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Rainbow of Vustudents ●♥ Ƹ̵̡ThℐηK●๋Pℐηk●♥Ƹ̵̡ -11 Aug 2011


Asslaam O Alaikum everyone!


How are you fellows…hope you all are enjoying fasting and Ramaz blessings in a cool weather as its raining almost in all over the Pakistan. Barish kis ko nahi pasand…I think sbhi isko enjoy kertey hain,, aur jo nahi kertey wo intahai he sarial kism k log hain

What you say people…am I right?


Rain sounds well,,,,,,,

          Rings the bell,,,,,,

                 Rain brings happiness & smile,,,,

                       Gives freshness and shower pile,,,,,,,,,,,

                                Its stops the world and makes slow,,,,,,,

                                        Beautify the sky with a rainbow,,,,,,,,



Mates! Today’s guest has no need to introduction just want to say she is the shining star of the vustudents. Her activates are tremendous.



Let’s welcome






  • How are you Think Pink? How’s your life? Is there anything new in it or same typical routine?


  • You are doing BS from Virtual University so why selected this course is there any special reason? What do you think what is the scope of business administration for girls?   


  • What was the best thing you like about VU? How it is better than other institutions?


  • “Think Pink” its sounds very pleasant, how it struck to your head? I am clicking that surely pink would be your favorite color, isn’t it?


  • Well you are a very cool person, did you ever fed up from anything? How you handle tough and complicate situations?


  • When you feel weary? What kind of circumstances make you bore then what thing helps you out?


  • Do you like dreaming? What kind of dreams you often see pleasant or horrible? Did you experience any dream that was a clue of upcoming happening?


  • How much fashion is important for girls? Is their any boundary to follow the fashion or it’s limitless? Can fashion challenge the simplicity?  


  • Don’t you think girls should follow some parameters to follow the fashion that what is good and bad for their culture and religion?


  • Shakespeare said that “I always feel happy” You know why?? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone! So what you think is it true expectations always hurt us? Do you expect from others?


  • What is really we need for a fundamental change in our attitude toward life?


  • What to do when your beloved ones start taking revenge on you, why they are happy to hurt your feelings? It’s very common in our society like our siblings hurting attitude to us so why people disregard their relationships?


  • MASHALLAH you are a very happy person to overcome your sadness and stresses so tell us how we can find and feel happiness in our daily life?


  • Think Pink  kya aap kisi se inspire hain kisi ki shakhsiyat se ya uski kisi adat se ? aap ko kya lagta hai aap ki apni personality ka aisa konsa pehlu hai jo logon ko mutasir ker jata hai ?


  • If you get opportunity to visit the overseas then which country would be your choice and why? Also share with whom you want to visit?


  • What is your behavior during exams? Do you become stressed easily if yes how you release your tension? 


  • Some people get overeating during tension some skip their meals from which category you belong? Give some suggestions to suffered people by this habit.


  • So many children are passionate about watching cartoons series were you crazy about all these passions? Do you still love to watch cartoons?


  • Kabhi rehri pe kharey ho k gol gappey khaye hain aap ne? aik waqt mein kitney gol gappey kha sakti hain aap? Unko torti kaise hein ? nose tip sey ya finger sey


  • Today young generation spend their lot of time before TV and internet surfing. How much time you spend with your family? Also give an advice to young people who do not give time to their family.


  • Select just one:


  1. Who has the best awesome hair style? Tariq Azeem OR Rehman Malik
  2. Who has most adorable moustache? Rana Sana-Ullah or Maula Baksh Chandio
  3. Who is more tuned and good singer? Rabi Peerzada OR Ainne
  4. Who is best chatter box? Chweet Dua OR Charismatic
  5. Which mode you do first when get up from bed? Wake up OR Open your eyes
  6. If u were a character which one would? Lost OR you be
  7. Which one is the funniest name of Punjabi movie? Achhu Sheedi OR Raju Rocket
  8. How do you laugh? Silent OR Loudly
  9. Who is cutest? Barack Obama OR Michelle Obama (wife)
  10. Why am I asking you these questions? I have bad fever above 103° OR I am damn serious about these issues.


