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All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


PLZ Share Ur Papers Files Also where u Study

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Please Share your Current Papers Final Term Papers Spring 2013 Questions/Pattern here to help each other.

Share your today final term paper here in reply of this discussion


Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 July 2013 to 31 July 2013 to help each other. 

Thanks for sharing and THANKS a lot to VU that at last the semester activities like assignments, GDBs and Quizes have finished prior to 2 days to Final Term Exams. So now put your head down on studies and work hard for 12 / 14 days. Best of luck to all my friends / vustudent family members. Pray also for me. BEST OF LUCK 


50 mcsqs

6 questions

mcqs were from book mid n final term

As a database administrator, name any three techniques you can use to restrict the unauthorized access to your database.

There are many useful Neural Network Paradigms. Define the most popular Neural Network Paradigm.

how businesses monitor their Employees ?

write html for the following 

Define network organization? What are important features of network organization? 


1.write a code of 

i have a car 

i have a bike 

2.useful of punch cards

bottttttttttttt tufffffffffffffff paper tha

3. k ap hml ma user longs bana ra hy to kon kon sa cases ho sakty hy ko test karnay k ya sai hy k nae

4.Why the quality of image in dithering scheme is not good?

anoo thanks for sharing 

CS101 Current Paper.........!!!

Total MCQs =40 (Marks 40)


Q NO 41:


Why Local variable is preferred over Global variable? (Marks 2)


Q NO 42:


What is intelligent system? (Mark 2)


Q NO 43:


What is structured vector Graphic? (Mark 2)


Q NO 44:


Describe “Java script variable are Dynamic typed” (Mark 2)


Q NO 45:


What is Trojan horse? (Mark 3)

Q NO 46:



Briefly describe Holographic Storage? (Mark 3)


Q NO 47:


How can you define instruction decoder? (Mark 3)


Q NO 48:


What is different between Internet and Intranet? (Mark 3)


Q NO 49:


What are the main responsibilities that Kernel plays in operating system? (Mark 5)


Q NO 50:


Mention any five application of Artificial Intelligent system? (Mark 5)


Q NO 51:


What is the dilemma of computing? (Mark 5)


Q NO 52:


How many ways are there to call a function in a programme? Explain with example. (Mark 5)

Read more: Please Share your CS101Current Final Papers 2013 (20 July 2013 TO 3... http://vustudents.ning.com/group/cs101introductiontocomputing/forum...

ya kitna easily paper tha yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mara itna bora tha  and i  my paper 40 mcqs and 12 short qustions and answers are given

please send more finalterm papers 

My paper of cs101 (20-7-2013) at 10:00 am


My Today CS101 FINAL PAPER (20-7-2013)

Total Questions: 52

40 MCQ’S : 40 Marks                        4 Questions: 2 Marks

4 Questions: 3 Marks                          4 Questions: 5 Marks

Mostly MCQ’s are from Moaz objective file

 Some MCQ’S are:


  • What is output of given formula:  SUM (A2:A3) [If A2=25 and A3=-75]

 25               -50              100              75


  • Which of the following is a container to store more than one value in JavaScript?

Variable                 Event handler                  Array                    String


  • In context of JavaScript, x in the statement [x=x+20] is _____

Constant               Object                   Variable                 Integer


  • In Relational Database columns are called ------------

Records                Field                     Union          Values


  • We know virus is a combination of two parts _______ and __________.

Payload and Transmission mechanism (answer)


  • A stream of large-sized are sent to an address is_______

Mail bombing (answer)


  • The task performed to detect the exact location of defects is _______

Debugging (answer)


  • Which of the following technique can be used to display one of several images based on the requirement?

Image downloading                  Image uploading              Image preloading            

Image post loading


  • What will be the output of the following code?


var a = “100.21”

document.write(Parse Int(a));


100.21                   21                100              10021








List down any 4 features, a programming methodology must possess to be called as a good programming methodology.


A method “strike()” is used in JavaScript program, describe the functionality of this method.


Identify at least 2 types of proprietary license.


Identify the type of events (User generated event or System generated event) will be occurred after programming the following actions:

  1. Press the Tab button to move cursor towards next “text field”.
  2. Auto updating the clock time.




A user wants to interact with the information that is available on World Wide Web, but the user is unaware of the following things: (Guide user by answering the questions)

  1. What type of application the user must use?
  2. What type of protocol is used by that application?
  3. Give a list of two such types of application.


Does a proper color usage matter while developing a good presentation?


Identify the name of malicious types of virus and explain how these viruses harm our system.


Suppose you are IT consultant of an organization. Due to high consumption in CRT monitors, they require an alternate economical solution. Suggest an appropriate solution with reasoning.




Write html code of:

I have a bike                    I have a car            I have an airplane


Write five points on Decision support system which is beneficial for business.


Write main reasons for hiring temporary professionals by computer centric organizations instead of permanent.


Write 4 properties of JavaScript built-in image object.  





Shafaq Shafique thanks for sharing ur paper..keep it up & best of luck 

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