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VUSTUDENTS Ki Naani " _♣ ♠ Ω HαααŇǃ ™ Ф ♠ ♣ _" - 21 July 2011

Hello Everyone

First of all i would like to apologize for the delay in this week's show since i was badly stuck in exam's preparation. Unfortunately the paper got cancelled while doing it

In past, several of our guests were leading personalities with different qualities, but this week we are being honored to have someone with style & attitude...Someone who goes different from usual

Ayesha, you can have the honor of calling in Mr. Haani

Ayesha Awan: Welcome Haani.....Here is a box of mangoes.....All yours!!!

**HaaNi Begins Aaam Choosna...and last forever**

Black Mist Tries to stop HaaNi....Bhai bass kar...choos choos kar Mun Hi Choosni Jaisa Hogaya hey

Ayesha Awan: Haani is a sweet name. How many pet names you have? (BlackMist Looks at Ayesha::Hawww Usko Pet keh diya ... Hawwww  ) What is your real name?

Ayesha Awan: Tell us about your profession and what you are aiming for the future? Anything special.?

BlackMist: Ek zamaney sey VU mein atak key bethey ho...kabhi hamarey senior hotey they aaj hamaarey sath hain.....Kaheen aap "Mein Hun Na" mein Lucky character sey inspired to nahi

Ayesha Awan: Are you a social person? Being a good human what actions you have taken for the sake of society’s prosperity?

Ayesha Awan: Have you ever had a touchy moment in your life that still trap you in a trance? Please share with us?

BlackMist: While chatting, you make alot of effort in making smileys... specially  style...What's Wrong ? Koi Dukh hai jiskey ghum mein bola nahi jata

Ayesha Awan: You are from Lahore. people often use this sentence “Lahore “Lahore” hai” .kindly tell us what is the typical reason behind it and also share your own unique logic about this sentence.


Black Mist: Kaaka khali peeli kaam nahi chalega...Chalo Famous Song "Lahore Lahore" hey sunao...jaldi jaldi shabash 


Ayesha Awan:  Are you emotional? How will you express or hide you emotions in following situations.

BlackMist: Give your opinion on rationality and irrationality....Which Idea do you support more..!!

BlackMist: Do you have any mentor or role model ? or are you facinated by your ownself.

Ayesha Awan:  You have to express love for your mother before her. So.?

  • How you’ll behave before your father in the situation of embarrassment?
  • What will be you reaction if your boss calls you in his room for a hot lecture?(now don’t say you are the boss of your boss)
  • You are dating with a pretty girl suddenly your X gf come to you and will you behave in a sandwich.? 
  • You love a girl and you want to express your feelings and you know that it’s not long time of your friendship and you are scared if someone else propose her so in this situation how you will propose her? 

BlackMist: Add to Ayesha's question these situations too: (Assume strict dad)

1) Your GF has given you ultimate warning to come up with proposal officially through family. You have to go and talk to your DAD ... How would you do it.
2) Your Dad found out about your GF....and he calls you the moment you enter home...You are standing right infront of him with head down...And he Questions..How would you handle this situation"
Ayesha Awan: I don’t know why a quote by Hazrat Ali (RA) is clicking my mind so I put it before you.

that “A man has three enemies”

  1. His own enemy
  2. His enemy’s friend
  3. His friend’s enemy

You have to define these three in your life. (Black Mist: Common Enemy's , brings friendship... Ryte ????)

Black Mist: Usually kaha jata hai key auraton ko bharkana boht asaan hai ... unkey kaan mein baat dal do, woh phir ghar akar shoharon sey larti hain....!!!! Aap mein is tarah key jaraseem Kuin Hein.....Waisey Imaandari sey batayein, sab sey ziyada aaj tak kisney bharkaya ya kiski baaton mein aye jiskey baad you really regret.

Black Mist: Ap sorry nahi use kartey .... Direct start kartey ho "Mein Soch Raha tha" and then flows on...Sorry na kehney ki wajah ? Yeh to nahi key yeh angrez chor gaye isliye ya phir koi aur reason ?

Ayesha Awan:  Just 4 important blanks:

The worst compliment you’ve ever got is ____________.

The most pleasing compliment you’ve ever received is ___________.

Most lovely gift you’ve ever received is _______________.

Worst punishment of your life is ______________.

Ayesha Awan: Are you a furious person? Whenever you get angry or hyper how do you release your aggression? How do you tackle stress?

Black Mist: What's the reason behind your arrogance  ? Is it coz you are right or is it you can't accept that you can be wrong ?

