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How to install Nasm Software or DoxBox For Assignment CS401 and How to take the screen of assignment one by one step in below screen shot.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

May be an image of text that says 'ganize Share with Burn Favorites New folder Name Libraries DOSBox-0.74 Documents misc Date modif Music Pictures AFD 2 ALINK 6/2 6/2/2021 2021 8:4 Videos ALINK 10/1 2009 10 5/27/20022 history Homegroup 4/7/1999 9:3 nasm ndisasm 4/6/1999 2:1 4/7/1999 B:4B Computer RSX 9/12 2003 10 RSXNT.DLL tnasmo 9/12/2003 10: n.RC rto.res'

May be an image of text that says 'Windows x64 pen Nasm Burn New folder Name DOSBox-0.74 Date modified Type Size /2/2021 8:43 PM File folder 10/ /2009 10:31 AM File folder misc I AFD ALINK ALINK history - nasm ndisasm - RSX 2 RSXNT.DLL rtn.asm rtn.RC rtn.res tcoff.asm TEST ASM TEST.OBJ OBJ Application D Document 222KB 6KB 3KB 254KB 126KB 110KB x64 (G:) 11/6/19983:15PM RCFile 10/26/199810 10/26 1998 ASMFile OBJFile KB'

May be an image of text that says 'Computer Windows Nasm Open Burn New folder Name DOSBox-0.74 ments Date modified misc AFD ALINK Type Size 6/2/2021 8:43 PM 10/1 10:31 AM 5/27 File Filefoder roup Mubashir.asm KB Application Application Text Document Document :43 ndisasm (C:) 10:36 AM 3KB RSXNT.DLL rtn.asm rtn.RC Disk (E:) ows7 (G:) Application Application Application Application extens... 126 110 asm TEST.ASM ASM TEST.OBJ RCFile File 10:11 10/26/ ASMFile 1KB 1KB 1KB 1KB'

No photo description available.

May be an image of screen, phone and text that says 'Farhan ternet ownlo... Computer DOSBox0.74 Recych Bin Inpage 2020 Professional Xtreme Downlo.. TypingMas... Pro ManyCam Advanced SystemCare VLCmedia nedia player'

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

May be an image of screen and text that says 'Nasm Burn Favorites Newfolder SearchNasm Name Libraries DOSBox-0. modified Type Pictures Videos AM ALINK ALINK history Mubashir.asm DOSBox Homegroup 4/6/19992:10PM 4/7/1999 introduct Computer ÛxDo extDocum MUBASHIR.LST (C:) new users type: INTRO PM the ndisasm Windows7 and RSXNT README file Application The DOSBox Team DOSBox Network Z:1>SET BLASTER A220 dosbox com Application is 11/6/1998 rtn.res tcoff.asm TEST.ASM TEST.OBJ mounted Z:d:/ local directory 11/16/1998 10:11 /Nasm items asm ubashir. player Mubashir Ist'

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

May be an image of text that says 'Type Welcome to DOSBox U0.74 For a short introduction for new users type: INTRO For supported shel commands type HELP To adjust the emulated CPU speed, use To ivate the keymapper For more inf orma read the README file in the DOSBox Filfolder File folder Application Application Text Docum Text Docum ASM File MS-DOS Ap LST File Application Application Application Application ASM File RC File RES ASM ASM OBJ File and HAVE FUN! The DOSBox Team http: Z:–>SET BLASTER= dosbox. 17 D1 T6 >mount g:/Nasm is mounted as local directory g:/Nasm Z::/ D:>Nasm Mubashir.asm D:afd Mubashir. Mubashir.c Mubashir Ist'

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Replies to This Discussion

org 100h
mov bx,num
mov di,1
mov si,0
mov dx,0
mov ax,0
mov cx,8
mov ax,[bx+di]
mov dx,di
add bx,dx
sub bx,1
cmp [bx],ax
jl skip
mov si,[bx]
mov [bx+1],si
sub bx,dx
add bx,1
sub dx,1
jnz inner
sub bx,dx
add bx,1
mov [bx+di],ax
add di,1
sub cx,1
jnz outer
mov bx,num
mov cx,9
mov ax,0
add ax,[bx]
add bx,1
sub cx,1
jnz loop1
mov [sum],ax
num: db 2,0,0,2,0,3,6,9,3
sum: db 0


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