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CS304 Grand Quiz + Mid Term Quiz Fall 2020 Prepartion Material Due Date: 28-12-2020

Dear Students, please share your Current Midterm Paper (Grand Quiz) Fall 2020. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Grand Quiz.

Let's help each other in Grand Quiz and make vustudents into a better community for VU students.

Just copy text of each MCQ of your Grand Quiz and paste here or save in a MS Word/PDF file and upload in replies.


VU Students team will post here Grand quiz about this subject, to help VU Students. Let's discuss here abouth Grand QUIZ, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 



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#CS304GRANDQUIZ2020 #cs304grandquizdecember2020 #cs304grandquiz
CS304 Grand Quiz Dec.2020 || 60 MCQS || cs304 midterm Grand Quiz

CS304 Grand Quiz Correct Solution Fall 2020 By Maria Parveen || CS304 Grand Quiz 2020 By VU Learning

CS304 Grand Quiz Midterm 2020

This is CS304 Grand Quiz. You can easily download the file by clicking here

CS304 grand quiz 100% solved 2020

CS304 Object Oriented Programming Grand Quiz (Current Midterm Papers) Spring 2020

CS304 Grand Quiz Solved Spring 2020



1. In case when we define the function outside the class then we must use the keyword_______
Answer: inline


2. How can we differentiate between constructors and destructor
Answer: Destructors cant be defined by the programmer , but construtors can be defined by the progrmer


3. Which of the following relationship shows the inheritance
Answer: Doctor is a person


4. Which of the following can be created without any object of a class?
Answer: Array of objects


5. In C++ subscript operator must be overloaded as ______ of the class with one parameter of ____ type
Answer: Member Function. Int


6. Which of the following represents the two-way association?
Answer: Employee works for the company


7. Which of the following is an advantage of inheritance?
Answer: Re-usability


8. What term is used for hiding the details of an object from the other parts of a program?
Answer: Encapsulation


9. Which of the following is a tangible entity?
Answer: Car


10. Which one Is not the main feature of OOP?
Answer: Exception Handling


11. The Concept of derived classes is involved in
Answer: inheritance


12. How can we identify classes from a given problem statement?
Answer: All of the given options


13. What is meant by multiple inheritance ?
Answer : Deriving a derived class from base class


14. Which of the following issue(s) can be caused by the use of friend functions?
Answer: All of the given


15. If you do not initialize static variable of int type then it is automatically initialized with _____
Answer: 0


16. Which of the following is the correct syntax of declaring static variable ‘ count’ of type int?
Answer : static count int ( not sure )


17. Copy constructor is called when:
Answer: An object is created in term of pre existing object.


18. Specialization means that derived class is behaviorally _____ with the base class
Answer: Incompatible


19. Which of the following can be used as an alternative to static members?
Answer: Global Variables

20 . ______ is repested by a line with an unfilled diamond hear towards the container
Answer: Association

20. Which of the following classes are used by Amphibious vehicle to inherit characteristics ?
Answer: Both Land & Water Vehicle


21. Suppose we have a class student. Which of the following statement is correctly declaring the pointer to the object of student
Answer: Student * obj:


22. Abstraction hies the ____ details
Answer: Relevant


23. A child inherits characteristics from its____
Answer: Parents


24. In OOP we can achieve reusability through? ]
Answer: Inheritance


25. Suppose there is an object of type person, which of the following can be considered as one of its attributes
Answer: Name


26. Which of the following is a strong relationship?
Answer: inheritance

Grand quiz of CS304 ,June 27, 2020// Solved Quiz of CS304

CS304 Grand Quiz || Object Oriented Programming fall 2020

#CS304_Grand_Quiz #CS304_MIDTERM #vuhelp
CS304 ||GRAND QUIZ //MIDTERM ||Spring 2020||Virtual University

Grand Quiz || CS304 Solved Grand Quiz

cs304 grand quiz mcqs 2020

cs304 grand quiz mcqs|cs304 grand quiz mcqs|cs304 grand quiz mcqs

CS304 Object Oriented Programming Grand Quiz (Current Midterm Papers) Spring 2020

CS304 Grand Quiz Solved Spring 2020



id: 1
Question: A C++ class is similar to --------------------.

