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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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My Today’s  Paper




Waqas Sheikh


Operator overloading can be performed through__________________.


► Function




Which of the following function is used to increase the size of already allocated memory chunk?



► realloc



_______ is used to trace the logic of the program and correct the logical errors.




► Debugger


All preprocessor directives are started with the symbol______.




► #


If text is a pointer of class String then what is meant by the following statement?

text = new String [5];

Creates an array of 5 string objects statically

creates an array of 5 string objects dynamically


The code is written to __________ the program.

► implement



none of the given options.


What does (*this) represents?

The current function of the class

The current pointer of the class

► The current object of the class

A value of the data member


new operator is used to allocate memory from the free store during


Compile Time

► Run Time

Link Time

None of the given options


NULL value has been defined in ______ and _________ header files.

strings.h and iostream.h

ctype.h and conio.c

conio.c and conio.h

► stdlib.h and stddef.h


Array is a data structure which store

► Memory addresses


► Data Type



What does STL stand for?

Source template library

► Standard template library (Page 519)

Stream template library

Standard temporary library


If overloaded plus operator is implemented as non-member function then which

of the following statement will be true for the statement given below?

obj3 = obj1 + obj2 ;

► obj2 will be passed as an argument to + operator whereas obj2 willdrive the + operator

obj1 will drive the + operator whereas obj2 will be passed as an argument

to + operator

► Both objects (obj1, obj2) will be passed as arguments to the + operator (not sure)

Any of the objects (obj1, obj2) can drive the + operator


The programs, in which we allocate static memory, run essentially on ________


System Cache

None of the given options

► Stack (Page 280)


What should be the return type of the constructor?

void pointer


same as object type

► constructors do not return any thing


In functions that return reference, use __________variables.



► Global or static (Page 369)

None of the given option


What will be the output of the following statement?

cout setbase(16) 52 ;

Ø 74

Ø 52

Ø 34



With user-defined data type variables (Objects), self assignment can produce __________.

Ø Syntax error

Ø Logical error

Ø Link error

Ø Non of the given options



Or baki which statement is used to get control anywhere


I think goto 


Baki programs the or sntax the



Short long totally programme


Correct error  and write a programme


Aik tha after writing a programme efficiency and or pata nai kiya of a program evaluated  write 3 technologies to do that evaluation  


Or men sara ganda kar k ayah un even mcqs b galat  ;-(

Please some students can upload complete paper specially programs its not helping wid incomplete questions? Any help would be appreciative.
Moreover if someone can upload the question about explaining the statements wala complete statement , as its repetitive .

Today paper 19 july 2012


Time 11 to 1 pm


MCQ  20% from past paper

Q  Write a program which open a file name “this.txt” and then using write() function, writes the string “Introduction to Programming” at the end of the file.

Q  What will be the output of the program:

Int x=10;




Q  A two dimensional array has 3 rows and 4 columns. Write down the syntax to initialize first element of all three rows of two dimensional  array with value 2.

Q How can we initialize an object which is created as constant data member in another class?

Q  An array delare int day[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7}

How many elements have?

If the declaration ofarray is changed to int days[7]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7}

 How many elements have?

Q  write general syntax of two way friend relationship between the class(class1, class2).

Give explaination of the code




.make a program using getline function(5)


Coy constructor aur assignment operator wala questiontha ji k moiz wali file main hai.




mcqs were mostly from past papers

subjective qs were from

template functions


setbase manipulator

overloaded operators

sequential and random access files

difference between endl and \n

All subjective questions were from matrices

40% objectives from past papers.

Thanks for helping everyone. 


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