Ayesha Awan: Lets make the Mahol lil bit cool…

Ayesha Awan: What kind of kid you were in your childhood? Were you naughty or innocent?

Ayesha Awan: Hey share a cutest picture of your childhood with us.(must)

Black Mist: Chotey bachey rompers mein ghoomtey hain ya pampers mein....ap kis halat mein ghooma kartey they

Ayesha Awan: What is the biggest luxury you are enjoying now a day? Why you consider it so special for you?

Black Mist: Tell us about your social circle on VUSTUDENTS....Tell the truth coz we have our observations  Sari Pvt Chats ka pata hai

Ayesha Awan: Kabhi aisa hua hai k aap aainay k samney kharey hn aur aaina achanak toot jaye…?Ager aisa ho tou aap kya assume karein ge k aisa kyun hua hai? (ab ye na kahiye ga k aap ki khoobsoorti aainey se berdasht nahi hui )

Ayesha Awan: Which is your busiest day in a week? Also share your day n night routine with us? How do you spend you weekend? (In detail)

Ayesha Awan: What kind of girl you want in your life? Define the image of your life partner? What distinctive characteristics do you desire for? (Except typical)

Black Mist: Love marriage or Arrange marriage ? Give your reasons...

Ayesha Awan: Aaj kal k boys bhi fashion ki race meingirls k shaana bashana chal rahey hain..aap bhi ghar se nikaltey waqt thora bohat sajtey sanwertey tou hnge he…kis cheez pe zayada focus kertey hain tiyar hotey waqt? (Black Mist whispers to Ayesha...iska jo haal hai, boht jald apna hi beauty parlour kholega yeh kaaka  )

Ayesha Awan: Aaj kal mobile packages ne bari afat machai hui has some +ve aspects and –ve as well..what you think about both? Also tell us how much time you spend with your cell phone?

Black Mist: SMS ka konsa package subscribe kiya hua hai ? and ziyada sms kisko kartey ho ?

Ayesha Awan: Kis type ki games min interest hai aap ka? Indoor or outdoor? Jaisey k aaj kal youth indoor games mein zayada dilchaspi laiti hai..ab sardar ji he ki misaal le lein aap…sardar ji doctor k paas gaye gas trouble ka problem le ne kaha koi game khaila karein..bss ji wo aaj tak mobile pe snake game khailtey arahey hain…

Black Mist: Assume you have to create a cricket team out of members of VUSTUDENTS....Name your team of 11 with 2 standby players, a coach, a physician and ultimately a chairman of your cricket board

Ayesha Awan: No doubt you are very flexible but I have noticed that you have little bit low temperament? Why it is so? Did you ever realize it or tried to change it? On which issues you totally loose it? (Black Mist wonders... "Little" Theek thaak laraaka banda hai yeh...mein to khud boht darta hun iskey gussey sey)
Ayesha Awan: Do you like pets? have you own any pet? Do you speak with your pets and what kind of conversation you make with them?

Ayesha Awan: Koi aisa question btaein jo aap chahtey hain aap se poocha jana chaiye? (BlackMist: Except asking us to request you for self appraising :P ya apni khoobiyan bayan karein type")

Ayesha Awan: Quick review of Haani:

Total affairs ?

Total fights ?

Favorite slow track?

Favorite movie?

Fav food?

Fav personality?

Fav dress?

Fav politician?

Fav singer?

Fav place?

Fav color?

Fav person of the ning?

Best friend?

Total girl friends?

Fav perfume?

Your height?

Your weight?

Fav hero?

Fav Villain?

Black Mist: Yaar sachi baat batao, apney ilawa kisi aur ko fav ki list mein aney kaisey diya apney

Ayesha Awan: Here is a very easy task for a full confident and bold Haani…

You have to make this song available here in your own voice…


(No excuses allowed)

Black Mist: Assume the role of famous old pakistani hero "Mohammad Ali" and go propose "Zeba" but in "Your Honor" Style ... Keep in mind key Zeba kisi aur ko pasand karti hai aur apney apni khoobiyan ginwani hain

Ayesha Awan: Consider your self a pencil and answer the following questions:

  •     Which one of your marks was very rough on which you feel regret?
  •     Which one of you marks you want to correct?
  •     What is important? Your outer or inner? What is inside you?
  •     On which topic you can afford sharping and why?
  •     To be the best pencil whose hand you’ll allow holding you and guiding you?

