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GDB Announcment Dated: Aug 04, 14
Object Oriented Programming (CS304)


Dear Students,

GDB of the subject Object Oriented Programming (CS304) is going to upload in a couple of days, before submitting the GDB, please read all instructions thoroughly.

The GDB will remain open for two days (48 hours).

You may submit your GDB from” August 07, 2014, 12:00 AM To August 08, 2014, 11:59 PM”.

GDB Topic:

Suppose there are two software companies and both have been assigned same project but by two different types of users to develop small software for transport management system apparently with same requirements. In this system they have administrator, vehicles, and routes etc as actors. These actors have interaction with each other like Aggregation and Association. Both companies adopted different techniques (given below) to develop this software.

Company “A” developed this software without any UML diagram and without any documentation due to the size of project.

Company “B” adopted a different way and developed all UML diagrams and documentation for this project.

Both softwares are implemented and working properly in the field according to demand. In your opinion, which company will get long term benefits and which company gets short term benefits from above given scenario? Justify your answer with solid arguments.


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Replies to This Discussion

i think company  A will get short term benefits and B will get long term benefits. 

but what is the reason?

misbah plz clear ur view wit some reason so that hmy b smj a jay k kis base pa u said

what is your point of view ??

Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

 UML is a well-known visual language that can capture much of
the information that one needs to communicate about the architecture.

misbah mra tu abi koi view he ni ap c pocha ha mjy tu zra b smj ni

UML diagrams are helpfull to understand the process of development but these notations can be understood only by the profecinals ...... confusing

kia h ye?????? 

UML is an object modeling language, it does not cover all the aspects of system development. That is the major drawback of using UML based approaches to system my views

If a company develop a software using UML notations……

UML is the de facto standard notation for software design. In other words, it’s the only software design notation that you can expect your peers to be familiar with. There are many benefits of using UML based approaches to system development such as it facilitates to maintain the formality, conciseness, scalability and maintainability of a system.

  • You know exactly what you are getting

• You will have lower development costs

• Your software will behave as you expect it to. Fewer surprises

• The right decisions are made before you are given poorly written code. Less overall costs

• We can develop more memory and processor efficient systems

• System maintenance costs will be lower. Less relearning

Takes place

• Working with a new developer will be easier.

• Communication with programmers and outside contractors will be more efficient

If a company develop a software without any UML notations……

Some people don’t use UML simply because they don’t know the notation. In many cases, the person can read UML diagrams, but is not confident enough to create them. UML has increased in complexity and size over the years. Today there are 14 different types of diagrams! That’s too much for a human being to grasp. Some people shy away from UML because they judge that the effort to climb the learning curve will not pay off. Old timers didn’t learn UML in college. Since UML training is not so pervasive and people usually don’t feel compelled to buy and read UML books, many simply never learned UML. In many situations, people don’t think they need UML diagrams to communicate their designs. They get by with informal, box-and-line diagrams, which are easy to create in PowerPoint, in Visio, or on a whiteboard. Software developers are accustomed to being formal at the code level (after all, programming languages are formal languages and the code has to compile and run). They don’t like formalism at the architecture level. In many projects, the software architecture is quite simple or it just follows a reference architecture, and hence there’s no strong need to create diagrams to represent and communicate the design.


In my opinion Company 'B' will get long term benefits. There are many benefits of using UML based approaches to system development such as it facilitates to maintain the formality, conciseness, scalability and maintainability of a software.

Need more suggestions..


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