1: Structure
2: Header File
3: Library File
4: None of the given
Correct Answer: 1

id: 2
Question: In object orientated programming, a class of objects cans _____ properties from another class of objects.

1: Utilize
2: Borrow
3: Inherit
4: Adopt
Correct Answer: 3

id: 3
Question: The technique in which we visualize our programming problems according to real life’s problems is called

1: structured programming
2: object oriented Programming
3: procedural programming
4: none of the given
Correct Answer: 2

id: 4
Question: Which operator can not be overloaded?

1: The relation operator ( >= )
2: Assignment operator ( = )
3: Script operator ( [] )
4: Conditional operator (? : )
Correct Answer: 4

id: 5
Question: To convert from a user-defined class to a basic type, you would most likely use

1: a built-in conversion operator.
2: a one-argument constructor.
3: an overloaded = operator.
4: a conversion operator that’s a member of the class.
Correct Answer: 4

id: 6
Question: _____, which means if A declares B as its friend it does NOT mean that A can access private data of B. It only means that B can access all data of A.

1: Friendship is two way only
2: Friendship is one way only
3: NO Friendship between classes
4: Any kind of friendship
Correct Answer: 2

id: 7
Question: Identify which of the following overloaded operator function’s declaration is appropriate for the given call?
Rational_number_1 + 2.325
Where Rational_number_1 is an object of user defined class Rational_number.

1: Rational_number operator+( Rational_number & obj);
2: Rational_number operator+(double& obj);
3: Rational_number operator+(Rational_number &obj, double& num);
4: operator+(double& obj);
Correct Answer: 2

id: 8
Question: Which part of an object exhibits its state?

1: Data
2: Operations
3: Any public part
4: Any private part
Correct Answer: 1

id: 9
Question: Inheritance is a way to

1: organize data.
2: pass arguments to objects of classes.
3: add features to existing classes without rewriting them.
4: improve data-hiding and encapsulation.
Correct Answer: 3

id: 10
Question: Suppose you have been given the following design, "A person has a name, age, address and sex. You are designing a class to represent a type of person called a patient. This kind of person may be given a diagnosis, have a spouse and may be alive". Given that the person class has already been created, what of the following would be appropriate to include when you design the patient class?

1: age and sex
2: registration date and diagnosis
3: sex and diagnosis
4: diagnosis and age
Correct Answer: 2

id: 11
Question: What problem(s) may occur when we copy objects without using deep copy constructor?

1: Dangling pointer
2: Memory Leakage
3: All of the given
4: System crash
Correct Answer: 3

id: 12
Question: A static member function cannot be declared.

1: Static
2: Implicit
3: Explicit
4: Virtual
Correct Answer: 4

id: 13
Question: ___ remain in memory even when all objects of a class have been destroyed.

1: Static variables
2: Instance variable
3: Primitive variables
4: None of given
Correct Answer: 1

id: 14
Question: Friend functions are _____ functions of a class.

1: None of given
2: object member
3: non-member
4: data member
Correct Answer: 3

id: 15
Question: What problem(s) may occur when we copy objects without using deep copy constructor?

1: Dangling pointer
2: Memory Leakage
3: System crash
4: All of the given
Correct Answer: 4

id: 16
Question: Suppose that the Test class does not have an overloaded assignment operator. What happens when an assignment a=b; is given for two Test objects a and b?

1: The automatic assignment operator is used
2: The copy constructor is used
3: Compiler error
4: Run-time error
Correct Answer: 2

id: 17
Question: a’A static member function can be called, even when a class is not ____.

1: Declared
2: Define
3: Instantiated
4: Called
Correct Answer: 3

id: 18
Question: ____ provide the facility to access the data member.

1: private function
2: accesser function
3: inline function
4: None of the given
Correct Answer: 2

id: 19
Question: The ____ relationship indicates that an object contains other objects.

1: ‘has-a’
2: ‘is-a’
3: ‘be
4: None of given
Correct Answer: 4

id: 20
Question: Which one of the following features of OOP is used to derive a class from another?

1: Encapsulation
2: Polymorphism
3: Data hiding
4: Inheritance
Correct Answer: 4


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