. Indian doctors have attempted Heart Transplant surgery for 10 year old child and the family phrased "We came here with Pakistani heart and will go Home with Indian Heart".

Now Say whose enemy is Whom??

Replied by Asad Rehman: Lived Pakistan.(somewhere in Pakistan)

We are our own enemies. Our ego, our personal agenda that doesn't allow us to look beyond the biased nature of ourselves. If you're a liberal, you will blame Mullah, but mullah would say; what?, Pakistan's law, economy, army, education, every single thing is based on Western British style, so how the hell mullah is responsible for it? Was it mullah, who ruined your education system by nationalizing every private school? Was it mullah who broke the country? Was it mullah who joined police or government jobs to take bribes? Was it mullah to make ghost schools or hire ghost government employees? Or take bribes as local Mpa to get one a job? Was it mullah who made false promises during elections? If mullah take Saudi money, then shia take irani riyal, liberal takes European money. Heck, mullah never even become a PM..
He was involved in one thing, terrorism but, given the scale, his share is at most 40%.. Remember Sindhi-Pathan roits or anti Punjabi resistance in Balochistan? Or 30,000 people killed in Karachi by mqm since 1980s...was it mullah? Are Liyari gangs mullah? He got relative power in late 1980s..but Wasn't Pakistan screwed up big time before that?

And on the other hand , mullah blame liberals for the screw up.. Isn't it? For corruption, inept government, target killing, feudalism, landlords.. Can you say these above mentioned people are mullahs?

Sunni blames shia and iran for screw up.. Remember, mehdi amy, sipah e Mohammed, tehreek e jafriya? All are banned in Pakistan now due to terrorism.

Shia blames sunni for lasher e jhangvi and sipah e sahaba.

Barelvi blame deobandi for takfeeri, and make absurd claims, while last week, ten target killers from barelvi center were captured by Rangers.

Balochi blame Punjabi, yet, the same Punjabi pays billions every year to baloch for their gas and oil which only serves Baloch sardars.. Who is to blame? If you try providing modern facilities, they fight with slogans of Balochistan for Baloch only.. 
Sindhi blame Punjabi, yet each year they do corruption of 500 billion Rupees. Punjabi blame army for not letting politicians work. 
Army blame government for being inept, and propagating against them for using lion share in gdp but, they just use with minimum corruption unlike civilian government..

So, what i am trying to say is.. Our ego, and inability to look into our own actions is our biggest enemy.

Replied by Zarafshan: Lived in Pakistan.

For any country, be it a third world country, a global leader or one of those countries that are not bothered with world politics, there enemy lie within. Playing blame game, putting the blame on non state actors and pointing fingers at any particular country or state would be of little to no importance in identifying an enemy. Unless the internal issues of a country are resolved. At the moment the biggest enemy, if you want to call it that, of Pakistan would be illiteracy and lawlessness.

Pakistan has a population increasing at a rapid pace, with no to little administration. There are no health facilities, no educational institutes and limited jobs. In the near future Pakistan will have one of the largest illiterate population of the world. Now, this would not only burden Pakistani economy, but it will be a threat for the entire world. We have already seen how non state actors manipulate and brainwash these illiterate individuals into carrying out unethical and immoral actions. There is a need to revise the education system and ensure it is made the priority for the common man. Unless and until illiteracy is eradicated from this country it will continue to have problems.

There are a number of other factors as well, but i believe if we educate the common man all these other issues will be resolved sooner as well.

In this cruelty and cold war age As a Pakistani we have to think "Who is the biggest enemy of Pakistan". by reading all this give your opinion. Thanks.

   "Long live Pakistan"  

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all the Discussion very nice In this Discussion there is a picture of Malala who representing that she Kicked the Terror, I just want to say Why Malala only?
Why not others?
Infact she should have been given a symbol of peace of America only instead of Pakistan or the whole world because currently she is not representing Pakistan or the world as whole. One thing more is that its ok fine what all happened in the past what she is still doing there? Why she doesn't come to Pakistan and promote education and what is the criteria of Nobel Award infact Abdul Sattar Edhi should have been given because he has promoted humanity practically, and for those who are saying what Pakistan has given to her and if she will come Pakistan and she will be killed then why you are living in Pakistan you all must go to USA because you are also in danger. You all better know America is promoting terrorism in Pakistan then why she is living, have some sense that they are using her for their personal benefits. If America is so conscious about her then why noy syria, burma, palestine etc why not students of APS attack i think they must have given same respect to students of APS attack because they are still studying there. Right now everything is happenening according to planning of America.
Why not Shaheed Aitzaz Hassan? he was a national hero and he was awarded with a sitara-e-shujaat (for bravery) by Pakistan. Why he was not recognized by USA. If malala is a true and brave Pakistani than she must promote education in Pakistan in a practical way. Look at the statements given by Malala her favorite personality is Obama 😀 She forgot Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Abdul Sattar Edhi, Our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah etc 😕 why not other heroes?
Why she is silent over what is recently happening in syria, which is totally against peace and she better knows if she speaks, she will be kicked by USA. If she is a messenger of Peace, she must raise her voice.

Thanks Honey..

Post ki headlines dekh k me yehi soch rye thi k ham khud hi respondibke ha or red lines ne mere view ko orb strong kya... outer forces ka act kisi b country me tbb hta ha jbb ham khud unko moka dety ha n same is with us ...

G Rani you are 100 percent right. thank you. 


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