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Graded discussion will be launched on August 04, 2016 and it will remain open for two days. You can post your comments on below mentioned topic till August 05, 2016.


Graded Discussion:


B-SYS is an intelligent system based on rules to classify bacteria initiating severe infections. This system is developed under supervision of medical specialists and it is used by medical professionals to identify different types of bacteria, and to prescribe antibiotics.

To make this system work, extraction of the necessary knowledge from the human experts and making this knowledge a part of system was mandatory.

This system uses a form of logical interpretation which goes from an observation to a theory which accounts for the observation, preferably seeking to find the simplest and most likely explanation.

This system uses a user interface through which input and output signals are received and sent.

You are required to discuss precisely on the following points:

  1.        I.            User interface is a part of this system, what can be the other possible parts of this system?
  2.     II.            From Deductive, Inductive and abductive reasoning, which type of reasoning is used in this system?

Please read the scenario carefully before writing your comment on the said topic.

A concise, coherent and to the point comment is preferred over lengthy comment having irrelevant details. Your comment must not be more than 7-8 lines. Comments, posted on regular Lesson's MDB or sent through email will NOT be considered in any case. Any request about such an acceptance will not be catered.


Best of Luck!

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear frnd plz share your ideas.Thank You.

What kind of question is this? 

is main krna ki hy

Yi CS101 KI GDB Hai. 

Pa ser khpo ye na poye gam. Da sa lanja da.

Reasoning is the process by which we use the knowledge we have to draw conclusions or infer something new about the domain of interest. There are a number of different types
of reasoning:
• Deductive reasoning
• Inductive reasoning
• Abdicative reasoning

Deductive reasoning
Deductive reasoning derives the logically necessary conclusion from the given premises.
For example,
It is Friday then she will go to work
It is Friday
Therefore she will go to work
It is important to note that this is the logical conclusion from the premises; it does not
necessarily have to correspond to our notion of truth. So, for example,
If it is raining then the ground is dry
It is raining
Therefore the ground is dry.
Is a perfectly valid deduction, even though it conflicts with our knowledge of what is true
in the world?

Inductive reasoning
Induction is generalizing from cases we have seen to infer information about cases we
have not seen. For example, if every elephant we have ever seen has a trunk, we infer that
all elephants have trunks. Of course, this inference is unreliable and cannot be proved to
be true; it can only be proved to be false. We can disprove the inference simply by producing an elephant without a trunk. However, we can never prove it true because, no matter how many elephants with trunks we have seen or are known to exist, the next one 
we see may be trunkless. The best that we can do is gather evidence to support our
inductive inference.

Abdicative reasoning
The third type of reasoning is abduction. Abduction reasons from a fact to the action or state that caused it.This is the method we use to derive explanations for the events we observe.

Nice efforts +Alwajna Maham.

In my opinion, abductive reasoning is the answer to the second part of GDB.

Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks
Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution
We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.


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