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CS201 Assignment 01 Fall 2020 Solution / Discussion

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By Usama Khalid Awan

Fall 2020_CS201_1st assignment solution

Dear friends i have seen in many YouTube videos they uploaded Fall CS201 1st Assignment solution 2020 but i have seen one mistake in all those videos they didn't fulfill the last option of assignment where we should create a below option
If user inputs wrong number then a message will be shown: “incorrect input”.
but all solutions created on YouTube missed this point i have checked almost all videos regarding CS201 1st assignment that's why i have created a correct file for all of you.
Note: Always test your file with comparison of assignment file screenshot. Must change some things before submitting
Click on the below link 

CS201 Solution Assignment#01 Fall 2020

Link Below 


#Solution of #CS201 #Assignment 1 #Fall2020 by Washi - Introduction to programming

In this video we learn how to declare and initialize the variable and how to use the logical and athematic operator and in the last we use the if else conditional statement
#Solution of #CS201 #Assignment 1 #Fall2020

CS201 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2020 | Full Program is written in C++ and full checking answer

This is solution of assignment 1 of CS201 Fall 2020. Comelete and correct solution Assignment 1 CS201 FAll 2020. You can use DEV C++ software or use below link Link for Assignment write code:

CS201 Introduction to Programming Assignment No 1 Solution 2020

CS201 Introduction to Programming Assignment 1 Fall 2020 deadline 26 November

Information about an ABC organization is given below.
1. There are 10 employees in the organization.
2. There are 2 employees of level-A, 3 employees of level-B, 5 employees of level-C.
3. The information about their salaries is given below.
a) The salary of level-A employee is Rs.1, 25,000.
b) The salary of level-B employee is Rs.80, 000.
c) The salary of level-C employee is Rs.45, 000.
4. Rs.600 is deducted from the salaries of all employees against staff welfare fund.
5. If ANNUAL salary of an employee is more than Rs.600, 000, 1% tax is deducted from salary each month.
You are required to write a C++ program which finds

1) Total monthly tax deduction for all employees.
2) Total amount of welfare fund collected each month from all employees.
3) Net monthly salary of an employee. (Level-A, level-B, level-C).
(Hint: Net_Monthly_Salary= Original_Salary- Monthly_Tax – Monthly_Welfare_Fund)
4) Total amount which organization pays to its employees each month.
5) Also create a menu using (if-else) conditional statements, if a user wants to know about the separate tax collection of Level-A, Level-B, And Level-C employees.
If user enters 1, leve-A employee tax will be shown.
If user enters 2, leve-B employee tax will be shown.
If user enters 1, leve-C employee tax will be shown.
If user inputs wrong number then a message will be shown: “incorrect input”.

CS201 Assignment No. 1 Fall 2020 Solutio

CS201 Solution Assignment#01 In CPP Format

Right Click on the below link, then click on “Save link as” to download the file.

CS201 Assignment 1 solution Fall 2020

CS201 Assignment No.1 2020
using namespace std;
long sal_level_a=125000, sal_level_b=80000, sal_level_c=45000;
int total_employees=10;
int welfare_fund=600;
int tax_level_a, total_tax_A, tax_level_b, total_tax_B, tax_level_c,total_tax_C, total_tax;
int option;
long Net_salary_A, Net_salary_B, Net_salary_C, total_pay;

int total_fund=total_employees*welfare_fund;

long anual_salary_A=sal_level_a*12;
long anual_salary_B=sal_level_b*12;
long anual_salary_C=sal_level_c*12;



Net_salary_A= sal_level_a - tax_level_a - welfare_fund;
Net_salary_B= sal_level_b - tax_level_b - welfare_fund;
Net_salary_C= sal_level_c - tax_level_c - welfare_fund;


cout"Total Monthly tax deduction of all employees : "total_tax;
cout"\nTotal amount of welfare fund collected : "total_fund;
cout"\nNet monthly salary of level A employees : "Net_salary_A;
cout"\nNet monthly salary of level B employees : "Net_salary_B;
cout"\nNet monthly salary of level C employees : "Net_salary_C;
cout"\nTotal amount paid by university after a month : "total_pay;

cout"\nEnter 1 to know the tax collection of level A employees";
cout"\nEnter 2 to know the tax collection of level B employees";
cout"\nEnter 3 to know the tax collection of level C employees"endl;
cout"Tax collection of level A employee is Rs. "total_tax_A;
else if(option==2)
cout"Tax collection of level B employee is Rs. "total_tax_B;
else if(option==3)
cout"Tax collection of level C employee is Rs. "total_tax_C;

CS201-Assignment-No.1-2020-Solution File 

Right Click on the below link, then click on “Save link as” to download the file.



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