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Wakhri Angel / NAive AnGel•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠· . - 28 July 2011

Hell everyone and welcome back for this week’s show.


Finally exams are over … Phewwww!!!! That was really quick and hard on us. Unfortunately we have to live with it.


Well this week we have someone who recently joined our site and hit fame very quickly. She is witty, intelligent, hard worker and definitely someone who believes in helping others.


Lets Call in Naïve Angel ..




(Black Mist watches as she walks in… “Yeh Naïve angel hi hai na…Lagti to koi NAVI ya Wakhri Angel hai  “)


Black Mist: Lein janab apka paseendah phall agaya hai...Grapefruit :P


(Naive Angel khaatey khatey kia ban gayin )


Ayesha Awan: Ji Naive Angel kaisi hain aap aur life kaisi guzer rahi hai aapki? Exams se tou jaan choot gai…lekin kaisey huey…kya hopes hain result se?


BlackMist : Nick mein angel bani hui hain, halankeh apkey wings nahi dikh rahey but sarr pey 2 horns zaroor dikh rahey hain…Urti kaise hain


Ayesha Awan: RAMZAN ki aamad aamad hai..kya planning hain kaisey guzarna chahein gi? Kya minus karein gi kya plus apni RAMZAN routine mein? Detail mein btaiye.


Black Mist: Kab sey purey rozey rakh rahi hain, be very honest with this. Kabhi roza jaan boojh kar skip kiya hai ? agar han to phir kia bahana banaya tha aur agar nahi to phir kuin nahi, mama sey dant na par jaye is darr sey to nahi ?


Ayesha Awan: If you could change one thing about:

  • World
  • Pakistan
  • Virtual University of Pakistan
  • Our site VUSTUDENTS
  • Yourself
  • Radio of VUSTUDENTS
  • Show Time


 What would you do?


Black Mist: Chalo ab assume karo key apko meri jagah beth kar interview lena hai, what questions would you choose for yourself but from my way of style and vision…Put down alteast 3 aur phir unka answer Naïve Angel ban kar bhi dijiye…Please don’t put simple and information based questions…Kuch masala hona chahiye


Ayesha Awan:


Foxy Round:

  • What makes you always laugh?
  • What is the Life?
  • What is the most caring way to say “I am Sorry”?
  • What gift you are saving just because it’s too lovely to have it?
  • What type of addiction you have?
  • What makes you nervous?
  • Have you any phobia?
  • What you think why many people do not use their real name on internet?



Ayesha Awan: You have to give funny pet names (nick names) to following members but according to their personalities:


  1. Missy Sana Malik
  2. Haani
  3. Muslimah
  4. Chulbul Tatari
  5. Ghufran Asif
  6. Black Mist
  7. RJ Moon Light
  8. Annika
  9. Tariq Malik
  10. Cute One
  11. Talib (Hum Tum)
  12. Amel
  13. Mr.46
  14. Mahpara Noor
  15. Naïve Angel



BlackMist: Chalo apni pasand key 3 logon key naam and unkey nicks kia rakhna chahogi who bhi bata do ap..


Ayesha Awan: Do you believe in stars horoscopes etc? Also give the reason of you answer.  (BlackMist giggles … NA kaaki, who horoscope nahi apkey horror key scope ka pooch rahi hai )


Ayesha Awan: If TOM & JERRY’s inventor ask you that what I should add in cartoon to make it more hilarious then which one of yours naughtiness you’ll suggest him for adding?


BlackMist: Apko Pink Panther ki long tail pasand hai ya woodie wood packer ki long beak. Validate your answer please


Ayesha Awan: Naive Angel aap ko kis kism k boys & girls se sakht chirr hai? Aur aap ko interact kerna per jaye tou kaisey handle kerti hain apne na-pasandeeda logon ko?



BlackMist: NA, apney kabhi apney kisi pehn-ney waley article ka istemal kisi aur cheez key liye kiya hai ? I mean for example glasses ko kisi aur purpose key liye use kiya ho ya watch ko kisi aur purpose key liye ?


Ayesha Awan: Please give at least 10 suggestion to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf how should overcome on electricity crises? Also mention your favorite current minister of the Pakistan.



Ayesha Awan: “Crying” is the sign of weakness OR strength. What you say? When you were cried last and why? (Black Mist. Whispers to Ayesha…Bibi ji, inka last kabhi hua hi nahi, yeh is mamley mein khaasi active hain )


BlackMist: Which emotion of humans do you find most interesting and why ? And what is the extent or level of that emotion present in you ? Have you ever benefitted or suffered from it ?


Ayesha Awan: Naïve Angel ki 10 good qualities kya hain? Aur in qualities ko aap different scenarios mein kaisey utilize kerti hain?


