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“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing
to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”
Brian Tracy- CEO-Brian Tracy International
The core of effective communication is delivering the original message in the way that it
reaches the reader/listener in the same way as intended by the sender i.e. by maintaining the
essence of the message. In written communication, using appropriate words, punctuations
and grammar is of utmost importance. Even minor grammar and spelling mistakes change
the entire meaning of the message to be conveyed. To snatch the attention of the readers, it
demands clubbing the message with structured text and readable style.
The aim of this document is to guide you about how to write and present your internship
report appropriately. If you are weak in writing skill then don’t get upset. All you need
simply is to read this document thoroughly before writing your internship report. After
reading it you will come to know about the art of writing a quality report. It will be an asset
for you later on in your professional career as well.
Strategy for Writing Internship Report
Points to ponder for writing a good internship report are as follows:
1. Reading and Following the Internship Report Format
Read thoroughly and carefully the Internship Report Format– available in Lesson 06
and in the DOWNLOADS section of this course on VU-LMS. You have to follow this
format for writing your internship report.
2. Developing the Report
2.1) Plan your Time
Planning is essential; preparation is an ongoing process. Plan your time for report
writing according to your internship period and schedule available in Lesson 02:
Semester Calendar. Your internship report should be completed prior to the due
date given for the assignment of internship report. It will enable you to avoid
inconvenience at the end and to submit it within the due date.
2.2) Note the Tasks, Activities and Observations Done during
You should keep a notebook or diary with you during internship for jotting
important tasks or activities or observations that you are performing and observing
in the organization. You should keep these points simple, concise and bulleted for later perusal.
You may write these tasks/activities/observations on the daily basis or you can
divide the pages of the notebook or diary according to the departments of the
organization where you will be getting your internship. Care should be taken that these
points provided in your diary or notebook should be easy for you to understand. This will not only
help you to recall those tasks or observations but also will help you to write the
internship report efficiently.
2.3) Write Draft of your Internship Report
Writing the first draft of the internship report is a cumbersome activity. Managing
your thoughts seems difficult. This usually happens because your mind is always
luring adventurous paths, in order to keep your thoughts aligned with the foremost
and significant task of writing the internship report you need a separate corner with a
computer and a lot of air, where you will not be disturbed for at least 2-3 hours
(electricity issue apart).
Now you should try to elaborate the points that you have mentioned in your
notebook or diary. Don’t worry; initially you might not be able to convert your
thoughts into writing properly. You should not read your sentences rather you
should concentrate on converting all or most of your thoughts into writing at this
“When your thinking is in order, your imagination perking, your knowledge of the
reader sure and your own purposes firm, the words will come, the sentences will build.
`Take care of the sense and the words will take care of themselves.”
(Brodinsky, Ben.)
After mentioning the points written in your diary or notebook, now re-read the
sentences and check whether the true meaning of these sentences have been
delivered and at the same time these are understandable. If the sense is not delivered
then rephrase your sentences until the objective is achieved.
2.5) Avoid Plagiarism
Plagiarism means copying material from any published or unpublished material
without providing the proper reference(s). Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Any
evidence of plagiarism (if found at any instance) shall be strictly dealt as per “ZERO
TOLERANCE POLICY” of the University. (Read the Plagiarism Sensitization
Document available in the DOWNLOADS section of the course VULMS).
2.4) Avoid Writing Mistakes
It is said that writing skills should be sharpened, improved and re-improved. Writeup
plays a very important role in building the image of the writer. If the write-up is
full of typing, grammatical and spelling mistakes then there is likelihood that the
reader might set your write-up aside or never read it. The image of such writer drawn
by the reader perhaps is broken and careless.
Tips for Report Writing
You should take care of your image in the mind of the reader by following these
simple guidelines:
 Always keep a dictionary with you as English is not our mother language and
it is not something to be ashamed off.
 While looking for the synonyms, you must view the exact meaning of the
selected word in the dictionary as using that word without taking precaution
may hamper the true meaning or sense of your actual point.
 Keep your words simple and concise. Never try to impress the reader by
using difficult words and long sentences as in such practice you might
achieve impressing the reader at the cost of losing your expression.
 Always explain one point in one paragraph. This will not only help you keep
track of your activities mentioned in your internship report but will also help
you explain your point in the most appropriate way.
 Always check that there is some relation drawn among the paragraphs. For
example, when you are explaining your activities of one department in more
than one paragraph, care should be taken that there is synchronization
among such paragraphs or points.
 Avoid using future tense in your internship report.
 Always write your internship report in past tense as the internship report
activity comes after completion of the Internship.
 Always use the word ‘I’ in your internship report whenever you are
discussing your tasks or activities or observations.
 In expressing your views about the organization always adopt the direct
approach. For Example, Writing “There are four departments in this
organization.” is incorrect. Write it as “This organization has four
3. Proofreading
After writing your report, it is essential that you must re-read your entire internship report
before submission. You should check if the true sense is communicated properly and
completely and that the write-up is free of spellings and grammatical mistakes.
4. Formatting
Internship report seems tedious if it is not properly formatted.
“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.”
(Edward Gibbon)
READ formatting guidelines in Lesson 05 of this course on VU-LMS. Reading these
instructions will inevitably save your time at the end to finish the report.
5. Submission:
As you know that nowadays load shedding problem is prevailing in our country. Therefore,
you are advised to prepare and submit your internship report as early as possible without
waiting for the due date. Report submitted after the due date via email will NOT be
accepted. So, be proactive in submitting your report within the due date.
Further, you are advised to revise the handouts of the course “ENG301- Business
Communication” that you have studied earlier. It will help you in improving your writing
We are here to answer your queries. For any query and information, you may put your
queries over MDB, via email at:
Best of Luck 

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