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Graded Discussion Board Topic is,

Usage of Assembly Language is dead or not dead?  Provide suitable arguments in this regard.


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Replies to This Discussion

Assembly language is a 2nd generation language(2GL). It is easy to learn, write, modify for computer not for humans. It is near to computers. No need translators.

hmm aj zada tr dosri languagers use hoti hn...like java, C++ etc...

plzz discuss it....resaonss??

GDB bi agai abi to assignmnt ki ha is ki ... 

Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

Dear Students Don’t wait for solution post your problems here and discuss ... after discussion a perfect solution will come in a result. So, Start it now, replies here give your comments according to your knowledge and understandings....

IS AVL Tree best for implementing Mobile phone Book.........Pleas give your opinions.........regarding GDB

its not completely dead give me Hand Grenade 

tu compeleted kr den ap???

i like the comment....

It is reduced but not dead. Someone has to make the compiler! Every compiler requires an expert in assembly language. With processors getting more complex it is a harder job than ever. And compiler users expect a lot of optimisation as well which is always tricky considering all the possibilities. Most low level programming is done in C/C++ but there are still some bits that assembly can do better. So assembly language subroutines will be written and linked to a C/C++program or incorporated inline in "asm" blocks. The ability to read assembly is useful for ( C/C++ ) programmers when debugging. There are some bugs that are just completely puzzling about what is going on. Looking at the assembly helps to see what is really going on. eg MS Visual Studio allows assembly level debugging and step through of C/C++ code which is often useful. The code can even be edited. (Even if you don't know assembly very much you can "nop" out a section of code where the debugger keeps stopping, which is sometimes useful to allow debugging to continue.)


Definitely NOT dead! It is used in nearly ALL microprocessors in every machine. The reason is the limitation in memory size. 
A "C" compiler creates an executable, on average, 12 TIMES larger than the very same program written directly in assembler! 
Military equipment prefers assembler to compilers (for reliability purpose) (15 years experience in that field) 
Avionics programs require three computers, each one programmed in different languages, but giving the same results, and assembler is required as ne of the programs. 
I have done hundreds of "machines" running on micros. ALL were in assembler. (45 years experience!)

Very little software is written directly in assembly language anymore. You will still find it in use for certain parts of OS development, hardware driver development, or in embedded systems, but most code today is written in higher level languages

Nope, Assembly is definitely not dead. You don't even need to write an OS to use ASM. 

Think about all the high-level languages. New ones are constantly being developed, right. What do the compilers generate? An executable that is actually a mass of hexcode or some intermediate bytecode that requires the knowledge of ASM to create. Even if your compiler is not written in low level Assembly, you need the knowledge to write an efficient, quick compiler. 

Mission critical, real-time embedded systems, where human life is in danger e.g. vehicular braking systems, manned space flights. All make a lot of use of ASM. 

ASM will remain relevant as long as the primary computing model is the micro-computer as we know it(i.e. binary model with low/high voltage indicating 0/1). Chip makers will only consider a change to binary model/ASM if totally necessary. Even if the computing model finally towards physics(quantum), what we will get will be a revision of ASM to handle the new types of processors.


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