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Hell Once Again

I am expecting a low turn around for today's show since the disaster of Examination begins tomorrow morning... However, this shudnt bother us from moving on...Ryte ? Let the book worms waste their time while the rest of VU universe lays their head in past reference material

This week we are being joined by another intellectual who is definitely creative, stylish and yeah DAMM Smart...

She has been quite active in blogging ... Am toking about none other than "Cheery"

Ayesha..Do the honour :)

(BlackMist Wonders...kala Chashma... tey mun v authey keeta hoya....Ainnu ki hoya...sham tak tey changi bhali si....Haurey ki hoya howega )


Ayesha Awan: Welcome to our show......

BlackMist: Ab khari na rahein beth bhi jayein, waisey bhi apko bulana afat bulaney sey kam nahi hai  And dont worry kuch na kuch zaroor milega khaney key liye...Yeh Ayesha bhi to isi liye aati hai  Aur inki nisbat sey mujhey bhi kuch na kuch mil hi jata hai

Ayesha Awan: Well I do know you personally but lets talk about you so that others can find out...!!!

BlackMist: Yeh "Cheery" nick kia soch key rakha ? And ap Blossom kab ho rahi hain

BlackMist: How did your interest develop in blogging ? Did you start it right here or have u been doing something similar in Past ?

Ayesha Awan: Who is most important to you in your life? What feeling do you love most about that important relation?

Ayesha Awan: Do you think you have enough confidence to argue with a logician? Do you remember that first argument you had with anyone? What was the topic or issue?

BlackMist: Do you believe in the norms of society ? Elaborate your belief's. (I mean the standards accepted by society in general and enforced on everyone).

Ayesha Awan: Is there anything you hate a lot in younger generation? What's the story behind your  hatred? (BlackMist: Cheery Dehan sey, younger ka pooch key yeh apko burhiya keh rahi hai )

Ayesha Awan: Kehtey hain Un logon se ulajhna jo ap se mukhtalif hain…apna waqt zaya kerna hai...aap ka kya khayal hai is barey mein? Aur aap aisi situation mein hon tou kya kerti hain?

BlackMist: Pichli Dafa hamarey mehmaan ney Firdos Ashiq Awan ki nakal utaari thi....Is baar aap Ch. Shujaaat Hashmi ki awaz mein "Lalla Lalla Loree, Doodh Ki Katori, Doodh Mein Pataasha, Zardari Karey Tamasha" Yeh gaa kar sunayein

BlackMist: Usually humans tend to learn with time, yet their minds are blocked. "I AM RIGHT" is something we can generalize for majority. Do you fall in the same category. If NOT, Tell us what do you believe in and how do you analyze the situations..And how do you control your bias??

Ayesha Awan: If time was to rewind, when time frame of your life would you like to return to and why?

Ayesha Awan: You are a very humble and sensible member of VUSTUDENTS, don’t you think a huge number of members have poor temperament with the lack of tolerance. Why it is so in your point of view? And suggest the members how they can overcome on this weak point? (BlackMist: Cheery sach bata dein konsi rishwat di hai ya kis reward ka wada kiya hai ayesha sey jo apkey mun per jhoot bol rahi hai yeh )


Cheery takes a break...and starts eating chocolate


BlackMist: You have the luxury to name and comment on any 5 members of this site excluding your friends. Do give the logic behind your comments!!
Ayesha Awan: By the way Ye aap itni green green kyun nazar arahi hain ??? lagta hai aap vegetarian hain?  why you don’t like meet? (BlackMist whispers in Ayesha's Ear.. Waqai, she'z lukin like cactus )

Ayesha Awan: Waise aap meat kyun nahi khati kahin , aap ko dharm bhrasht ho janey ka khatra tou nahi hota?? Bari Eid pe aap k liye tou khas ehtamam se sabzi daal banai jati ho gi? Kaisey manage kerti hain is event pe ya phir ghar waley aap ko ghar se he bahir nikal daitey hain?? (BlackMist Grinns at Ayesha...Kuch na bolo usko, meri tarah ki hai... I try to avoid meat ....Dal's are best )

BlackMist: Chalein ab khaney ki baat nikal hi ayi hai to apni koi aisi receipe share karein jo key boht rare dish ho in terms of vegetable / pulses / cereals... Make sure its not something commonly known.

Ayesha Awan: You seem like a challenger towards challenges of life, what are the fears of your life and what is your attitude towards them?

BlackMist: When there is pressure, tension ... Does your mind get blocked ? Does it cease to perform or the performance reduces ? If yeah...Y don't you control it...If NO ... How do you control it.

