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CS312 Database Modeling and Design Week Wise Topics Details

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Topics Details of CS312
Week 1:
Topic-001 Definition of data
Topic-002 Example of Data
Topic-003 Definition of information
Topic-004 Example of information
Topic-005 Comparison of Data and Information
Topic-006 Example-1 and 2 to elaborate difference between Data and Information
Topic-007 Life with and without Database
Topic-008 Benefits of using Database
Topic-009 Why Database not Information Base
Topic-010 Difference between Database and Database Management System with Example
Topic-011 Example of Difference between Database and Database Management System
Topic-012 Component of Database Management System
Topic-013 Data Model Basics
Topic-014 Flat File Basics
Topic-015 How Flat File Works
Topic-016 Hierarchical Database Basics
Topic-017 How Hierarchal Database Work

Week 2:
Topic-018 Network Database Basics
Topic-019 How Network Data Model Work
Topic-020 Introduction of Three Tier- Architecture
Topic-021 Rationale for Three-Tier Architecture
Topic-022 External Level (Client Interface)
Topic-023 Conceptual Level (Business Logic)
Topic-024 Internal Level (Data Level)
Topic-025 Layer Independence
Topic-026 Example: Presentation Layer of Independence
Topic-027 Examples-1 of Logical Layer Independence
Topic-028 Example of Data Layer Independence
Topic-029 Roles in Database Management System
Topic-030 Client Server Architecture
Topic-031 Example of Client Server Architecture
Topic-032 Distributed Processing
Topic-033 Example of Distributed Processing
Topic-034 Examine Document Basics
Topic-035 Documenting Examine Document

Week 3:
Topic-036 Conducting Interview: Basics
Topic-037 Types of Interview
Topic-038 Example of Types of Interview
Topic-039 Observe the enterprise in operation
Topic-040 Have and Have Not’s for Observing
Topic-041 Research Basics
Topic-042 Questionnaire
Topic-043 Examples of creating Questionnaires
Topic-044 From Fact-finding to Requirement Writing
Topic-045 Example of translating Interview to Requirements
Topic-046 Example of translating Questionnaire to Requirements
Topic-047 Defining System Definition from Requirements-I
Topic-048 Defining System Definition from Requirements-II
Topic-049 Process of Extracting System Definition
Topic-050 Motivation for Requirements
Topic-051 Major Challenges in Requirements
Topic-052 Attributes of Software Requirements-Verifiable
Topic-053 Attributes of Software Requirements-Completeness

Week 4:
Topic-054 Attributes of Software Requirements-Consistent
Topic-055 Attributes of Software Requirements-Traceability
Topic-056 Requirement Engineering Discipline
Topic-057 Requirement Engineering
Topic-058 Example of Requirement Management
Topic-059 Requirement Development
Topic-060 Requirement Elicitation
Topic-061 Project Business Requirement
Topic-062 Example of Project Business Requirement
Topic-063 Get User Involvement
Topic-064 Defining Quality Metric[Ileitis]
Topic-065 Example of Reliability
Topic-066 Example of Robustness
Topic-067 Example of User Friendliness
Topic-068 Requirement Analysis
Topic-069 Requirement Prioritization
Topic-070 Requirement Specification
Topic-071 Requirement Verification

Week 5:
Topic-072 Inspect Requirement Specification
Topic-073 Bugs and Defects
Topic-074 Rule-1: Information Rule
Topic-075 Rule-2: Guaranteed Access
Topic-076 Rule-3: Systematic Handling of Null
Topic-077 Example Rule-3: Systematic Handling of Null
Topic-078 Rule-4: Active Online Catalogue
Topic-079 Rule-5: Powerful Language
Topic-080 Example Rule-5: Powerful Language
Topic-081 Rule-6: View Updation Rule
Topic-082 Rule-7: Relational Level Operation
Topic-083 Rule-8: Physical Data Independence
Topic-084 Rule-9: Logical Data Independence
Topic-085 Rule-10: Integrity Independence
Topic-086 Rule-11: Distribution Independence
Topic-087 Rule-12: Non-Subversion Rule
Topic-088 Database Schema
Topic-089 Database Schema with Example

