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CS201 Introduction to Programming Current Final Term Papers Spring 2011 (15 to 26 July 2011)

CS201 Introduction to Programming Current Final Term Papers Spring 2011 (15 to 26 July 2011)

Current Spring 2011 Papers, July 2011 Papers, Final Term Spring 2011 Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks


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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

Q52:Given blew is the code of the class named
Class weight{
Private: …………no 5
Q51: Define the buffer,explain why we r use buffer? ………… 5
Q 50: Defferentiate between random access and reqyentail access file?? ….no 5
Q48: Conert the following whil loop into a for loop
Int I =1;
While (i<=n)} ……………..no3
Q46 : What is an alternative of the setw mainpulatior? … no 3
Q45: if we want to send the data by refrenceand don’t want that original data should be affected then what can we do to prevent any change?? ….. no 3

my cs201 subjective 

Friendz.... All MCQs are from i think more then 90% similarly 80% subject are also from last papers some questions are different that are
two different method for converting the NFA to FA 5marks
Explain the decidability and examples. 5marks
similarity and dif b/w DFA and NFA 3 marks
RE for Even-even 2 marks
Infix and prefix notation tree is similar as given in old papers 5 marks
I will son upload my study material from where i prepare my paer.

What is conversion contructor 2
Supponse fuction having argument type U return type T correct syntax pass a variable x of type double and return a int type 2
Declare and initiaze static data member in a class 2
Is there any harm to declare some varibales more than once within two or more function of programe 2
If we want to send the data by reference and don’t want that original data should be affected then what we do to prevent this 3
Difference btw static and global variables 3
Find error in for loop statement 3 matrix ka column teekh nai likha tha.
Display the output of following code 3 switch statement thiee
Systax of two way friend relationship between classes 5
What is template function general syntax 5
Fetch maxtrix 2x2 5
Write a programe two variables and display oct hex dec value using setbase()5 
see attached file of Final term papers
download give Error plz it's because you not give general permission  to download it plz add me so i can download this papper
mera paper fit hwa hai q k sub k sub old paper se aya hai khas kar mcqs sub old they ..... 40 mcqs thy 12 subjective

Wah good, can you pls mail me final term past solved papers to this id


Dear, can u share your paper here.

Yar muj b apny waly past paper send kar do plz i have short time.

jo app ne tyar kye thay zaka ullah sara as soon as possible


bhai ap mujhe apne past papers send krenge kl mera paper h plz plz

Muhammad anees

  Final term paper of cs 201


My current paper of spring 2011-07-15

Spring 2011

Q 1

Give gernal syntax of class template? (2)


What is this pointer? Give an example(2)


What is first parameter to stream insertion and stream exertion operater function?(2)


Why we use editors for writing programes?(2)


How is the following statement interpreted by the compiler?(3)



What happens when we use new and delete operators(3)


Given lines of code are three most important functions in matrix class described each of them in one line(3)


Matrix(const Matrix&);



Write a declaration fuction of called divide that takes arguments fo tye int and return of type float(3)


What is automatic veriable and why it is called automatic veriable?(5)


What do u mean by garbage and how it works in c++ and java(5)


Do u think that friend function violates the encapsulation justify(5)


Consider the following code a give the out put before and after the updateAge function called(5)

Void updateAge(int[]);

Int main ()


Int age[5]=10;

Cout array element before passing to functionendl;

For (i=0,i<5,i++)

Cout array of element i+1age[i]endl;


UpdateAge (age);

Cout array element after passing to functionendl;

For (i=0,i<5,i++)

Cout array of element i+1age[i]endl;



Void updateAge (int age[], int size)




Welcome ,Its my pleasure

Mc100401285                   Moaaz Siddiq

Cs201-finalterm papers

July 2011


 Paper Detail

Total 80 Marks


40 Mcqs = 40 Marks

subjective=40 Marks

4 Question = 2Marks

4 Question =3 Marks

4 Question = 4 Marks




What does it happen if an object id assign to another object without overloading an assignment operator.2marks



Describe the first parameter to stream insurtionand stream extraction>> operator function? 2Marks



Write the meaning of given line code where m is object of class matrix


 If (&m! = this)



Why always array start with index 0(zero) ?   2Marks



What will be the output of following function if we call this function by passing int 5?          3 marks

template T reciprocal(T x) {return (1/x); }        



Identify all the given functions as member function of input stream or output stream

Get, unget, and put, getline, Peek, Putline, 3Marks



Write the general syntax for unary member operator         3Marks



Write the output of this code                          3Marks




int x,y,z;





What are the advantages and disadvantages of using templates?       5Marks



Find the errors in given code and correct them; also write the output of the code-5 Marks



Describe the effect of an overflow condition if it occurs within a program 5 Marks



Make a program instruction was given in the code   5Marks



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