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from 19 Dec 2015 to 31 Dec 2015  


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Saad Moin thanks 

Ye open kun nhi hoo rhii

Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 19 December 2015 to 01 January 2016 to help each other. Thanks


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non static variable ca be accessed through object of a class list two ways to access static variable.

wihich type of copy is used b te default assignment operator when applied to objectss gives reasons

can we create a of objects for a class having default constructor justify answer

aik code tha us ki output btaniii ti or aik may error find kr kay us ko correct krna tha

past papers say mcqs aie thay and questions bhi mcqs friend function kay 2 or operator may say tay inline say bi ta mcqs zaida paper end say aia tha 

 faria khan   thanks

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cs304 ka 19 dec ya 20 dec ka paper hai to share kr dain bhai

paper was easy but mixup ho gia maira paper 

faria khan
please share subjective and objective paper today
jo jo yaad hy share kar dye plz

is ka question tha k is diagram ko texual form main likhain aur atleast 3 abstract class batain.

aik question tha...

k simple association & aggregation main aik similarity batain ...

aur aik aur tha.

class A{


int a, b;



Class B{


int d,e,f;

A obj1;



is main kiya relation hai......apna ans justify karain...

Ye mera kal k ppr ka subjective part hai ... :)

Thanks for posting your paper.

i am little a bit confused with unary operator (&) same as binary operator & .   
sign is same but  name is different with their used.

& ( Address-of )=  Unary operator
& ( Bitwise and )= Binary operator
 So in above question they not mentioned their name. Pl reply if any body knows 


1)      Draw an object oriented model for this scenario . A university course has 45 lectures , 6 assignments , 1 quiz , 1 GDB and every lecture has 1 general MDB. Use proper association(simple association, composition, aggregation) [5 marks]


2)      Write c++ of overloading ^ operator in complex numbers class. If we have two objects of complex number class as follows, Complex obj1,obj2; and we write statement, Complex obj3 = obj1 ^ obj2; obj3 real and imaginary parts will be, obj3.real = (obj1.real) obj2.real and obj3.img = (obj1.img) obj2.img Hint: You can use c++ built in function power(x,y)that returns the result of x y. [5 marks]


3)      Consider the following code

Class ABC{


ABC(char c);


Void main()


ABC array[2];


Is this code correct. Justify your answer in either case. [ 3 marks]


4)      Consider following code and write its output

Class Crockery






          Cout “constructor of crockery class”endl;



class Cup: public Crockery






                Cout”constructor of Cup class”;



Void main()


Cup a ;


[3 marks]


5)      Which of the following are unary and which are binary operators?


[2 marks]


6)      If, within a class, marks is a member variable, will the statement

this.marks-=35;  will assign 35 to marks? Justify your answer. [2 marks]


Some mcqs

1)      ---- is weaker relationship than -----

Correct opt (aggregation , composition)


2)      In c++ objects are structured in terms of

Correct opt (Classes)


3)      ++, -- , & are ___ operators

Opts (unary , binary, ternary)


4)      Constructor is called when_______

Correct opt (object is created)


5)      Which can’t be initialized in member initializer list

Opts ( Static members, Non-static members, Constant members , Non-constant members)


6)      relationship between SIM and mobile is

Opts ( Aggregation, composition, two way association, inheritance)


7)       in __ relationship derived class can replace base class

Opts (inheritance, aggregation, composition, association)


8)       abstraction provides ____-

Opts (increased complexity, decreased complexity, increased modularity, decreased modularity)


9)      _______ remain in memory even when all objects of a class have been destroyed.

Opts ( Static variables, Instance variable,  Primitive variables, None of given )


10)  Which operator can not be overloaded?

Opts( The relation operator ( >= ) ,Assignment operator ( = ), Script operator ( [] ), Conditional operator (? : )


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