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Since I am a small mind, so m going to discuss people today...

Nobody is indispensable in this world so was Zakki. We all have to leave even the world someday but the question is how would we like to leave the world?




As a nation, we dont use to commit mistakes, we use to commit blunders. Recent two discussions started by zakki, were ended with a mess....

1. https://vustudents.ning.com/forum/topics/attempt-to-commit-suicide-...

2. https://vustudents.ning.com/forum/topics/topic-nill

As a national habit we forget our mistakes and know a lot about others. So why not to join together right after the eve of Shab-e-barat and honestly, openly accept what we have done wrong. How should we handle zakki's venoming questions and also tell zakki where he was wrong so that by chance he could get something to learn or others could learn from our discussion.

Do you know, what is the greatest loss in life?

Here is my view:

As the above quote says, "when a relationship dies inside us, while we are alive", if we were being a good Muslim, we would have some guilty feelings about how many relations we have murdered inside us so far (its his murder if someone left ning bcos of you), did we ever think how many un-burried relations are rotting inside us and making us more filthy? Rishtay to ahsas k hotay hain bas...

Now, I request all of Zakki's friends and foes to step forward and talk about all of his strengths and weaknesses. ESPECIALLY REQUEST HIS CLOSE FRIENDS TO TALK ABOUT HIS GOOD TRAITS. Let's learn humanity by initiating this case study! We can openly talk about how to loose or retain a relation. May be it could help us not loose another one....

I would especially request Amir & Malika Eman to come forward and help our friends learn something precious from your mature perceptions. Everyone is welcome who can positively contribute....

P.S. Zakki was never my friend, chatted him twice only, last night i gave him little pinching advices and that's all. But i always considered him as an asset for this site. If need arises, this discussion will be deleted later on.

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Or bohat zyda guman se bacho, beshak kuch guman gunah hain

(Mafhoom Al-Quran)

no one is hateable..
wt's the strange thing  Raheel ...without knowing anyone, how can be raised such step toward him/her??

Faizan Zakki ka topic waise to close ho chuka hai but apko me dobara apna message dena chahta hon. Faizan yahan masla hi sirf aik hai or usi masla k khilaf mene ye initiative liya hai. Yahan pe jo log (so called) achay mashoor hain (sorry 4 my words), unho ne aik group bana liya hai or wo aik shaks ko (u can say him a non-believer) single out kiye ja rahay hain. Koi hai yahan aisa ko dawa ker sakay k us ne Zakki ki nazriyat me kuch positive change paida ki?

Han deen ki mohabbat me tana tashni, jazbatiat, online jihad, extremism, sab kuch dikhaya hai mere religious fellows ne. Zakki 1 shaqs nahi 1 kirdar hai or agar aik Muslim gathering me b wo isolation ka shikar ho gya hai to ghair mazhab to pehle hi Muslims ko extremists or terrorists boltay hain. Chalo unka ilzam jhota hi sahi, laikin kia kabi hum logo ne narmi or personalization se hatt k deen ki khidmat ki hai? Akhir kia qayamat aa jati hai agar koi nahi manta even deeni logic ko? Ap ne apna farz to ada ker dia na. Zabardasti to kisi ko emaan k darjay nahi diye ja sakte. Ab jo nahi manta (read nahi samaj pa raha), kia ap usko mehfil se be'izzat ker k nikal do ge? ya phr jaan se mar dalo ge?

Aise logo se nafrat ker k b apko kia mile ga bhai. Kitna kisi insan ko jan sakte ho ap faizan? Agar uske dil pe mohar lagi b huwi hai to kia ye mohar apko or mujhe lagane ka kam dia hai Allah ne?

Agar me ghalat hon to Allah mujhe samjha de, warna ap log ko meri bat samjha de....Ameen. Meri kisi b sakht bat pe maaf kerna dear, bas mujhe aisa hi lagta hai k Allah ki rehmat or narmi hasil kerne k liye pehle mujhe logo pe reham or narmi baratni hogi, then hi mera chance hoga bas.

Oho Raheel bhai we are not doing BURAIYAN of anybody. This discussion was just on the personality both positive and negative. Zakki was, is and will be our best friend and who likes that his friend is not guided to right track. He is emotional a bit because of certain reasons. 

If i misbehave or do something which is not an appropriate way, is it not the responsibility all other friends to remind me of norms and keep me on right track. If that is not done that then i think my friends are dishonest with me.

Even then, if i have said /wrote anything wrong i apologize and do TOBA for that. 

Happy now.

الله ہمیں ایسی برائیوں سے اپنی پناہ میں رکھے آمین 


اس ڈسکشن کا مین اجرا کسی مثبت مقصد کے لیے تنقید براے اصلاح ہے..کسی کی دل آزاری ہر گز نہیں..







(with due apologies from all friends)

take it in a sense that one should not argue

true & agree.

M not arguing shakil bhai, just wanna add something

Mujhe is quote se sirf itna ikhtalaf hai k kisi ko idiot kese sabit kia ja sakta hai. Agar koi shaks mere frame of mind ko accept nahi kerta to kia wo idiot hai? Well kisi gumrah shaks k liye to ye quote kahi ja sakti hai but not for everyone.

We are like birds on this site Our purpose is to participate positively and fruitfully. Like bird who's main job is to fly, same way our main job is t help others positively. If one cannot do that then Iqbal has suggested the punishment of this dishonesty with the job.  

sorry to say..but
birds r much intelligent 
as views of Islam n scientific theory 
Surah Al’Ma’idah (5.31)


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