  • According to Think Pink in yes OR no format:


  1. Black Mist is the most cruelest member of the vustudents
  2. Think Pink has not yet listen Desi Rox of vustudents
  3. Charismatic is the best friend of Think Pink.
  4. Mr.46 is the damn generous person.
  5. You love to chop onion hours and hours.
  6. Tariq Malik is the most kharoos member of the vustudents.
  7. Fashion corner of Think Pink gonna surprise the people.
  8. You have a bad sense of humor.  
  9. Super Mario’s princes is more adorable than Cinderella.



  • “Free Style of Cooking” why you select the free style is there any problem with typical style? Please enhance the thought behind the name selection for the cooking corner.


  • Hahahahaha,, I am laughing that a big number of males cannot cook even simple food like boiled rice, omelet and egg. So Think Pink you please share with us why the males can't cook a simple food with logic. (Hope Mr.46 came to know how to cook sweet egg,)


  • Hum sugher bachi k haath ka zaaiyQa zaroor tatse kerna chahein ge…kya cheez khaney mein bohat achi bana laiti hain? Ramzan mein aap konsi dish khas ehtamaam se sub ghar walon k liye banati hain? Aur aaj aap hmarey liye kya bana rahi hain (for vustudents) share a very unique recipe with us.


  • What kind of weather do you like? And which factor of your favorite weather inspires you a lot?


  • What is the usefulness of vustudents for different faction of student’s taste? Also share you opinion that what kind of skills you got on this site and what kind of experiences you got?


  • How the fashion contributes to our life style? Tell us the latest trends about the following categories: (for both girls & boys)


  1. Nails:
  2. Make up:
  3. Bags:
  4. Shoes:
  5. Hair style:
  6. Specks:
  7. Formal wearing:
  8. Casual wearing:
  9. Jewelry:



  • What was the best day/experience of your life?


  • Which is the best lessoning you ever taught by life and any person? And what was the lesson or advice?  


  • Do you like disciplined life? In what extent you are disciplined? Why boys are so much wild towards their life? How we can get self-discipline?


  • Think Pink meri perception hai aap k barey mein k aap aik bohat he samjhdaar aur sugher kism ki bachi hain..kuch aisa kahein meri is statement pe k mujhey pakka yakeen hojaye k you are enough mature to handle critical or serious issues?


  • Fruits mein king ki position tou Aam (Mango) ne sambhaal rakhi hai...Aap k khayal mein Queen kon hai?


  • What about time management or personal management skills? How you take time in today's busy life for all of this like your active groups?


  • How can you stay motivated? I mean people get fed up after doing something for few days. Why we quit? So from where you get motivation?


  • Let’s talk about your friends: you have a task here to list your friends name also list their pros & cons fairly.


  • The pictures given below you have to label it with the following options, also suggest them latest hair cuts according to their personalities.


Mr.46, Haani , Tariq Malik, Attitude Breaker


















  • Acha ye btaiye zara k lizards ko achanak daikh k kaisa reaction hota hai aap ka?...aam lerkiyoun ki tarah cheekhein maarti hain ya bahaduri ka muzahira kertey huey chappal utaar k chipkali ko agley jahan pohncha daiti hain?


  • “Naaa Na Na “.did you ever realize that you use a lot this word while talking. Is it your childhood habit? When you adopted this word in you talking style?


  • Now you have an interesting task to do, you have to put “NA” in this song in your own style.


mahi ve saanu bhool na javin
Allah da naayi der lagayin
haan de sajna , lambiyan udeekan din pyar de
Maahi ve saanu bhool na javin
Akh tau milayi kinve pay gayi judai kiven
kamli da Dil halya
mach gayi duhai jiven, kamb gayi khudayi jiven
aaj mera maahi chalya
haaye, aaj mera maahi chalya
Mallah ve ghar chehti ayi. biba ve sanu na satayin
haan deya sajna, lambiyan udeekan din pyar de
mahi ve saanu bhool na javin



  • Your choice of profile theme and display picture always attracts us that tell us how you are choosy about impressive style of color scheme. What kind of colors and pictures and theme you prefer for you?