Week 6:
Topic-090 Introduction to Keys
Topic-091 Structured Query Language
Topic-092 Data Definition Language(DDL)
Topic-093 Data Manipulation Language(DML)
Topic-094 Data Control Language(DCL)
Topic-095 Data Retrieval language(DRL)
Topic-096 Concept of ERD
Topic-097 Components of ERD
Topic-098 Entity
Topic-099 Attributes
Topic-100 Relationships
Topic-101 Process to Create ERD
Topic-102 Extracting Entities from Scenario
Topic-103 Extracting Attributes from Scenario
Topic-104 Primary Key
Topic-105 Identifying Primary Key from Sample Requirement
Topic-106 Super Key
Topic-107 Extracting Super Key from Scenario

Week 7:
Topic-108 Unique Key
Topic-109 Extracting Unique Key from Scenario
Topic-110 Candidate key
Topic-111 Foreign key
Topic-112 Example of Foreign Key
Topic-113 Composite Primary Key(CPK)
Topic-114 Example of Composite Key
Topic-115 Relationships
Topic-116 Optionality with Example
Topic-117 Cardinality with Example
Topic-118 Basic Relationships
Topic-119 One-to-Many
Topic-120 Example of One-to-Many
Topic-121 Many-to-Many
Topic-122 Example Many-to-Many
Topic-123 One-to-One
Topic-124 Example of One-to-One
Topic-125 Referential Integrity Constraint

Week 8:
Topic-126 Cascading
Topic-127 Cascade Delete
Topic-128 Example of Cascade Delete
Topic-129 Cascade Update
Topic-130 Example of Cascade Update
Topic-131 Restrict Delete and Update
Topic-132 Surrogate Key
Topic-133 Example-1: Scenario and Generating ERD
Topic-134 Example-1: Generating Physical Models from ERD
Topic-135 Example-2: Scenario and Generating ERD
Topic-136 Example-2: Generating Physical Models from ERD
Topic-137 Example-3: Scenario and Generating ERD
Topic-138 Example-3: Generating Physical Models from ERD

Midterm Exams

Week 9:
Topic-139 What is Anomaly?
Topic-140 Why Anomalies are Critical
Topic-141 Insert Anomaly
Topic-142 Delete Anomaly
Topic-143 Update Anomaly
Topic-144 Need for EERD
Topic-145 Super Type
Topic-146 Sub Type
Topic-147 Example of Super Type and Subtype
Topic-148 Exhaustive
Topic-149 Example of Exhaustive
Topic-150 Mutually Exclusive
Topic-151 Example of Mutually Exclusive
Topic-152 Example of EERD
Topic-153 Normalization Basics
Topic-154 Normalization Through Reports
Topic-155 1st Normal Form(1NF)
Topic-156 Example of 1NF

Week 10:
Topic-157 2nd Normal Form(2NF)
Topic-158 Example of 2NF
Topic-159 3rd Normal Form(3NF)
Topic-160 Example of 3NF
Topic-161 Example of Normalization
Topic-162 Example of Normalization-2NF
Topic-163 Example of Normalization-3NF
Topic-164 What is Denormalization
Topic-165 Need for Denormalization
Topic-166 Normalization Vs Denormalization
Topic-167 When to Denormalize
Topic-168 Storing End Date
Topic-169 Storing Detail in Master
Topic-170 Example of Storing Detail in Master
Topic-171 Short-Circuit Key
Topic-172 Example of Short-Circuit Key
Topic-173 Current Indicator Column
Topic-174 Example of Current Indicator Column

