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Objective 30% Moaaz File 

Subject Call function define 5 marks

32 bit shift left etc ka code 5 marks

some code instruction the or un k group likhny thy k ye kis group se hian 5 marks

es bar 2 marks k question he nh thy 

or 3 waly yad he nh a rhay kiya thy 

Mcq's was easy mostly from first lectures. 
1:What is purpose of direction flag? 
 2:Write instruction of following:
MOV AX 0X10 
MOV AX middle brackets mein 0x10
3:how characters are displayed on monitor screen?

My paper today..

18 MCQs
MCQs were not from past papers but they were not quite hard. Just clarification was different while concept was same.

3 marks questions:

Q1. How SP(stack pointer) is affected by push and pop instruction?

Q2. Two line of code was given and had to make it a one line with same meaning that 2 lines was elaborating.

5 marks question:

Q1. What are the consequences of AND operation in selective bit manipulation? Give solution to this consequences.

Q2. 1st assignment of spring 2k17. The difference was it was asking just 3 characters instead of 10

Q3. Write assembly language code to set ES to default and write another code to print A on the screen with blue background and white foreground.

Taurus thanks for sharing 

my todays paper

1) what is diff b/w BX and AX register 3mrks

2)why Sp change every time by push and pop 3mrks

3) write the command to access the debugger and explain each portion of debugger 5mrks

4) how character are displayed on the moniter screen 5mrks

5) write the code in assemly language

if (ax>bx>cx)&&(bx>cx>dx)

and ax==5

bht easy ppr tha :D jo mene prha bs wohi aya
Q. Marks 3. MOV NUM1, 5 find errors in this and correct them.
Q. Marks 3. Stack behaviour LIFO explain krna tha.
Short Jump ka aik Question tha 5 marks ka.

ASCII stands for ?? MCQ :p
Interrupts have ____ classes. MCQ
Assmbler Directives DB n DW k 2 MCQs thy..Bits puchaY huaY thaY DB n DW k lye...
Index Register kya store krta hai..MCQ.
Registers ...Shiftings n Rotations, aur loGical Operations AND OR XOR NOT me c saray MCQs thy

Thanks for  sharing the papers.



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