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Please share your all cs201 current Final Term paper here (Starting From 1 march 2014 to 12 march 2014)

Please share your all cs201 current Final Term paper here for the help of other students

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plz share ur paper kl mera paper hy pppppppplllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have been attempted my CS201 paper today. It was quite fine. Mostly general knowledge about introduction to programing. MCSQ's were general and easy. and short questions were difficult. There were 4 or 5 questions for writing different programs code. and other were related to definitions. Total 40 MCQ's and 12 Short Questions. Total 52 questions. Best of luck for your paper.

Were there any questions from past papers? or Mcqs.

thnx,,,,,,,,,,, koi r b bta de plllzzzzzzzzzzzz jo dosron ki madad kry ga Allah uski madad kry ga

g btaa dia ab ap dua karna hmaray liay kiu k kal mera again paper hai n abi tak menay apni kal waly paper ki book ni open ki. laptop kholty e paper share kia taa k ap logo ka bhala ho jaye :)

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 01 March 2014 to 12 March 2014 to help each other.


VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 52 of Total 80 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 2 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 4 Each of 5 marks

Q41: What will be the output of following code snippet? (2 Marks)

Q42: Write down the general syntax for unary operator function? (2 Marks)

Q43: Why it is meaningless to declare a static variable inside main () function? (2 Marks)

Q44: Read the given code and explain the code functionality? (2 Marks)

Matrix :: Matrix ( int row , int col )


numRows = row ;

numCols = col ;

elements = new ( double * ) [ numRows ] ;

for ( int i = 0 ; i < numRows ; i ++ )


elements [ i ] = new double [ numCols ] ;

for ( int j = 0 ; j < numCols ; j ++ )

elements [ i ] [ j ] = 0.0 ;



Hint : This function belong to a matrix class, having

Number of Rows = numRows

Number of Columns = numCols

Q45: Write equivalent template function for the given function? (3 Marks)

Float Celsius (float Fahrenheit)


Float Celsius = 0.0;

Celsius = ((Fahrenheit – 32)*5/9;

Return Celsius


Q46: Which one of the given two methods is better to read from a file and why? (3 Marks)

Using stream insertion operator>>
Using get() function

Q47: Identify the errors in following member operator function and also correct them? (3 Marks)

math * operator (math m)


math temp;

temp.number= number * number;.2

return number;

Q48: Which one (copy constructor or assignment constructor) will be called in each of the following code segment? (3 Marks)

1) Matrix m1 (m2);

2) Matrix m1, m2;

m1 = m2;

3) Matrix m1 = m2;

Q49: Write a program using do-while loop to compute and display the product of all integers from 1 to 10? (5 Marks)

Q50: Write the main function in which you have to add three integer elements in template class queue, and then call print function. After that, remove two elements from the queue. (5 Marks)

Iss ke baad ik lengthy program or code likha hoa tha due to shortage of time I can’t wrote it.

Q51: Given is the code of Date Class. (5 Marks)

Class Date



Int Day;

Int month;

Int year;


Date ()


Day = 01;

Month = 01;

Year = 2000;



Write the code for a class person which contain three data number name, and DOB, where Name and Address are char pointer while DOB (Date of Birth) is an object of type Date. This class should also contain a default constructor to initialize all its data members using same default values.

Q52: Suppose an object has a pointer type as its data member. (5 Marks)

What happen when we assign that object using default assignment operator?
What happen if we use delete one object in the above mentioned situation?

lgta hy srf aik e student ka paper tha aj..................very site pe sb selfish hain kia?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Aj mear cs201 ka paper tha… MCqs bht easy thy aur almost 85% past papers mn se ay they… dua krna sb k ly aur mry ly b achy marks a jyn…

Subjective part ye tha….


  1. Write two types of conversion of user-defined data type?
  2. What is the keyword ‘this’ and what are the uses of ‘this’ pointer?
  3. What is inline function? An ordinary function is available to us then why we use inline?
  4. What is constructor? How we call it in our program?
  5. Declare it as input stream or output stream. get(), getline(), put(), putline()
  6. Which unary operator is used to measure the size of variables in user-defined data type?
  7. Write down piece of code that will declare a matrix of 3x3. And initialize all its locations with 0;
  8. what is the return type or data of insertion operator



1 code dia gya tha template function k hvaly se…. output btana tha

1 code dia gya the nested classess se…. display() function ka code write krna tha…

Baqi q yad ni….

Best of luck to all..

Keep me in ur prayers!

Asif Khan  thanks for sharing ,

Today CS201 Paper

Total Questions = 52 
Total Marks = 80
Total 1 Mark MCQ = 40
Total 2 Marks Short Questions = 4
Total 3 Marks Short Questions = 4
Total 5 Marks Long Questions = 4

MCQs sary  bohat easy thy sary lectures mai say e ay thy :)
agr aik dfa book ko tek say par lya to ho jay gay


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