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CS101 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2011 ( 03 Feb to 16 Feb 2012 )

Current Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Feb 2012 Final Term Papers, Final Term Fall 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs


Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

Does the application software interact with the hardware? Justify

Differentiate between correctness and consistency?

What are the limitations of conventional web?

How can we add images in Java Script?

List ways in which data integrity can be compromised in databse?.

List properties, method and even handler of the javascript image object?

Define animation and discuss tweening?


Psedo code?


As database administrator, explain ways to restrict un-authorized access?


MCQ were not completely from past papers

this was my ppr :) itne ghuma kr questions :( wish me best of luk :'(


inshallah everything will be fine....u dun worry Hafsa:).......now its my turn do pray for me too.....All the best to u nd me too:)....hope for the best:)

thnx a lot 

Thanks  n kya result aya tha ;?

CS101 current paper Final term 2012

[indent]My final paper of CS 101 is as under;
Total 52 questions, 40 MCQs, 12 long questions
Mostly questions were from the past papers.

1. an MCQ from Arrays
Total 40 MCQs Moslty from past papers

Long Questions
1. How the expert system can replace the doctors.
2. Name the string methods in HTML code
3. Advantages of Temporary hired professionals
4. Question from Artificial Intelligence.
5. How we can remove the extra data at design time in dbms.[/indent][/left] 

Draw the table of NAND GATE? 2 marks
Define the excitation inputs? 2 marks
Define State Variables? 2 marks
State the monotonicity of the digital to analog divider? 3 marks
How can we define Infinity and Zero in the 15bit decimal numbers? 3 marks
Write Jhonson's Table when the out Qo,Q1,Q2,Q3 are initialize to 0? 5 marks
Add the 110011, 01110010 and 11101011 binary numbers, write all steps? 5 marks
Above is the state diagram of Up-counter, write the next state table of the state diagram? 5marks
Implementing a FIFO memory by using a RAM? 5marks[/left] 

my todayz paper: Describe ditherian scheme of image developing and define reasons of its poor quality image.(5)
write the 3 responsibilities of project manager.(3)
if u r a administratot then what kind of steps u take to make block the unathourized access in ur server.(3)
writ the benefits of a developer team if there is no error occuring in every stage of SW making.(3)
how DBMS is helpful in user-friendly way of presentation.(2)
identify the teams responsible of the following responsibilities.(5)
about java script string working.(2)
write in html tags. list of definetions:(5)
VU as virtual university of pakistan.
CS as introduction to computing.[/left] 

many people consider that  "Database" and "DBMS" are same terms. Do you agree? Justify your opinion with example. 5 marks



There are many aspects to be considered in order to develop a good and well balanced presentation. Does proper color usage matter while developing a good presentation? Discuss with reason.  5 marks




Name the programming technique that is used to activate a procedure on an event occurrence. Also mention its way of working.   5 marks



Write any six String HTML wrapper methods   3 marks


Artificial intelligence is a wide field which can be further categorized into sub categories. You are required to briefly describe its any three sub-categories.  3mrks


In large databases, a process is used to identify different patterns. Discuss that process along with the technique used by the process. 3 marks


Computers deal in binary numbers while our communication media can transmit and receive data in the form of electrical pulses. So, how can we exchange data over the communication media? 3 marks


Define the term "Structured Vector Graphics". 2 marks


Every organization is based on some type of organizational structure. Briefly describe the organizational structure which has more preference over others.2 marks


Spreadsheet software can perform many jobs for a user. Write down any two jobs, a spreadsheet software is specifically designed to perform. 2 marks


If an IT person has a job in which he needs to travel far places. What category of computer suits him to buy and how it prefers on other categories? 2 marks

 There was one more question which I forgot to copy paste….


This is Today's paper of CS101.
Dated: 03/02/2012


Total Questions: 52
MCQS: 40
Some Mcqs:
Just like JavaScript _________ was used for writing script.
As a network administrator, Mr. Ali did not prefer peer to peer configuration for his network. Select the main drawback in this type of configuration which enforced him to choose the other option.
Highest bandwidth of a channel can be up to:
Which of the following is a container to store more than one value in JavaScript?
If you are asked to print a name for 20 times in a program, which loop will be better to use in this regard?
The term “Identifier” in JavaScript refers to________________.
In the context of JavaScript, x in the statement x=x+20; is a(n) __________.
onLoad event occurs when the form is _________.
Which event handler executes the specified JavaScript code when a window / form element receives focus?
_________ can be used in JavaScript to open multiple popup windows when a particular web page is opened.
Some software are used to display information in the form of a slide show. Select the software which cannot be used for this purpose.

What will be the output of the following code?

country=”Hello Pakistan”;

document.write (country.length);

JavaScript fixed() function has equivalent HTML tag-set ____.

a = Math.ceil(12.01);

Considering the statement, a is equal to _______.
In Genetic Algorithms, the most important thing to be kept in mind is:
Fuzzy logic is based on ____________.

Logic Bomb attack executes its payload on __________.

Which attribute of the image tag in HTML is used to mention the source of an image?

Which of the following cannot be considered as a property of image object:
_________ storage technique is used in structured vector graphics.
Which of the following is not a technique through which security can be improved?
If a data value in a database table B is referenced by a data value stored in table A, then according to__________, table A must have that value.

The group of technologies concerned with capturing, processing and transmission of information in digital electronic form is called _________.

Every phase of the project development require reporting on completion. When a developer completes his/her assigned module, he has to report to the _________.

Long Questions:
Why we use Truth Table for the logical function?

Spreadsheet software can perform many jobs for a user. Write down any two jobs, a spreadsheet software is specifically designed to perform.

HTML provides you the facility of including different types of images in your web pages. Write the general HTML syntax for including gif and jpg format images in a web page.
A term “Database” is widely used in computer world. Describe what does this term refer to?
Describe the applicability of Ockham's razor principle in the field of computing.
Differentiate onFocus and onBlur.
These days, security of its customer’s data in a network is the main concern of any organization. Suggest any five network security measures which an organization can take in order to ensure the security of data.
Elaborate the concept of telepresence in the context of computing and write the main benefit of using it.
Suppose a developer has to write pseudo code for a software project. Suggest any five tips he / she can follow to write it in a better way.

Suppose you have a problem where you need an intelligent system. Assuming that your problem consists of many small problems that can be handled independently then what type of AI system will you require? Justify with reason.

How marketing strategies are being changed with the progress in the field of computer and also describe how new marketing strategies are being implemented?

In an organization having hierarchical structure, higher management plays very vital role for the organization . Provide the designation description of the higher management personals of an organization with their responsibilities and abilities.

One more 



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