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best of luck...

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best of luck...


Thnxx for sharing 

cs201 final term papers


cs201 final term papers


cs201 final term papers


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Today’s my papr

Of cs 201


Muje bs itney he yad hain dosto               REMEMBR ME IN PRAYERS





Which of the following is NOT a preprocessor directive?




► #ndefine


The appropriate data type to store the number of rows and colums of the matrix is____________.


► int (Not sure)


none of the given options


Friend function of a class is ______________ .

Member function

► Non-member function

Private function

Public function


The normal source of cin object is,



► Keyboard



The first parameter of operator function for operator,

Must be passed by value

► Must be passed by reference

Can be passed by value or reference

Must be object of clas


While calling function, the arguments are assigned to the parameters from _____________.

► left to right.

right to left

no specific order is followed

none of the given options


Pointer is a variable which store,


► Memory Address

Data Type



All preprocessor directives are started with the symbol______.




► #


Within the statement obj1=obj2; obj1 will call the assignment operator function and obj2 will be passed as an argument to function.






What is the sequence of event(s) when deallocating memory using delete operator?

Only block of memory is deallocated for objects

Only destructor is called for objects

Memory is deallocated first before calling destructor

► Destructor is called first before deallocating memory



Unary operator implemented as member function takes ____ arguments whereas non-member function

takes _____ arguments.

One, zero

► Zero, one

One, two

Two, one


The first parameter of overloaded stream insertion operator is _________ where second parameter is


input stream, object of class

object of class, output stream

output stream, object of class

object of class, input stream


While calling function, the arguments are assigned to the parameters from _____________.

► left to right.

right to left

no specific order is followed

none of the given options


The return type of the operator function for operator is __________.

► class for which we overload operator

reference of ostream class (ostream&)

reference of istream class (istream&)



The statement cin.get (); is used to,

Read a string from keyboard

► Read a character from keyboard

Read a string from file

Read a character from file



NULL value has been defined in ______ and _________ header files.

strings.h and iostream.h

ctype.h and conio.c

conio.c and conio.h

► stdlib.h and stddef.h (


For cin, the source is normally a ________ and destination can be ______.

File, native data type

Disk, user-define type

► Keyboard, variable







Read the given below code and explain what task is being performed by this function 5 MARKS

Matrix :: Matrix ( int row , int col )


numRows = row ;

numCols = col ;

elements = new ( double * ) [ numRows ] ;

for ( int i = 0 ; i < numRows ; i ++ )


elements [ i ] = new double [ numCols ] ;

for ( int j = 0 ; j < numCols ; j ++ )

elements [ i ] [ j ] = 0.0 ;



Hint : This function belong to a matrix class, having

Number of Rows = numRows

Number of Columns = numCols

Which one (copy constructor or assignment operator) will be

called in each of the following code segment?



In this code the matrix function is defined, it get the number of rows from the user and create the row of matrix and then get the columns from the user and create the columns. The New is showing for creating

more array space for the data which user enters.


Q.  Is it possible to define two functions as given below? Justify your answer. 3 marks

func(int x, int y)

func(int &x, int &y)



Q.   Suppose an object of class A is declared as data member of class B. 3marks

(i) The constructor of which class will be called first?

(ii) The destructor of which class will be called first?


Or yad nae.

Naeem Awan thanx,,,,,

thankyew so much for sharing files. its very mch helpul and my most of the paper was from these files so fellows inko must stdy kar laina achy se. its also useful in clearing concepts.

Naeem Awan  sb Thanks

CS201-Introduction to Programming.. Todays Paper(01/03/2014)..


1) Write a simplest program using getline functions of an object to read a sentence from the keyboard and then print it on the screen. (2)

2)In how many ways a many a unary operator can be overloaded for a class. write down the decription of each way.(2)

3)What are advantages and disadvantages of using macros over functions.(2)

4)Write down the piece of code that will declare a matrix of 3*3 and initialize all its elements with 0. (2)

5)Write the c++ code for declaration of overloaded stream exertion >> and stream insertion operator for the object d of type date.(3)

6) Friendship in classes or functions is granted or taken. How it is granted or taken.(3)

7)Which array operator is used to determine the size of a data type or a variable in the memory (3)

8)How name mangling technique is used by compiler and for what purpose it is used.? (5)

9) Write a program that defines a Tempelate function named Square() which finds the square of a number and then return it. Define one veriable of type float in main function and then call square function on that. Program output should look like this. (5)

" Enter a float value to find its square: 12.3 "

" Square of float numbers is: 151.29 "

10) Given is the code for class myClass (5)



                int x,y;









You are requierd to performfollowing task in the main() function.

  • Prompt the user to enter the number of objects to be created.
  • Dynamicaly allocate memory to objects according to the size entered by the user.
  • Deallocates memory that was allocated to objects.


11) code of date class (5)

class Date



                int day, month year;








void display()





write the code for dynamicaly creating the array of 10 objects of type Date (using default contructer) and then using loop , call the diplay() function for each of the using loop, call the display() function for each of the objects , In the end , deallocates the memory allocated in objects..... (5)

Rao Umair Waheed  thanks for sharing .best of luck for ur result 

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