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I have passed my 2 years MBA from VU in 2 straight years. Shukar AlhmadUllah NO extra semesters due to any reason :). I am attaching my internship report and wish every one the best of luck in their studies and future plans. Good Luck & Allah Bless AMEEN!

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Internship Report on


Retail & Middle Market Central – Area Lahore /*** Branch


Internee's Name: ***

VU Student ID: mc100200***

Session: Fall 2011

Submission Date: 13/01/2012







I would like to dedicate the effort & struggle which I have made in the last 2 years since getting admission in VU to my beloved parents & my family, especially to my mother. It was looking impossible for me to complete this degree but with her sincere prayers and moral support today with the blessing of Allah I am submitting my internship report. I am thankful to Allah Almighty from the depths of my heart.




This was looking like an uphill task but with the endless blessings of Allah and the vital support from my parents I have reached this far. I am thankful to all the staff at Bank Alfalah for being so cooperative and kind. I would specially like to thank the very kind Branch Manager Mr. *** who was so supportive throughout my training. It has been a difficult period of my entire life but with the blessing of Allah and the cooperation of all the people around me I have managed to hang in there. I wish I had the words to express my feelings here. I would humbly thank Allah Almighty for what he has blessed me with. I would extend this special thanks to all the people who supported and helped me during the internship program. Thank you.

Executive Summary



I was lucky enough to avail this chance of doing an internship at Bank Alfalah Ltd. *** Branch. This duration of internship was six weeks. During the training I was introduced to the functioning of all the departments operating in the branch. My report starts by discussing the brief history of banking in the human history. Some types of banks that are operational in the practical world are discussed briefly. History of banking industry in Pakistan follows that. Then the report discusses the overview of my internship organization. It illustrates the history of Bank Alfalah, its chairman & board of directors. Detail information about the bank's branch network comes next. The financial performance of Bank Alfalah from the year 2010 is presented. List of bank's products and services is also mentioned in detail followed by a brief introduction to its various departments. Detail of my internship learning experience comes after that. It contains the information that I was able to gather and understand regarding the activities of the bank. Risks which the bank is facing are also discussed & after that in the last portion of the report I have presented the conclusions which are followed by my humble recommendations for the improvements.




Table of Contents










Brief Introduction of Banking Sector     ---------------------------------------------- 4

Over View of Bank Alfalah                   ---------------------------------------------- 5

Bank Alfalah Hierarchy Chart            ---------------------------------------------- 6

Message of The Chairman                  ---------------------------------------------- 7

Board of Directors                             ----------------------------------------------  8

Vision & Mission Statement of Bank Alfalah ------------------------------------ 9

Bank Hierarchy Chart                         --------------------------------------------- 10

Introduction to Bank's Branches         --------------------------------------------- 11

Business Volume of Bank Alfalah       ---------------------------------------------13

List of Bank Alfalah Products            ----------------------------------------------14

List of Bank Alfalah Services             --------------------------------------------- 15

Bank Alfalah Competitors                 ---------------------------------------------- 18

Introduction to Bank Alfalah Departments  -------------------------------------- 19

Comments on Organization's Structure ------------------------------------------- 21

Plan of Internship Program                 --------------------------------------------- 22

Training Program                                --------------------------------------------- 23

Critical Analysis                                  --------------------------------------------  27

Future Prospects of Organization        --------------------------------------------- 29

Recommendations for Improvement   --------------------------------------------- 31

Reference & Annex                             --------------------------------------------- 32


Brief Introduction of the Banking Sector

The banking sector plays a very important and vital role in the economy of any country. Generally the state bank of a country is responsible for policy making and over seeing all the activities being carried out in the banks. A lot of sources say that the word bank is derived from the word "bancus". They reason that the early Jews used to sit on benches and did transactions similar to what are carried in modern banks today. In addition to that the functions of the earlier banks were quite simple but in this modern world we see that the banks perform a wide variety of functions. Their role is not just limited to depositing money or issuing loans to different people or organizations. We see that the commercial banks today are involved in buying and selling of shares, debentures & various stocks. They sell different types of securities, bonds and deal in foreign exchange. Every bank issues credit cards to its customers as well. As stated earlier a bank plays a very vital role in the economy of a country. It serves as a channel through which the borrowers borrow money from the savers. They utilize the money and earn a return on that which is paid to the bank. The banks after deducting their intermediate costs give the lenders their share. In this way all the parties involved in this transaction are benefited.


Following are the types of banks that are generally present in a country.


State Bank

Every country has its state bank. Its name may be different in different countries for example in Pakistan it is known as the State Bank of Pakistan where as in the US it is called as the Federal Reserve Bank. The functions of the state bank regardless of its name are the same in every country. The most important function of the State Bank is to make an effective monetary policy of a country with the help of which economic stability prevails in the economy. It is responsible for printing of currency notes and gives loans to the government as well. It also makes rules and regulations for all the banks working in the country. It monitors their performance, audits & inspects them. If any bank is found involved in illegal banking practices then it has the authority to penalize the bank.