  • I always wondered that Dua has most confusing linguistic skills...After knowing you i had to change my opinion...Ap Urdu mein baat nahi kar saktin aur english apki kisi ko samajh nahi aati...Is it some sort of dis-order? ya phir adat sey majboor ho


  • Do you like window shopping? Why people love to do this? What are the benefits of window shopping?


  • Freedom is something that every human wants and Pakistan Independence Day reminds the history of freedom. We feel very proud to celebrate it. Are we doing something for the prosperity of Pakistan as we paid a huge cost to achieve the Pakistan? What you say?


  • Also share how you celebrate the 14 august? Anything special you do on Independence Day?


  • Speaker of Sindh Assembly has said that “Ghadhon mein hum khud kafeel hain”. When the issues of law & order, unemployment and inflation were discussing in Sindh Assembly, suddenly arguments headed to the donkeys issues and its export. Don’t you think it’s just ridiculous?


  • Eid ki kya tiyariyan hain? Chaand Raat n Eid ka din kaisey guzarti hain aap? Kya kya masroofiyat hoti hain? Eidi laina he acha lagta hai ya kisi ko daiti bhi hain?





Thanks a lot Think Pink for joining us. Loads of love & prayers for you!

May ALLAH fulfill all your desires and wishes!


ye tohfa Show Time ki terf se aap k liye..











Only if you are fasting


So guys, that’s all for this weekend, It was very hard for me to host this time “show time” alone as Black Mist is so much busy now a days. But he always makes me confident to do any task that teases me. No thanks to BM for encouraging me.


You all take care of yourselves

Keep smiling..


See you next week with a new guest inshALLAH,

Till than TaTa…


ALLAH Nigebaan


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m Finishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... I have one question ....... Bt ramzan K bad Lolx NO EviL iN ramzan
hahahaha ok

cute&nice personality in this show really gud work Ayesha and BM 

owwwwwsomeee Question ak ak question bht hi interesting hai .....

specilayy yeh dono 

  • The pictures given below you have to label it with the following options, also suggest them latest hair cuts according to their personalities
  • According to Think Pink in yes OR no format:

  •  w8ing for ur ans thin pink all the best 


Hey u managed it well Ayesha....Great Job

But yes BM...miss U


Think Pink k interview ka waqai intezar tha...

Best of luck sisters...m expecting pink pink answers from urside 

My question:

As ur name implies, you THINK my question is  Do you think "baby pink" or "shocking pink"??>>

 (For me baby pink is the colour of decency and shocking pink is the colour of style)

w8ing for ur rplies

We are w8ing for ur nice replies hope u will give nice and full answers

Kindly select me in pictures nice hahahhaa coz there is no any pic which is like me na ahhahahahah

Ayesha u have done a great job

But y u put me ever where lolzzzzzzzzz

Any ways Best of Luck Think Pink

G, Finally i come to knw tht how to make sweet egg

I llike it sooo much

awww thats really cool ...hahaha...kuch tou seekha mere bhai ne :D

THink PiNk sy yei nai Poucha K is Ko sb sy zad Pvt me Distrb Kon Krta Hy Lolx ,,,, 


hahhahahah nice question .............

oye Asho nice questions yaar ... but Muslimah theek keh rahi hai BM ko miss kr rahe hain ... coz onke bagair show kafi sanjeeda sanjeeda lag raha hai ... tum dono sath show kro to show ka maza he alag hota hai ...hope wo next show karain gai ... but again asho kamal kiya coz is show ko akaile sambalna it was realy tough but u did it ...

n Think Pink really wana knw abt u ... w8ng for ur rplys ... ALL the best


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