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CS401 ALL Current Mid Term Papers

Fall 2015 at One Place

from 19 Dec 2015 to 31 Dec 2015  


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    plz koi aj ka paper share kar de.

Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 19 December 2015 to 01 January 2016 to help each other. Thanks


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past papprs main sa kuch nai aya :(

Flags Register.................2 mrks

Stack is a data structure that behaves in a first in last out manner. It can
contain many elements and there is only one way in and out of the container.
When an element is inserted it sits on top of all other elements and when an
element is removed the one sitting at top of all others is removed first. To
visualize the structure consider a test tube and put some balls in it. The
second ball will come above the first and the third will come above the
second. When a ball is taken out only the one at the top can be removed. The
operation of placing an element on top of the stack is called pushing the
element and the operation of removing an element from the top of the stack
is called popping the element. The last thing pushed is popped out first; the
last in first out behavior..............5 marks 

In every processor, instructions are available to divert temporarily and to
divert permanently. The instructions for permanent diversion in 8088 are the
jump instructions, while the instruction for temporary diversion is the CALL
instruction. The word call must be familiar to the readers from subroutine
call in higher level languages. The CALL instruction allows temporary
diversion and therefore reusability of code.

call k bary main aik question tha

RETE ka aik

inter segment and intera-segment

baki yar kuch yad nahe

AbdurRehman BS(CS) Thanks


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Please koe moaz file upload kar do

Cs401 Today paper

19-12-15    12pm

v   80% Mcqs are from past moaz file.


v      How divide overflow occurs (2)

v      Name any two standards expect ASCII used for character representation (2)

v      Explain the  usage of  REP  pre fix with an example (3)

v      What  color are  represented  by 0th ,1st  and  2nd bits in attribute bytes (3)

v      Write assembly code for clear the  screen (5)

v      AX= 0x3412, BX= 0x7856, CX= 0x1CAB , SP= 0x100(5)

Contest of AX, BX, CX and SP at the end of the following instructions

  • Push AX
  • Push BX
  • POP CX
  •  Push AX
CS401 Subjective Questions...

Current MID Paper CS401 19-12-2015

today my CS401 Assembly Lang. paper.
I'm Very Thankful to Almighty ALLAH that my paper was too good as expected.
80% was from past papers (past papers are given below)
20% was also from past papers but not same to same just a little bit changed.
Prepare the given papers completely i hope IN SHA ALLAH you will get 90%+ Marks
MCQS: (Find out these mcqs from given file)
1. One screen location corresponds to a 
2. Each screen location corresponds to a word, the lower byte of this word contains ____
3.which is the special prefix used for repeating a block
4. In STOSB instruction SI is decremented or incremented by
5. The maximum memory iAPX88 can access is 1MB which can be accessed with
6. 8088 is a 16bit processor with its accumulator and all registers of
7. After the execution of MOVS instruction which of the following registers are updated
8. In “ mov ax, [BL] ” there is error i.e.
9. When adding two 20bit Addresses a carry if generated is dropped without being stored anywhere and the phenomenon is called address
10. AX is General purpose Register where A stands for__________.
11.Which of the
following options contain the set of instructions to open a window to the video memory
12. After the execution of instruction “RET ”
13. AX means we are referring to the extended 16bit “A” register. Its upper and lower byte are separately accessible as ________________.
1. Base + Index + Offset Addressing
2.Operation of Interrupt.
3.Extended substraction.
4. DH, CL
5.Explain divide overflow error


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