BlackMist: I know apko Punjabi nahi aati, phir bhi information lein aur hamein batayein key aap “Meesni” hain ya phir “Kunni”


Black Mist: Translate this into Punjabi “I can talk Punjabi, I can walk Punjabi, I can speak Punjabi, I can Teach Punjabi, I can Cry Punjabi, I can Laugh Punjabi, I know Punjabi, its just that I don’t understand it”


Black Mist: Abhi jaan nahi chooti, imagine karo apko Rahat fateh ali khan ki jagah gana hai, batayein apni mehfil kaisey sajayeingi aur khud kis andaaz mein present hongi, please detail it along with all harkatein and nazakatein that you will have


Ayesha Awan: Kuch log diplomatic hotey hain…different situations mein wo neutral bhi rehtey hain aur fully fair bhi nahi hotey….aap ka kya khayal hai is barey mein log aisey kyun kertey hain? Kya aap bhi diplomatic hain? Aur ye bhi btaiye k kya dipolacy k on long term basis positive aspects hain?  


Black Mist: What do you fantasize more ? Blunders or wonders ? Talk about it please !!!


Ayesha Awan: If you have to give a presentation before professionals how you’ll handle the unexpected topic? Will you face or quit the situation? If there is any experience in your life share with us?


Black Mist: Sara din online bethi rehti ho, uktaati nahi ? profile theme banana kahan sey seekha ?


Black Mist: I must say that from the new members on this site, your contribution has been enormous. You have posted a lot of quality stuff for all disciplines and helped the students like anything. What motivated you to do so ?


Ayesha Awan: Ager aap k paas Ala Deen ka chiraagh ajaye tou wo konsi 3 wishes hhn gi jo aap jin se puri kerwana chahti aur kyun?



Black Mist: Agar apko Alladin bana diya jaye, to ap ki jasmine kon hogi 


Ayesha Awan: Life style kya hai is ki definition aap k nazdeek kya hai? Aap ko kaisa life style pasand hai? Did you feel that most of the people are so much conscious about their lives styles and status? Why it is so what is your opinion?


Black Mist: Tell us about your interest in style and dress up. What is your preferable way of fashion ? Saadgi pasand hain ya phi raj kal ki typical larkiyon ki tarah “Haye Allah” and “OUI Allah” type hain


Ayesha Awan: Naïve Angel I feel that pure innocence is a very prominent part of your personality. Obviously this reflects the sincere and fair nature of a person. In my opinion a person knows him/herself wholly so what are some bad aspects of your personality that always fix you in some problem? And how honestly you are working on them to improve?


Ayesha Awan: Ab tuk vustudents pe aisa konsa member hai jis se conversation (chat) ker k aap sb se zayada enjoy kerti hain? I mean chat on mains and not pvt chats. Kya qualities hain us member ki jo apko pasand hain?


Black Mist: Chalo chat ka pooch hi liya hai Ayesha ney to yeh bhi batao, jahan bhi thodi situation garam hoti hai ya ap ko tease kiya jaye, ap foran daurr jati ho ? Can’t face the heat or there is some other reason behind it ?


Ayesha Awan: Give your own definitions about the following:


  1. Day
  2. Health
  3. Success
  4. Sleep
  5. Education
  6. Profession
  7. Love
  8. Friend
  9. Death
  10. Human
  11. We
  12. Interview


BlackMist: Share with your opinion on “Intelligence and its side effects”



Ayesha Awan: How many cruel happenings and acts we suffered from don’t you think life is too short and even a minor place should not be allowed for this all mess? Naïve Angel you are a very polite member mashALLAH please advise us how should we face the cruelties and unfairness of others?


Black Mist: We see a lot of goods and bads in society, specially the social evils around us. Which one disturbs you more. Have you ever thought of making an effort to improve that situation ?



Ayesha Awan: Her insaan k mind mein apne ideal ka aik sketch zaroor hota hai chahey clear ho ya bhi dhundla sa….aap ne kya socha hai aap ka life partner kin khoobiyoun ka maalik ho? Konsi aadat males ki aap ko sakht irritate kerti hai? Aur aap chahein gi aap k ideal mein na ho?


Ayesha Awan: Kya kehti hain aap zindagi mein idealize kerna kis had tuk achi baat hai? Kya bad n good aspects hain idealism k?



Black Mist: Apney bachpan ki koi mazey ki poem sunao something like “Akkar Bakkar” but it should not be short…Woh sunayein jo ap ko sab sey ziyada pasand thi.



Black Mist: Oh yaad aya aap to angel ho…ANGLE ho ya Angel ho :P acha chalo kis type ki angel ho….Shaitaan type ya farishta type :P Pata hai ab khud ko farishta hi kahogi … hahahaha



Ayesha Awan: Life gives and takes away. During difficult times what you have learn from life? Any thoughtful experience you want to share with us?  


Black Mist: People commit mistakes, some learn from ‘em others just are too arrogant or blinded to just pass through it. Which category are you in ?


Black Mist: Paheliyan boht poochti ho ? Khud sey sawal hall nahi hotey kia ?


Black Mist: Kabhi koi bet haari hain ? sab sey ziyada dukh kis bet ko haarney ka hua tha ?