Black Mist: Apko VUSTUDENTS ki ek female RJ key sath perform karna hai....Kisko choose kareingey and Kuin ? aur kis kisem ka show karna chaheingey
Ayesha Awan: Here is a task to write a letter to President Zardari, you have to do a humble request of leaving the designation. (No abuses & slang language allowed)

Letter should be filled with love & care.

So he may leave the presidency & couldn't help it anymore..

Ayesha Awan: Imagine yourself in the front of the life and rate your behavior and attitude towards it as xx% out of 100% and also tell which one you want to increase or decrease and why?











Black Mist: Consider you have to play the role of female...Apni existing qualities and habbits mein mazeed aur kia add karna parega apko to make up to that role ?

Black Mist: Imagine you are shopping in Purana Landa Market just besides Anaaarkali (Please ab yeh na kehna key kabhi landaa gaya hi nahi ).. Apko dukaandaar sey behes karni hai... Suit bhi ek hi lena hai, discount bhi chahiye aur woh bhi apki marzi ka...He is asking for 1000 and you are willing to pay in pathan style only Rs 100....And behes karni hai apko as "Phaphey Kutni Aurat"....Please is scene ka demo paish karein with success of your intentions

(Black Mist wonders ... kitna mushkil sawal dey diya becharey ko...yeh to khud one man show hai :P )

Ayesha Awan: Whenever you feel like fed up, tensed and sad with whom you prefer to share it all and why? (On vustudents)

Black Mist: How many male friends do you have ? and where ? Name them please ..yakeenan finger tips per count ho jayeiney

Ayesha Awan: Hey kidoo Haani…ye girls gossips kitney mazey ki hoti haina…:p sachi sachi btaao k site pe kis kis female chatter ki gossips and fightings mein ap sub se zayada interest laitey ho? Chalo chalo shermao nahi…aunty Ayesha ko tou btaao ge..promise secret rakhun gi..

BlackMist stares at siyapey mein daal rahi ho kaakey criteria key hisab sy to woh apni hi gossips mein interest leta hoga

Ayesha Awan: 



Ye shair aap vustudents.ning k kis member pe set kerna chahein ge?

Black Mist: Aksar mohallon mein dekha hai key jab koi masla hota hai to ek "Thekedar" wahan jakar back key peechey hath rakhta hai, kandhey uchkaata hai and kehta hai "Meiney to pehley hi kaha tha" ...... Don't you think you are getting spoiled in similar sense.

Black Mist: Your tolerance is very very low...? Why ? and you try to induce humor into your statements with the addition of smileys.!!! ... Why ? Khair koi lajawaab kisem ka joke sunayein....
Ayesha Awan: Lijiye followers ab Haani sahib VUSTUDENTS ki Qom se khatab fermaein ge on the topic of “Itifaaq Mein Barkat Hai”. Address must be in pure urdu and contain paragraph of 10 sentences.

Ayesha Awan:

Qommi Tarana….

Haani’s recorded khataab. (must)

Black Mist: Yeh ap duniya key dukhi tareen bandey key roop mein kuin ghoomtey ho....Sarey ghum apko lag gaye hain...Itni dukhi DP lagatey ho jo bhi ho...Wajah kia hai ?

Ayesha Awan: Do you believe in spreading love & happiness among the world? If GOD creates a heart purely with love then why people are persistent to prevail hates with this heart? What you think what are reasons and problem behind this issue?

Ayesha Awan: Suna hai aap planning bari achi ker laitey hain…subha aik plan banatey hain…dupeher ko us mein thori changing kertey hain aur raat tuk poora plan he badal daitey hain…itni planning k peechey akhir raaz kya hai…??? Zara humaein bhi tou pta chaley na

Black Mist: Uper bayaan ki gayi khoobiyon key hisab sey to apko Planning Commission of Pakistan ka sarbaraah hona chahiye...Kab join kar rahey hain phir

Ayesha Awan: Attitude Breaker ko boys se baat kerna pasand nahi…aur aap tou girls se koson door bhagtey hain…(the biggest lie of this century )..well aap kya kahein ge meri is statement k barey mein?  Honestly, Y do you prefer being surrounded by girls at all times ?

Black Mist: Construct your own episode of a fight between TOM & Jerry.....Episode key end mein replace Tom & Jerry with 2 persons of your own choice to understand how you visuliaze this situation...

Black Mist: Apki awaaz kafi impressive hai, RJ kuin nahi ban jatey ? Jitna sab ko motivate kartey ho (SARCASM) ap khud bhi start karo...Something like a ghazal show!!!

