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Assignment Scenario:
Suppose that XYZ Pvt. Ltd is an IT vendor and Service Provider company located in ISLAMABAD. There are five offices of this company; Office A, Office B, Office C, Office D and Office E in the city at different locations.  These offices work together as a network to provide IT products and IT services to customers on their demands.
These offices are connected together through a certain network topology that allows them to communicate with each other through a central node.  For example, Office A (node 1) sends some information regarding a certain product to Office E (node 5) which is 30 Km away from Office A.  This information is received first at central node which is Office C from where information is forwarded (transmitted) to the requested Node Office E. Likewise all the nodes communicate to each other through Office C.

Based on the given scenario, you are required to answer the following questions.

Question No. 1 =2 marks                                                                                                               
In your opinion, which network topology is being used in order to fulfill the communication needs of the Offices (A, B, C, D and E) in the given scenario?    
Question No.2=4 marks

After suggesting the correct topology for the given scenario , you have to highlight
·1    Two benefits of using the suggested topology
·2    Two possible problems faced by all offices in exchange of information (communication)

Question No.3 =4marks

You are required to draw network topology diagram for the given scenario. You can use rectangle for nodes and arrows for communication in the diagram.

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Replies to This Discussion


Star network topology
In local area networks with a star topology, each network host is connected to a central hub with a point-to-point connection. In Star topology every node (computer workstation or any other peripheral) is connected to a central node called hub or switch. The switch is the server and the peripherals are the clients. The network does not necessarily have to resemble a star to be classified as a star network, but all of the nodes on the network must be connected to one central device. All traffic that traverses the network passes through the central hub. The hub acts as a signal repeater. The star topology is considered the easiest topology to design and implement. An advantage of the star topology is the simplicity of adding additional nodes. The primary disadvantage of the star topology is that the hub represents a single point of failure.


Ring network topology
A network topology that is set up in a circular fashion in which data travels around the ring in one direction and each device on the ring acts as a repeater to keep the signal strong as it travels. Each device incorporates a receiver for the incoming signal and a transmitter to send the data on to the next device in the ring. The network is dependent on the ability of the signal to travel around the ring. When a device sends data, it must travel through each device on the ring until it reaches its destination. Every node is a critical link.[4] In a ring topology, there is no server computer present; all nodes work as a server and repeat the signal. The disadvantage of this topology is that if one node stops working, the entire network is affected or stops working.


The value of fully meshed networks is proportional to the exponent of the number of subscribers, assuming that communicating groups of any two endpoints, up to and including all the endpoints, is approximated by Reed's Law.

Question: 1
According to the given scenario Star topology is used because only central hub is used to communicate with each other through a central node!
Solution :
Benefits of using the Star topology
1) Easy to connect new nodes or devices. In star topology new nodes can be added easily without affecting rest of the network. Similarly components can also be removed easily.
2) Centralized management. It helps in monitoring the network.
3) Failure of one node or link doesn’t affect the rest of network. At the same time its easy to detect the failure and troubleshoot it

Two possible problems faced by all offices in exchange of information (communication)

1) Too much dependency on central device has its own drawbacks. If it fails whole network goes down.
2) The use of hub, a router or a switch as central device increases the overall cost of the network.
3) Performance and as well number of nodes which can be added in such topology is depended on capacity of central device.


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