Ayesha Awan: Zindagi zinda dili ka naam hai….aap ko daikh k aap se baatein ker k hamesha ye quote mere zehan mein ata hai….aisa kya hai jo aap ko hamesha zinda dil rakhta you have any inspiration in your life? (BlackMist "wonders" Aithey they one-2-one gupshup shuroo hon laggi hey....."Waisey Ayesha inko dekh key sirf darr hi lag sakta hai ")

Ayesha Awan: Aap ne VUSTUDENTS k liye theme making start ki kuch arsa pehley…it is really admirable step…aap ne abhi tk theme making skill related group create kyun nahi kiya? Kya aap nahi chahti mein aur mere jaisey aur bohat se members jo ye skill seekhna chahtey hain unhein aap ki rehnumaai hasil ho?

BlackMist: Lagey hath, apney next theme project ka concept bhi bata dein...kis idea per work kar rahi hain....

BlackMist: Waisey VU mein kab sey hain.....Please yeh na kahiyega bachpan sey kuinkeh ... bachpan sey pachpan tak to aap aagayi hain aur itni dair to VU waley apko jhel nahi saktey...  How has been your experience in this sort of university where everything is literally virtual.!!!

Ayesha Awan: Meri itlaa k mutabiq aap ne apney ghar mein khuley aam dehshat gerdi phaila rakhi hai…ap k niece n nephew sb kids aap se tang aye huey hain…akhir kyun aap itna zulm dhati hain masoom bachon pe…?

BlackMist: Sultaan Rahi mar gaya, Maula baksh baney huey bhi zamana guzar gaya....Apki apni life per bani documentary kab arahi hai takeh yeh khala purr ho sakey..

BlackMist: By the way aapney "Cheery" hi rehna hai ya next step "Chiri" ka hai :P ..... Tell us what actions will you do while singing this song "Mein Uddi Uddi Jawan...Hawaa Dey Naal......Ni Mein Kidda Serr Khaawaan... "Dua" dey naal" (Chweet Dua )


Cheery Pauses...and starts eating popcorn...


Ayesha Awan: Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? How often does this happen ?

BlackMist: Do you act rationally or do you have learned your own lessons of lyfe...Can you categorize yourself as "Sane" Person ?

Ayesha Awan: What is the weirdest thing you have ever done? And what is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Ayesha Awan: What type of people are you allergic from? If they are trying to hang out with you... how do you get rid of them?

BlackMist: As far as my observation goes, you have a keen eye on the chat and other activities on this site ... Name few things that you enjoy happening on this site  and usually by whom ?
Ayesha Awan: aap k friends aap ki kis adat se sakht ajiz hain  ? aur aap unki kis kis adat se tang aai hui hain…give a detail description. (BlackMist looks at Ayesha. "Ap to keh rahi theen key ap is sey aajiz hain...yahan sirf adat ka ziker kuin kar rahi ho ")

BlackMist:  Imagine yourself in "Sabzi Mandi" ... Apko ghar key liye 3 sabziyan leni hain...aur 2 kisem key phall.......Apney andaz mein bargainig kaisey hawker and apna argument paish karein...

BlackMist:  You have to play the role of Saas as Lalita Pawar in any of your chosen movie...Lets say "Beta" ... To find out who is lalita powar in case you dunno... Do Googling ... and "Beta" movie stars Anil kapoor and Madhuri...Koi bhi ek villain type scene kar lein

Ayesha Awan: What are the some things you always bring with you wherever you go out?

Ayesha Awan:  Share any 3 lovely memories with us?

BlackMist: Share atleast 3 BEST bad habbits of yours  Selection mein mushkil to hogi...Aur yeh bhi bata dein sudharna kab hai ?

Ayesha Awan: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and why you want to meet them?

Ayesha Awan:  Quick foxy round:  (BlackMist: Cheery is ki baaton ka bura mat manana.....Chotey hotey isko fill in blanks mein "0" milta tha...ab gussa nikalney key liye doosron sey fill karwati phirti hai )

If you were a cartoon character, you would be_________.

Favorite color is _______.

Favorite writer ________

Your best friend is ______.

You are enough good in _______.

Biggest dramatic personality of NING is _______.

2 Persons you admire on NING are _________.

Marvi memon is _______.

Your favorite fantasy is _______.

If you could cook something for me it would be _____.

The habit you dislike in you is ______.

One of your habits that you are most proud of is _______.

The best compliment you have received is ______________.

Cherry’s perfect definition in one sentence is _______________.

The funniest word you have ever heard is ___________.

_______ on NING is alot different than he/she actually seems to be.


Ayesha Awan: insaan maghroor kub hota hai? Kya intellectually ye uska end nahi hota? Do share your views about the people who are ruining their selves by self-important ness?

