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Dear Students,
Below is a topic for GDB. Please make sure that your reply should be precise and to the point.
GDB will remain open for two consecutive working days from 23rd January to 24th January. Also make sure you post your GDB on time as No GDB will be accepted via email in any case.
Topic is as follows:

You have two classes, Class A and Class B. Being a programmer either you can implement Class B as nested class of Class A or you can inherit Class B from Class A. 

These are two ways to describe the relationship between classes. Discuses the situations in which, concept of public inheritance and nested class is more appropriate to use. Justify with solid reasons.

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Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

gdb ka solution dain plzZzZ

Any ideas???

Someone share the GDB solution please............

Koi ha jo help kare?

koi to help kr dain......plzZzZzZ

plzZZzZ help in gdb aj last day hai.

Class declarations define new reference types and describe how they are implemented (§8.1).

nested class is any class whose declaration occurs within the body of another class or interface. A top level class is a class that is not a nested class.

This chapter discusses the common semantics of all classes-top level (§7.6) and nested (including member classes (§8.5§9.5), local classes (§14.3) and anonymous classes (§15.9.5)). Details that are specific to particular kinds of classes are discussed in the sections dedicated to these constructs.

A named class may be declared abstract (§ and must be declared abstract if it is incompletely implemented; such a class cannot be instantiated, but can be extended by subclasses. A class may be declared final (§, in which case it cannot have subclasses. If a class is declared public, then it can be referred to from other packages. Each class except Object is an extension of (that is, a subclass of) a single existing class (§8.1.4) and may implement interfaces (§8.1.5). Classes may be generic, that is, they may declare type variables (§4.4) whose bindings may differ among different instances of the class.

Classes may be decorated with annotations (§9.7) just like any other kind of declaration.

The body of a class declares members (fields and methods and nested classes and interfaces), instance and static initializers, and constructors (§8.1.6). The scope(§6.3) of a member (§8.2) is the entire body of the declaration of the class to which the member belongs. Field, method, member class, member interface, and constructor declarations may include the access modifiers (§6.6) publicprotected, or private. The members of a class include both declared and inherited members (§8.2). Newly declared fields can hide fields declared in a superclass or superinterface. Newly declared class members and interface members can hide class or interface members declared in a superclass or superinterface. Newly declared methods can hide, implement, or override methods declared in a superclass or superinterface.

Field declarations (§8.3) describe class variables, which are incarnated once, and instance variables, which are freshly incarnated for each instance of the class. A field may be declared final (§, in which case it can be assigned to only once. Any field declaration may include an initializer.

Member class declarations (§8.5) describe nested classes that are members of the surrounding class. Member classes may be static, in which case they have no access to the instance variables of the surrounding class; or they may be inner classes (§8.1.3).

Member interface declarations (§8.5) describe nested interfaces that are members of the surrounding class.

lagta hai is bar kud he kuch karna para ga.

han je usman himate mardan madad e khuda

han yar ye log ghussa dela rahay hain ab khud he krna pare ga =P

this may be helpful to prepare Idea for GDB.......





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