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Intel® Core™ i3 processor 3 out of 5 stars

Intel® Core™ i3 processor

System Processor
Intel® Smart Cache Silicon Technology Intel® Turbo Boost Technology◊1 Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology◊2
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Laptops Standard voltage processors
i3-350M 2 cores /
4 threads
2.26 GHz 3 MB 32 nm No Yes
i3-330M 2 cores /
4 threads
2.13 GHz 3 MB 32 nm No Yes
Ultra-low-voltage processors
i3-330UM 2 cores /
4 threads
1.20 GHz 3 MB 32 nm No Yes

i3-540 2 cores /
4 threads
3.06 GHz 4 MB 32 nm No Yes
i3-530 2 cores /
4 threads
2.93 GHz 4 MB 32 nm No Yes

Processor models vary according to clock frequency, supported memory frequency, cache size, and other supported features. Every year, software developers design programs and applications that demand and
utilize more and more of these elements. When you’re shopping for a new
computer, we recommend you think about tomorrow’s needs as well as
today’s, and choose the best processor you can afford.

Cores and threads go hand in hand. Multi-core processors are single chips that contain two or more distinct processors or execution cores in the same integrated circuit. Multi-threading allows each core to work
on two tasks at once, thereby letting you do more things
simultaneously, producing faster, more efficient results. Now your
computer can keep up with even your heaviest multitasking.

Just like a stopwatch, clock speed measures how fast a processor performs an activity – which activity depends upon how you plan to use your computer. Clock speed rates are shown in gigahertz (GHz), which
means a billion cycles per second.

Cache is a fast storage area where the processor places frequently accessed data. Intel® Smart Cache is Intel’s performance-maximized data storage, which allows each processor core to dynamically utilize up to
100% of available cache and obtain data from the cache at higher
throughput rates. By keeping more data closer to the processor for fast
execution, overall performance is improved. This is of particular
benefit when running rich media titles and games, as well as everyday
productivity applications.

A nanometer (nm) is one-billionth of a meter. The transistors on Intel’s latest processors are just 32 nm wide, while our previous generation processors are built on 45 nm and 65 nm architectures. This
allows transistors to be packed more densely, leak less energy, produce
less heat and switch faster, which leads to processors that run faster,
use less power, and are more energy-efficient. It also means new
features can be squeezed onto processors, so computer makers can focus
on things like extending battery life, creating ever-sleeker designs and
putting new wireless capabilities into devices. Lastly, it means Intel
can keep bringing you better performance at relatively the same or even
lower prices over time

Available on select models of the Intel® Core™ processor family, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology dynamically redirects power and accelerates performance to match your workload. Previously, unused
portions of the chip would be “turned off,” leaving some cores idle.
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology reroutes that unused performance to the
cores that are active, boosting their performance without wasting power.
As a result, you automatically get extra performance whenever you need
it, and increased energy efficiency when you don’t.

Available on the Intel® Core™ processor family, Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) delivers more efficient use of processor resources and improved performance on
multithreaded software. This allows you to run demanding desktop
applications simultaneously while maintaining system responsiveness. For
example, Intel® HT Technology helps multimedia enthusiasts create, edit
and encode graphically intensive files while running background
applications, such as virus protection software, without compromise to


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