BlackMist: There are many ways a human learns in life... Some "Face", Majority"Suffer", Few"Observe" and Others "Never Learn"...Which category suits you... ? And whats your opinion about the concept of learning in life...How should it be ?  



Cheery "Haults" ......and starts eating jumbo size burger...



Ayesha Awan: aik baat tou btaein Cherry :S meine note kiya hai k aap urdu language mein “خ” ko “ح” se confuse ker daiti hain…like aap “khatrey” ki jaga “hatrey bolti hain n “khud” ki jaga “hud” use kerti hain…aisa kyun hai..please explain karein… list the 5 more example in your own style. :p

BlackMist: Cheery ghabrayein mat....Yeh to kuch bhi nahi hai...Merey samney ka waqiya hai....Ek bibi car mein theen and agey sey road turn unk "R" chalta tha "Daal" ki jagah per....Farmati hain SARAK SIRAK gayi :P   ... Waisey jis tarah uper ayesha ney bayan kiya hai... apko to acha moka mila hoga..... Ap kehti hongi "Yeh kaisa "Khota" Hai... and agla sunta hoga "Yeh Kaisa Hota hai"

Ayesha Awan: Link the matches by using the given stuff…but should be funny & unexpected matches. but fairly true 

Mein uddi uddi javan hawa de naal                                     Haani

Masakali                                                                           Zaria khan

Mein aisa kyun hn mein wesa kyun :S                                 RJ Atif

Bebo mein bebo dil mera le lo :p                                         Mahpara Noor

Cadbury                                                                             Ghufran Asif

Charactor dheela                                                                 Muslimah

Geo News                                                                             Mr.46

Chini kam hai chini kam hai                                                 Misi Sana

Sanu nehr waley pul te bula k                                               Tariq Malik

Baby baby yes mama                                                             Attitude Breaker

Dolly Bindra (big boss)                                                           Rabi Malik

Laraki Aurat                                                                         Hira Ghumman

Mona Lisa                                                                              Sam

James Bond                                                                            Amel

Bachna ay haseeno lo mein agay                                              June

MQM                                                                                      Bird of Paradise

Ring my bell Ring my bell                                                         Chulbul Tataari 
Azizi (from hasb e haal)                                                          Charismatic

BlackMist: Ayesha ki list waisey to boht exhaustive hai but chalein "Ek naam aur uskey liye apna comment" khud bayan kar lein...
Ayesha Awan: Ab ajaiye zara apney devil group (friends) ki terf….(BlackMist stares Ayesha : Sirf friends ko devil keh kar Cheery ki shaan na ghatao ) apne friends ki list dein and aur her aik 3,3 points btaein..bad & good  both…koi advice jo ap kisi dost ko daina chahein?

BlackMist: I need you to read through these 2 concepts and then give your opinion with reason....You have to choose 1.

"Humanity calls for us to deal with humans on humanitarian basis. At times others will hurt our feelings and we do get upset. It is impossible to stay isolated from the rest of world and hence this sort of situation is in-evitable"

"Practical view calls for us to deal in rational way. People who are not closely associated with us are strangers and we should be least bothered about the actions of strangers. They should not effect us since they are not important for us in any way"


Cheery "Lost" .... Unconsciously starts eating the papers ....


BlackMist in state of shock... AYE BIBI....kinna khandi hey...Thakdi v nai..Paper v nai chaddeya


BlackMist: Do you still like to play with toys ? What kind ... Stuffed or anything else...Which is your favourite ?

BlackMist: Some people like to read books before sleeping while others prefer writing diary...Is there anything you do in particular every single day before you sleep ?  If yeah since when ? If Not ... Do you wish to have any such activity in future ?

BlackMist: Share atleast one event which is not connected with you but has been one of your observation while travelling and you noticed it and still remember it..

BlackMist: Elvis Presley or Mehdi Hassan ? Choose one and sing one of your favourites from their albums....You need to sing exactly in the same style and accent.

BlackMist: Recently an indian movie "Yamla Pagla Deewana" was released...Nahi pata to google kar lein... Iska title song hai...Assume karein key apko iska music play karna hai and woh bhi not with instruments but by creating sounds from your mouth....Type down the music pattern to suit atleast the first stance of this song...Minor adjustments are allowed .... Dont forget to put the words of songs at right place inside the music. using (brackets) or "Inverted Commas". Oh By the way... If you want you can do it in "Dharmendra" Style )

BlackMist: Millons are born and millions die every day... There are hardly few who try to bring a difference and become outstanding characters in society or atleast in the known social circle...Which side do you fit in to ?

