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Topic/Area for Discussion

 “Restriction Enzymes”

Discussion Question:

How are Restriction Enzymes playing an important role in Biotechnology? Support your answer with five well-versed statements.

Important Instructions:

1.   Your discussion must be based on logical facts.

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BT301 Introduction to Biotechnology GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

BT301 GDB Solution Idea:


Restriction Enzymes

A restriction enzyme is a protein that recognize a specific , short nucleotide sequence and cut the DNA only at that specific site which is known as restriction site or target sequence .

More than 400 restriction enzymes have been isolated from the bacteria and manufacture them . In live bacteria restriction enzymes function to defend the cell against invading viral bacteriophages.

Restriction site is the viral genom are cleaved by the bacterium restriction enzymes, fragmneting and destrying the DNA of invading bacteriophages before it can incorporate into the host genom and take over the cell .

A becterium is immune to its own restriction enzymes.even if it has the target sequence ordinary targeted by them . This is because the bacterial restriction sites are highly methylated making them unrecognizable to the restriction enzyme .

Identification Of Restriction Enzyme :

  • Restriction enzyme are named for the organism from which they were first isolated .

For example :

  • EcoRI is isolated from  Coli strain RY13 .
  • Eco refer to the genus and species ( 1st latter of genus , 1st latter of specific epithet .
  • R is the train of E coli .
  • I ( Roman numeral ) indicate it was the first enzyme of that type isolated from E. Coli RY13.

Some restriction enzyme also cut DNA to form blunt end which can be inserted into target DNA via the action of DNA ligase .

DNA ligase isn't picky , it can't tell the different between foreign and host DNA and this enable to creation of chimeric DNA - DNA from two separate sources.

Each enzyme recognize and cut specific DNA sequence .

For example :

BamHI recognize the double stranded sequence .




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