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TODAY Paper 31-Aug-2015

Which Protocol using to log in computer remotely? 2

Explain the problem; a user of flat file database may force in searching particular data 2

Which DBMS Techniqie you will prefer to present data in a user friendly way from a database? Write a the name of technique 3

How Virtual Communities or group on social websites are helpful for a patient? 3

Complete system that is used for email receiving and sending briefly discuss 5

Network security at least 3 mentions 5

And others question belong to Java coding 2, 3, 5

and for the MCQS these 2 files are best mostly mcqs from attached files

thanks Arslan Sadiq (Overseas)

My paper of CS101 1 September 2015

Total Marks = 80

MCQs = 40 were easy

Subjective Questions = 12 (5x4 + 3x4 + 2x4 = 40)

5 Marks = 4 Questions

3 Marks = 4 Questions

2 Marks = 4 Questions


Q:1  Write javascript code to display “Virtual University of Pakistan” using the following javascript methods:  (Marks 5)

1.      Bold

2.      Italic

3.      Subscript

4.      Superscript




var str = "Virtual University";


document.write("<p>Bold: " + str.bold() + "</p>");

document.write("<p>Italic: " + str.italics() + "</p>");

document.write("<p>Subscript: " + str.sub() + "</p>");

document.write("<p>Superscript: " + str.sup() + "</p>");





Q:2  Write function of javascript named as "comparedwith(value)" which can compare the function argument with the value of 10 and display alert on value i.e the value is less than 10 , the value is equal to or greater than etc. (Marks 5)

Q:3  What is the output of the following statements?  (Marks 5)

1.      document. write(“100”+”7.5”+”br”);

2.      document. write(100+7.5+”br”);

3.      document. write(“3.35”+7+”br”);

4.      document. write(“True”+false+”br”);

5.      document. write(“false”+%2+”br”);


  • 1007.5
  • 1007.5
  • 3.357
  • Truefalse
  • No output is displayed due to % sign

Q:4 Write the output of the code below and also write the scope of the variable of x i.e (var x).   (Marks 5)

Var x = 10;

Function value()


Var x = 20;

alert(“The value of x is:” + x);


alert(“The value of x is:” + x);


The value of x will be 20.

For variable scope:

Local Variables

Declaring variables (using the var keyword) within a function, makes them local•They are available only within the function and hold no meaning outside of it

Global Variables

All other variables used in a Web page (or window) are global

They can be manipulated from the main code as well as from any of the functions

They include:

–All variables declared in the main code

–All variables used but not declared in the main code

–All variables used but not declared in any of the functions defined on the Web page (or window)

Q:5  How social computing put positive effect on Educational field?  (Marks 3)


Q:6  Enlist four kinds of data that are stored in DBMS?  (Marks 3)


Numbers, Booleans, text





Q:7  What is Database? Describe Database. (Marks 3)


A collection of data organized in such a fashion that the computer can quickly search for a desired data item

All data items in it are generally related to each other and share a single domain

They allow for easy manipulation of the data

They are designed for easy modification & reorganization of the information they contain

They generally consist of a collection of interrelated computer files


Q:8  Not remembered. (Marks 3)


Q:9  New jobs created and old jobs eliminated by computing? (Marks 2)


New jobs: Networker, Database Administrator, System Analyst etc.

Old job eliminated: Typist, Bank tellers, Telephone operator


Q:10  Not remembered. (Marks 2)


Q:11  Point out the event handlers in the following codes.  (Marks 2)

1.      <INPUT type="button" value="Roll the Die" onclick="rollDie( )">

2.      <INPUT type="text" name="age" onBlur="checkAge( ) ">


  • onClick
  • onBlur

Q:12  What are the types of computer network according to the access. (Marks 2)


  • Private Network
  • Public Network


 Stay blessed...Best of luck...!

Q:8 What features are enabled by using internet that were not possible before internet? (Marks 3)

thanks  Sana Rajpoot 

pls. share past paper CS101


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