Week 11:
Topic-175 Storing Calculating Value
Topic-176 Example of Storing Calculating Value
Topic-177 Oracle 11g on Cloud: Introduction
Topic-178 Oracle 11g on Cloud: Login Creation on Cloud
Topic-179 Oracle 11g on Cloud: Login to Cloud
Topic-180 Oracle 11g on Cloud: Exploring the Cloud
Topic-181 Create Table Syntax
Topic-182 Creating Single Table
Topic-183 Creating Table with Foreign Key
Topic-184 Describing a Table and SQL *Plus
Topic-185 Alter Table and Describing the Change
Topic-186 Implementing Delete Cascade Cascading
Topic-187 Drop Table
Topic-188 Insert Statement Syntax
Topic-189 Implementing Insert Statement
Topic-190 Viewing Data from Table
Topic-191 Limited Column Data Insertion
Topic-192 Update Table Syntax

Week 12:
Topic-193 Implementing Single Column Update Statement
Topic-194 Implementing Multiple Column Update Statement
Topic-195 Delete Statement Syntax
Topic-196 Implementing Delete Statement
Topic-197 Truncate Table
Topic-198 Transaction Basics
Topic-199 Commit Statement
Topic-200 Rollback Statement
Topic-201 SQL
Topic-202 SQL Syntax
Topic-203 Implementing SQL
Topic-204 SQL and WHERE Clause
Topic-205 Implementing SQL and WHERE Clause
Topic-206 SQL and Logical Operators
Topic-207 Implementing Logical Operator 01
Topic-208 Implementing Logical Operator 02
Topic-209 Wildcard Characteristics in SQL
Topic-210 Like Operator in SQL

Week 13:
Topic-211 LIKE Syntax
Topic-212 Implementing Like – 01
Topic-213 Implementing Like – 02
Topic-214 IN Operator
Topic-215 Implementing IN Operator
Topic-216 BETWEEN Operator
Topic-217 Implementing BETWEEN Operator
Topic-218 Single Row Function
Topic-219 Implementing Single Row Function
Topic-220 Group or Multiple Row Function
Topic-221 Implementing: Group Functions
Topic-222 GROUP BY Clause
Topic-223 Implementing GROUP BY Clause 01
Topic-224 Implementing GROUP BY Clause 02
Topic-225 HAVING Clause
Topic-226 Implementing HAVING Clause – 1
Topic-227 Implementing HAVING Clause – 2
Topic-228 ORDER BY Clause

Week 14:
Topic-229 Date Handling
Topic-230 Implementing Date Manipulation
Topic-231 Date Functions
Topic-232 Cartesian Product
Topic-233 Cartesian Product & Joins
Topic-234 Join or Inner Join
Topic-235 Join Example
Topic-236 Self-Join
Topic-237 Implementing Self-Joins - I
Topic-238 Implementing Self-Joins - II
Topic-239 Outer Join
Topic-240 Left Outer Join
Topic-241 Implementing Left Outer Join
Topic-242 Right Outer Join
Topic-243 Implementing Right Outer Join
Topic-244 Subquery Basics
Topic-245 Implementing Subqueries
Topic-246 Motivation for Views

Week 15:
Topic-247 Syntax of a View
Topic-248 Writing Views
Topic-249 Writing Complex Views
Topic-250 Data Dictionary Concepts
Topic-251 Using Data Dictionary Concepts
Topic-252 Data Dictionary and Views
Topic-253 Motivation for sequence
Topic-254 Syntax of Sequence
Topic-255 Implementing Sequence:
Topic-256 Sequence & DML
Topic-257 Index Basics
Topic-258 Searching Using Index
Topic-259 Creating Index in Oracle
Topic-260 Indexes and Data Dictionary
Topic-261 Transaction Basics
Topic-262 Atomicity Property of Transaction
Topic-263 Consistency
Topic-264 Isolation

Week 16:
Topic-265 Durability
Topic-266 Concurrent Transaction
Topic-267 Lost Update Problem
Topic-268 Uncommitted Data
Topic-269 Rationale for Lock
Topic-270 Lock Basics
Topic-271 Granularity of Locks
Topic-272 Level of Locks
Topic-273 Deadlock
Topic-274 Deadlock Prevention
Topic-275 Deadlock Detection


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