CS302 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 and Past Solved Papers

Dear Students, Please share your Current Finalterm Paper (Current Paper) Fall 2020 as well Past papers and MCQs. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020.


Let's help each other in Current Papers and make VU ning forum into a better community for VU students.


Just copy text of each MCQ/Question of current papers and paste here or save in a MS Word file and upload in replies.


VU ning team will post here Current Papers, to help VU Students.

Let's discuss here Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 


Share anything you remember!

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CS302 Today Current Final Term Paper Fall 2020


May be an image of text that says 'CS302 Total 38 questions thy 30 mcqs or 8 short questions Filp flop wala sara aya tha Moaiz past papers sy zyada aya tha Subjective b or mcqs b Mcqs to sary flip flop waly thy Diagram b thi 2 3 marks k 4 questions thy theory k Baki diagram thi'

cs 302 k past papers?

CS302 important topics
Gated SR latch
D flip-flop
J-K Flip-flop
Master-Slave flip-flop
Counters, synchronous vs asynchronous counter (concept)
Up/down counter
Moore Machine
Mealy Machine
4-bit Bidirectional Shift register 74HC194
Memory Signals and Basic Operations on Memory
Synchronous Burst SRAM
Memory read write cycles
Flash memory
(all karnaugh maps and truth tables)
:flip flop static memory cell diagram ye 42 se tha
Digitalto analog converter five thy ye last se tha
: Up and down counter diagram thi
: Hexadecimal 7AB binary
Amplifiers operational
: Moore machine digram bne hoe thi explain krna tha
Positive edge triggered filp flop

CS302 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

CS302 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | 27-02-2021


Q1 k map bnana tha
Q2 shift register say tha
Q3 decadw counter ka tha
Q4 up down counter k bary me tha
Q5 aik circuit bnana tha bi condition counter ki
Q6 edge triger D flip flop ka truth table bnana tha
Or mcqs 70% muaz file say thay .
Yh lain sb k liye

CS302 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

CS302 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | 27-02-2021

CS 302
Today’s Paper 27 feb 2021

30 percent mcqs from waqarsiddu
Long Questions
Serial to parallel ka circuit complete karna tha
Boolean expression likhna tha
Write cycle ka question tha
Circuit label karna tha
Circuit explain karna tha


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