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BT201 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II Assignment No 01 Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 08-06-2020

BT201 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II Assignment No 01 Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 08-06-2020

BT201 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II Assignment 1 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

Assignment No. 1

Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution-II (BT 201)

Spring 2020

Total Marks: 10       Due date: 08-06-2020


Assignment topic:

Explain structure and function of communities. Also elaborate the factors that shape community structure.

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BT201 Solution Idea:

Credit: Amaan Khan


Structure and Function of communities:

Community structure can be defined as composition of community which are including as a number of species in that community and its related number of species. In the community, it includes the pattern of interaction between different species.

The community structure can be measure in two ways:

(a) Species richness                                        (b) Species diversity

Species richness can be defined the number of different species are found in a particular area in a community e.g. at one place in community has 40 species and other place in community has 600 species, it means that the second place has higher species richness. The species richness is very higher near the equator due to suitable temperature and large amount of rain support the higher primary productivity.

Species diversity is the measure of complexity or variety in the community. It function is to measure the number of species in the community and also relative abundance of species. It means that large kind of species in the community has high species diversity.

Factor that shape community structure:

The shape community structure can be influence by the abiotic factor like environment.

(i) Climate Pattern: It is the most important factor that influence the community, because when the climate of the community like temperature. Many of the species of the community are not able to continue to exist at this climate so they will die and there is decrease the number of species so effect the species richness so also causes the shape of community structure.

(ii) Geographical change: Geographical area is the place where species are found in nature. The species migrate to another geographical area which causes the change in the number of species. It also affects the structure of community.

(iii) Patchiness of the environment: When there is more variation in the external environment. It allows the most of the species exist in the community cause the increase the species richness. For example, imagine a community occupying a field, and another occupying a field that is dotted with piles of

(iv) Interaction between species: If there is a interaction between the members of different species like predation. It will lead to decrease the number of prey species. So it will change the shape structure of community. For instance, two species that compete intensively with one another may be not capable to coexist in the same community, or a prey species may be unable to persist in a community that contains a highly effective

(v) The frequency of disturbances, or disruptive events.

The frequency of disruptive events (including storms, wildfires, and landslides) can affect the structure of a community. The intermediate disturbance hypothesis suggests that communities with a medium (intermediate) level of disturbance may have greater species diversity than communities with very frequent or very rare disturbances start superscript.


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