BlackMist: Zardari ki besti karein .... "Thaith Punjabi" mein...kamsey kam 3 lines to likhein.... and haan...this has to be done in "Phaphey Kutni" Style yani somewhat normal for you   .... (Blackmist taps Ayesha's head....Tuwada v aihoi haal hey" )

BlackMist: Name one trait which others admire in you...What do you feel is your greatest strength...and which quality of your's is perceived by others. ?

BlackMist: Peshawri kahwey ka ziker barey shok sey karti hain....Is sey wasta kaisey par gaya nuskha to bayan karein...

BlackMist: Apney farmaya tha key agar apka tv channel hota to ap mujhey aur ayesha ko hire kar letin interviews leney key liye....Chalein phir yeh bhi bata dein key agar apko politician ban'na parta hamarey interview mein to konsey politician key roop mein aatin ?

BlackMist: A One liner that you would like to utter as a piece of advise based on your life so far!!!

Well Cheery....Boht shukriya waqt deney ka.......

Zindagi ka ek usool hai....Waqt ki aur duniya ki koshish hoti hai insan ko torney ki...usko mitti mein mila deney ki.....woh yeh nahi samajhtey key insan khud mitti sey bana hai.....Ups and downs come and go...Har lamha yehi lagta hai key ab jo hogaya hai yeh boht tough hai...but aj sey 2 saal baad apko woh time ziyada tough lagega and aj ka waqt kuch bhi nahi...Human learns...but ONLY if the believes in not driven by the world and their bench marks and lastly if one has a commitment "I DONT GIVE UP" 

Best of Luck.. Allah apko khushiyan dey...Stay Blessed..

Well Mates... Dats all for today....Me and Ayesha signing off....Till Next week Cya and best of luck to everyone for the exams..

"VU mein aye hain to jeena hi parega ..... exams ka hai zeher jo peenaaa hi parega"

Aye Allah...hamein bina parhey pass kar....Aaaameeen....aur jo parh rahey hain unki yeh beemari door kar

Tada...Good Nyte ...

Chao n Allah NIgehban...

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cheeeeryy is ko color ful to kr looooo 

or me kahan BABy bAby yesss Mamaaa

lolxxx han baby ka dosra meaning to hoskta Bt MAMA .... yei to mera Match He nai HY 

Yar Comparesss iS Ko word formate me apne quest ko color dey k Study krne ka moqa ata farmayeye cz Hmm jaise Official bandon k lye continious ik jaise color ko dekhna mushkil he nai na Mumkin hy ..... RAffooo Chakr Is KO sai Sy Likhooooo,,,, 
chal paj u to ... ina kr diya meri himat hai ... is se ziada nhi hota mere se
parna he nai Meiiii M Pajinnnng suche muche Fb sy to pajjja dia Now Ider sy B ;p


recording ...

Jiski nakal ki hai woh sun ley to mar jaye...No wonder you have all the capabilities and capacities to be horrible :P


Well Done!!!

Mera Interview....Are you hallucinating ? or Day Dreaming 


Urna waisey apka kaam tha... remember "Chiri"  ... Sources meri boht reliable hain...
Nice answers.. nice personality.....enjoyed reading...nice voice as well... shujat  sahab was funny 
wow...shujat hussain saab...tusi cha gaye o..:D
ghazal bohat achi gai miss aap ne.. :p mujhey nahi pta tha k aap gaa bhi laiti hain..wo bhi itna acha :)
well BM ne bilkul sahi kaha...aap ne bohat kuch skip kiya hai...aap ka sense of humour n IQ level 2no bohat achey hain...humaein aap se is zada ki umeed thi...full furnished bombastic answers expect ker rahey they...
lekin phir bhi kuch hadd tk aap ne humein moqa diya apko jan'ney ka...
khush rahiye hamesha...
dhairon duaein aur achi wishes Lala jani aur meri terf se aap k liye..ap k achey future k liye.. :)
keep smiling :)

thanku g .... :) :) :)

wese expactions ziada ho ja'ain to onka poora hona tough ho jata hai .... bs kuch upset sa chal raha hai mind so itna kuch is mai se bramad ho gaya bari baat hai ... n abt BM hamain b khush hone ka moka dain thora ... apka interview pr k ... hud he khush ho'ai ja rahai hain sabi ning members ki band baja kr ... :P:P:P

thanku Mahpara ...:) :) :)

thanx Zari ... koi aur b mqm pe fit nhi ho raha tha so maine apko fit kr diya ... :D :D :D


nice rafoo and guuuuuuudddd answers i enjoyed,,
MQM ka bnaa dala...


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