Black Mist: Injection ya needle sey darti hain ya you are fine with it ? kabhi khoon dena parey to kia kareingi ?


Black Mist: Apney baby sitting karni hai as nanny…Bacha ro raha hai, kaisey behlayeingi…And assume key sirf loree sey nahi behlega…. U need to do lot more than this


Black Mist: Indian Drama’s dekhti hai, sab sey favourite drama konsa hai aur sab sey bura character kiska lagta hai…Jo sab sey bura lagta hai, usko imitate karein yahan per…3-4 dialogues ki delivery dein.


Black Mist: Apkey paros mein 2 auratein rehti hain Peeno and Cheeno…Donon phaphey kutni auratein hain, high level laraka type….Shabash ab un donon ki fight ho rahi hai kuinkeh ek ney new fridge liya hai and doosri jealous hai…Is fight ka ankhon dekha haal sunayein (You can consider yourself to be meeno )


Black Mist: Sab sey ziyada kis sey darti hain (apart from yourself) and how do you handle fear ?


Black Mist: Acha yeh batayein, bachpan mein sab sey chup kar kia karti theen ? Mitti ziyada khaati theen ya cerelac…Kis age tak feeder peeti rahi hain ?


Black Mist: Except “Annie” bachpan sey lekar ab tak jo jo nick name parey hain apkey woh sab batayein.


Black Mist: Auraton ka fashion and makeup nahi khatam hota…How much time do you take … Give breakdown in minutes / seconds.


BlackMist: Agar ap Kon Banega Crore Pati Jeet jayein, what would you do with that money….. (Pareshan nah hon, meiney crore pati ka poocha hai, meera pati ka nahi )


Black Mist: Agar apko famous “Gaye Soap” ki add ko re-work karna ho, to batayein usmein GAYE sey kia karwayeingi … thoda step by step batayeega :P


Black Mist: You are famous movie star “SAIMA” and have to perform the song “Boohey Bariyan” … Chalo shabash apney detailed steps batao kaisey us per perform karogi….including song … I mean your answer shud include both song and the steps that you do..


Black Mist: Bakr Eid kaisey manati hain, Kabhi kurbaani hotey dekhi hai….Chalo Imaandari sey batao, bakrey key kitney dant hotey hain (Hint: Apney dant gin lo )


Black Mist: You have a chance to say anything to the members of this site. Feel free to talk.


Ayesha Awan:  Loads of love n prayers for you dear, Keep smiling..



BlackMist: Thanks Naïve Angel … Thanks for joining us…Pleasure tokin to you….You take care of yourself and stay blessed.


Well mates, that’s all for today…Stay tuned and join us next week…


Take Care and Bubye





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Questions ROUND :

MUSLIMA's  Questions...


Ap painting bohut kamal ki krtin hain...Kesay shoq hua??...or apni sab se favourite painting share kijyee

ANS : dear muslima painting ka shoq mujhe bachpan se hi hai or little paintings mai bnati rahti thi 


 yeh maire fav painting hai yeh kafi bari hai is par mainy kafi time lagay tha 

VU Bytes to lekar ap bohut excited hain..Share your plans...n Wish U Good Luck for them in advance

thanks muslima plans to kafi achay hai agar pory ho jaye to lolxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ap ko "Aainay" se khasa lagao hai....Reason...Aainay k elawa ap ka/ki best friend kon hai??

hahahaha  oyee oo tay mai mazak keeta si naaaaaa

itna khass bhi lgao nahi hai dear :) i have lot of friends laki best koi bhi nahi 


BOP question:

halo aj ap hath aa hi gie ho tu men bhi moka sy faida utha lyti hun 

thanks SWEET si BOP <3 

I knw ap poetry bht kamal ki krti ho n recently apki fav poetry b suni so ye shouq kab or kysy paida hua??

shoq to mujhe 8th class se hai but tab juts collection kia  karti thi or diary mai save kar laiti thi

khud se poetry karna ka shoq 3 yr se hai  becoz thori se darti thi ka pata nahi kaise poetry karun gi

mera dosra sawal ....balkey request ky ab tk ki ki hui sb decors men sy apko ju sb sy achi lgti hy uski pic share kero if possible  


BOP mainy try kiya tha but really sorry for that :( :'( :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


yeh request mai apko phir kabhi porri kar dun gi zaroooooooooooooorrrr :):)

beautifully answered with pure Heart..=)
Thanks Naive Angel for being with us.
woooooooooooh... akhir kar maine par he liya ... actually net theek tara se kam ni kr raha tha so late i hoon idr .. hmmm maze k ans kiye hain ... kafi enjoy kiya maine ... aur boht kuch jan'nai ko b mila u k bare main ... such a sweet kaki u r actually  ... khush raho jiyoo aur kamyaabiyaan pa'o ..
many bhi aaj finally time nikal k parh he lia. nice answer by nice girl.

lovely answers angel dear... thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a bundle for valuing me dat much... nice interview enjoyed a lot.  

May Allah pak bless you with best of everything. ameen.

thanks so much Noor ....


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