Commercial Banks

These banks are interested in making profit. They give loans to people in the business sector and earn profit on that. The business community of a country is an important customer and asset of such banks.


Agricultural Banks

Agricultural banks provide loans to the farmers depending upon their needs and requirements. In a country like Pakistan these banks have special importance as our country heavily depends upon agriculture. Satisfying and fulfilling the needs of the farmer is very important for the growth of our economy.


Saving Banks

Mostly these banks are state owned financial institutions which cater the needs of the savers. These banks offer various saving schemes to the people with the help of which they can earn a profit on their savings. National Saving Scheme is am example of such banks working in Pakistan.



History of Banking in Pakistan

Before Pakistan came into being the Reserve Bank of India acted as the central bank for the entire indo-pak sub continent. Before partition there were a total of 44 banks with 631 branches in the territories of Pakistan & East Pakistan (Bangladesh). On August 14th 1947 partition of the Indian sub continent took place and Pakistan was created. On December 30th 1948 the British Government's commission distributed the reserves of Indian central bank between Indian & Pakistan with 70:30 ratio. India got 70% of the assets where as Pakistan got 30%. It is note worthy that the total losses of 230 million which the reserve bank had were also taken from Pakistan's share. Thus the financial activity in Pakistan technically started from negative.

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah took immediate steps to establish the State Bank of Pakistan. Due to these efforts the State Bank of Pakistan started its operations on July 1st 1948.  However the Reserve Bank of India continued to perform important banking functions for State Bank of Pakistan until September 30th 1948.

By the end of the year 2001 there were 43 banks working in Pakistan. After that there was a mushroom growth in the banking sector of Pakistan.


Over view of the Bank


Brief History of Bank Alfalah

This bank on June 21st 1992 was incorporated as a public limited company under the companies ordinance 1984. November 1st 1997 was the day when it's banking operations commenced. Bank Alfalah deals in commercial banking and other services associated with it as defined in the Banking companies ordinance 1962. The bank has almost 336 branches in more than 100 cities all across Pakistan. In addition to that it has branches in Bahrain, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The registered office is at B.A. Building I.I Chandrigar Road Karachi. Since 1997 the management of the bank has implemented new strategies and policies to give the bank a distinct position in the market place.

Bank Alfalah is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group. The management of the bank has invested a huge amount of money in new and revolutionary technologies to provide its customers with an extensive range of excellent products and quality services.

The management of the bank is committed to strengthen its bond of trust with its customers and provide them with uninterrupted services. The management of the bank strives to serve its customers with the products and services according to their requirements. During the last five years Bank Alfalah has emerged as one of the foremost financial institutions in the country. There is an interesting attribute of bank Alfalah which is its Islamic banking branches through out the country. Thus in addition to that conventional banking practices if offers Islamic banking branches to its customers. Hence Bank Alfalah has two types of branches in Pakistan: 


1-     Conventional Banking Branches

2-     Islamic Branches






Message of the Chairman



H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan is the chairman of Bank Alfalah Limited. He is the member of UAE's ruling family. Following is presented his unedited message from Bank Alfalah's official web site.



Since the inception of Bank Alfalah, by the grace of the Almighty, we have moved rapidly in expanding our branch network and deposit base, along with making profitable advances and increasing the range of products and services. We have made a break-through in providing premier services at an affordable cost to our customers.

Keeping in view our valued clients and the need for constant and effective communication of information, we have designed this website to be as user-friendly as possible. 

As we pursue the path of excellence, customer satisfaction remains our priority. It is only when we know our customers better, can we deliver a higher quality of services, thereby adding synergy to our existing management expertise, financial strength and profitability. 

This is yet another channel of communication for the delivery of quality products and services that enhance value to our stakeholders.

                                                                           Thank you for visiting our site.

H.E.Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan

Board of Directors of Bank Alfalah









H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan                        Chairman

Mr. Abdulla Khalil Al Mutawa                                      Director

Mr. Abdulla Nasser Hawaileel Al-Mansoori                              Director

Mr. Khalid Mana Saeed Al Otaiba                                           Director

Mr. Ikram Ul-Majeed Sehgal                                                    Director

Mr. Nadeem Iqbal Sheikh                                                        Director

Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz                                                                   Chief Executive Officer










Vision Statement of Bank Alfalah




To be the premier organization operating locally & internationality that provides the complete range of financial services to all segments under one roof.





Mission Statement of Bank Alfalah




To develop & deliver the most innovative products, manage customer experience, deliver quality services that contributes to brand strength, establishes a competitive advantage and enhances profitability, thus providing value to the stakeholders of the bank.





Bank Hierarchy Chart


Following is the hierarchy which is generally found in Bank Alfalah Branches.





Important to note is that Bank Alfalah has outsourced some of their tasks. These tasks include receiving the postal mail from the courier service, keeping the record of all incoming and outgoing mails, maintaining the attendance registers of employees, answering to telephone calls and all the work of a peon. All of these tasks are non financial. At present Bank Alfalah has an agreement with a local company and they go by the name of NIL who provide the bank with people to carry out these tasks. All these people work under the branch manager. 


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