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CS101 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

CS101 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

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CS101 Short Questions Answers Mega File 


cs101 Today

Some question subjective..
1. Star topology
2.multy media key features
3.Dos attack any one explain 
4. Mail bombing explaunantion
Iska output!

My current paper cs101 ;
40 mcqs mein sy thory sy past paper mein sy aye thy
5 uses of internet of 5 marks
Write coding in HTML of drop down list of 3 cities .
What is desktop publisher?write It's uses and it's 2 type.
Java mein coding likhi hui thi or kaha gya tha k is mein jo errors hyn wo likhen.
Or tha k agr ap aik university k developer hun to apni university k network ko dosri university k network sy kesy connect kren gy
or java ki input di gyi thi us ki output likhni thi ...
Bas yehi yad hyn mujhy ..
Best of luck ....

6 subjective question 3 marks
3 questions 5 marks

CS101 Final Exam paper 2018 _ 17th Feb by Muhammad Rashid

Q: write the DoS phases name (3 Marks)


Q: What is Good presentation characteristics, and what is the normal text size using in presentation. (5 Marks)


Q: What is virus & Name of First virus where it was designed? (3 Marks)

Q:Consider the following scenario in which the developer divides the problem into different chunks.

  • The developer divides the admin functionality into 14 chunks.
  • The developer divides the user functionality into 2 chunks.

Now you are required to mention that the developer approach is correct or not according to the heuristics? If correct then why and if incorrect then what will be the correct approach? (5 Marks)


Q: Code using java script to find the even number between 0-20 (5 Marks)

Q: What will be the output of the following (HTML + JavaScript) code? (5 Marks) 






var Mod,num;



var FName="Asad";

var LName="Ali";

var String="His name is 'Asad Ali'";


document.write(FName + "<br>");

document.write(LName + "<br>");

document.write(String + "<br>");

document.write(FName[3] + "<br>");

document. write (Mod);





Q: Match with the correct Option from Column B and write into Column C : (5 Marks)     

Column A

Column B

Column C

Syntactic Web/Web

Designed for humans + computers


Intelligent Systems



Video Conferencing

Immortal Minds


Optical Material

Designed for humans


Semantic Web

Holographic Storage


Q: While writing pseudo code there are some tips that should be followed. You are required to complete the missing tips on writing pseudo codes by selecting the correct choice in given table. (3 marks)

Tips on writing pseudo code

Select correct choice

Make your pseudo code language __________

Independent \ dependent

Write pseudo code in an _______ fashion

Unambiguous \ ambiguous

______formulas over English language descriptions

Prefer \ Don’t prefer


Other topics from in MCQ's I would like to share with all of you guys are following 

Local and Global variable 
Type of Error

Issues in Data Management

(Artificial) Intelligent systems

Pixel & Animation 

Advantage of functions 





Event Handler 

Array in Java script 


Bridge & Gateway 

HUB, Cable & Protocol 

Best of Luck to all of My CS101 colleagues,


Today CS101 paper,was too easy if someone little bit studied.......
Subjective type were
Raster/Bitmap graphics
Arrays in JavaScript
A bank Database Administrator have error in database with conflict free data entry, what should he do?
HTML page for file upload having browse and submit query buttons
Write 3 Virus like programs
Arrays, name "nameArray" of 5 elements. What will be its 1st and final name?
Network types according to accessibility

mera aaj ka paper

  1. Star topology and ring topology  
  2. For Loop kai parts
  3. onload -onfocus -onblur - submit -reset ki examples in javascript coding 
  4. Artificial Intelligence Vs Face recognition justify karna tha
  5. Relational database kai questions  5 thai kai  Data Redundancy  kaisai solve hogi 
  6. Team leaders ki responsibilities 

cs101 final paper 2017 fall

Assalam o alikum  my todays paper 40 MCQS+10 SUB=50 question-120 min time

             =======5 marks=====

1=>Part A: What does Cyber-crime mean? Definition should not exceed three lines.

Part B: What can be damaged or weaken by Cyber-crime? Just write three of them without explanation.

2=>Write down the key features of a multimedia presentation.

3=>Part A: -You are required to insert <Form> </Form> tag at the right place in the following code.  



<Title>Virtual University</Title>



Part B:-Display the following table on webpage.











4=>Implement an array in Java Script named as “arrayName” which can store 5 values.

What will be the first and last index for this array?


5=>Write java script code that uses ‘e ’as delimiter to split the given string and displays the result. Also write the output after splitting the string.

s = ”All is well that ends well”;

           ======3 marks=====

6=>Write key property of an array object. Are arrays heterogeneous or homogeneous in JavaScript? Also give the reason.

7=>Write down the output of the following code.

name = "Bhola" ;

document.write( name ) ;

document.write( name.italics( ) ) ;

document.write( name.strike( 1 ) );

8=>Do you agree with the statement, “Technically, IP address and Domain name are the same things”? YES or NO and support your answer with the solid reasons.



9=>Write down the major difference between Serial and Parallel Port, which type of communication port is used for the Printers?


10=>Write the name of data storage technology in which digital data is stored in and read from a 3-D optical material with the help of lasers. An optical disc is designed to support one of  how many recording types?


pray for me

best of luck.


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