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20 MCQ'S 

1) TWAIN stands for........ (Ans:Technology without any interesting name)

2) microsoft word is what type of software.......(utility,driver,application)
3) First address of an element in array is called....? (first address, base address)
4) Doc file (Ms word file) is of what kind (a binary acces file, random access file, sequential or exe)
5) switch statement is replacement of ( Ans: multiple-if statement)
6) which statement checks the test condition at the end of loop (Ans: while)

7)mcq about checking of file through tg() tp()...etc

which bit of the number gives sign. (2)
how clossing a program with close() funciton saves memory(5)

suggestion: Grasp over the arrays and pointers and you've completed 80 percent of the paper.....:)

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considering the following structure write the code for initializing the structure and then display the value 

of each variable (5)

structure student{

char name[64];

char course[128];

int age;

int years; 


quiz of 5 marks

determin the value of m and n after the execution of code given below

int m=44;



int n=(*p)++



assume the integer occupies 4 byte and then m is stored in memory

what will b he output of the given program code?



{int num[3][2]={12,51,34,54,14,55};

for(int j=0;j<3;j++)




question of 3 marks kuch codyehi tha lakin poocha kia ye nhi likh ski 

while (! infile.eof())


int file>>name>>sal>>dept;



3. What a problem in the given code. How can you correct it.

Cout”p=”p”,p+q=”p+qend1;                          Marks(2)

 4. what is error in this code and give reason of error.




                  Const int *ptr=&x;

*ptr = 5;

      }                                                                                   Marks(3)

Sequential and random method. In given 2 method wich one is best and why?


  1. write a programe that prompt the user to enter the value in an array

programe should sort the array in increasing order and found the maximum and minimum number in the array.                                            Marks(5)


6.  write a programme which create a new file having name cs201.txt and write introduction to programming taught by Dr Naveed Malik” in it.

      And after that print the content of this text file an the screen using getline function.



  1. Which one is correct initializing of 2D array having 3 rows and 2 cols
    1. int arr[2][3] = {6,7,4}
    2. int arr[3][2] = {5,6,7}
    3. int arr[3][2] = {2}
    4. int arr[][2] = {(2,3),(4,5),(5,2)}
  2.  a loop which is used for known repetition
    1. For loop
    2. While loop
    3. Do while loop
    4. Switch
  3. If x = 10 and y = 5 then x %= y*3…………..
    1. 10
    2. 15
    3. 30
    4. 0
  4. The size of int data type in memory
    1. 1 byte
    2. 1 bit
    3. 8 byte
    4. 4 byte
  5. For which array type one more than size array declared
    1. Int
    2. Double
    3. Char
    4. None
  6. If x = 7 then x %= 2 …………
    1. 3
    2. 2
    3. 1
    4. 0
  7. Which symbol in represent process in flow chart
    1. Oval
    2. Rectangle
    3. Square
    4. None
  8. Correct statement to assign zero all the elements
    1. Arr[2][3] = {0,0}
    2. Arr[2][3] = {{0},{0}}
    3. Arr{2][3] = {0}
    4. None
  9. Array is a data structure that stores…………….
    1. Memory address
    2. Variables
    3. Data types
    4. Values
  10. ……………………….. of a function is also called signature of a function
    1. Declaration
    2. Definition
    3. 2 op bhool geya
  11. A function which does not return any value has return type
    1. Int
    2. Void
    3. Char
    4. None
  12. C provides standard language in (isi tara ka tha kuch)
    1. 1960
    2. 1987
    3. 1986
    4. 1992
  13. Compiler of c is written in………………..
    1. Java
    2. Fortron
    3. C
    4. Pata nai keya tha
  14. C  developed in………………..
    1. Richard laboratory
    2. Bell laboratory
    3. Microsoft
    4. IBM
  15. Information stored in computer  memory
    1. Volatile
    2. Permanent
    3. Non-volatile
    4. Bhool geya
  16. Question e bhool geya
  17. C++ views each file as sequential stream of
    1. Bits
    2. Bytes
    3. Names
    4. Words
  18. Bhool geya
  19. Bhool geya
  20. Record is a group of related
    1. Fields
    2. Bytes
    3. Files
    4. Words
  21. Find the error in following code and describe in detail




                int x = 10;

                int y = 5;


                int *const ptr = &x;

                ptr = &y

                return 0;


  1. Left shift the string 0101 and write the  answer in binary and decimal
  2. What happened if file “write.txt” does not exist. And we open file as“write.txt”,ios::in)
  3. Write a program and open a file “out.txt” and move 100 bytes  from begning and write

“Reached at position 101”

  1. Write constant pointer to integer

And pointer to constant integer

  1. Ik aur question tha jis main b error hi dhoondna tha wo yad nai a rha

exams me programe dev c++ pe likha hota ha ya kahin or likhana ha??

Dev c++ available nhi hota exam main...

dev c++ available nahi hota to hm programe ms world me likha ga plzzz explain it....

compiler will not be available in exam 

damn......jb word allow dev c ++ q nhi.....

It means ...k ms word pe program type krna compiler..:((..

please koyi bata da final exam mein wo lecture aana hein jo mid term mein aya hein mean (1 to 22)


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