Black Mist: Y are you not stable..Y do you get driven by other's instantaneously...Y do you get blinded on other's words......You are a Mature Guy, a man with guts ...Y don't you control yourself and stop getting controlled by others...!!!

Black Mist: You have the ownership of this site for 1 single day...What 10 actions will you take (exclude banning me from site, i know that already )

Black Mist: Apko nahi lagta aap mein siyasat karney ki qualities hain.....Idhar sey udhar boht asaani sey ho jatey hain...So when are you joining politics and which party ?

Black Mist: Share your best childhood memory..!!!!!

Black Mist: Share your most painfull memory!!!!

Black Mist: VU-Bytes has begun..!!! Are you planning to contribute ? If yes in what way ?

Black Mist: Dua-e-Kunoot Sunayein

Black Mist: Apka nick hai kabhi khud ko "HaaniA" to nahi samajhtey ... ever happened like this ? Chalein "Haania" per koi ek song khud compose karkey gun-gunayein

Black Mist: Ramzan mein Taraveeh parhayi jaati hain,....Kuch log 8 parhatey hain and kuch log 20...Ap kitni parhtey hain ? Ya phir jaatey hi nahi parhney

Black Mist: Haani is a man with extreme seasons...Ya to is taraf ya us taraf.....Itni shiddat kuin hai ap mein ?

Black Mist: Do you believe in what you say ? or are you a common person like us just giving advises to others...!!!

Black Mist: At the have the luxury to say anything to anyone here...a grudge, shouting, apology or anything ..Use this platform...(Merey uper to apko theek thaak gussa hai ...mein aadi ho chuka hun so kisi aur per gussa nikal lena  )

Well Thanks Haani...Thanks alot for joining us....Though you might have been offended from many of my questions but every single question by us is purely from observation point of view and nothing personal.....

IF you felt offended on any question, dont answer it and ignore it....

Wish you Luck for your future......


Examinations have caused a great Dilemma and we are living with it....


Best of Luck to all who are still going through it and Sympathies for those who are done with it


Stay Tuned...Cya Next Week..!!!


Tada...Allah Nigehban..!!





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Aap ko Wicket Keeper bananey ka Maksad tha, k Honestly aap ki Support hamari Back per hogi, tou Hum More Confidently Match khel sakein gey ...

oho wow... aysy tu main ney socha hi nahi :D

thnx brother

My Honest comment...One of the most interesting and smart interviews as on date...Great Answers HaaniAA
My Pleasure ...
intresting  questions and answers mujay 2 days lagen gay parhne mein..nice haani...
lolx. 2 Din to mujhe Likhney mei nahi lagey ...

hahahahah Hilariousssss Haaanii Naaaaniii ...

Hehehe me Spinner  mujha wasay batting ka zayda shawqqq haii 

and yeaaaa...buhaat mazaa aya parhnay ma :D waqiee main REAL Interview lag rha tha as u were showing tht ur eating MANGOES and chuss rahy ho uskoo   ...and other teasing way of Ayesha Aunty  

Hahaha reallyyy yaar waqie tum squirrels k pehcya bhgtay tha awwwww Cute 

I really enjoyed your interview ...

Thsnksss Missy ..... lolx Ok ... U ko Batsman (Nai Batswoman) bana dia ...

Hawwwwwwwn =_= ...!! dekh k likhnay nai ataaa :/ ;P 

spinner banii to jo mery against hoga usko BOLD karunge Thaaaaaa kar ka ...


veryyy nice replies hAnni 

 interview zabatdast tha very interesting ans ... sb se ziyada is par hasi ayeeee.... 

Ufff itney Dukh sey kyb pooch rahi ho Ayesha Aunty ??? … Trance ko maro goli, abhi aaj hi ki baat hai, mei Exam Center me ja ker baith hi tha, k mere sath waali larki mujhe kehti, BHAI, zara ye check kerna, mere PC ON nahi ho rha … I was Like,,,,,,, arghhhh …. Kitna touchmy jumla tha yaaar, Direct baat hi uss ne “Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii” se shuru ki …..  Uffffff God …

I Said, “Tou Button On karo na Larkiiiiii ….”

(dil ki halat kia hogi apki hani shukar karain heart attack nahi hogyaa) 


haniaa acha name hai lolxxxxx 

kafi enjoy kia interview ko 






hahaha...master ka danda... and landaa bazar..kapra roti makan...haha nice haani

Interesting Interview once again...

God bless You Haani


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