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Cs402 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

Cs402 Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 august TO 2 september2015

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Replies to This Discussion

No body has shared their current or past papers. Please share papers. tomorrow is my paper of cs402

Mcq's were easy...Mostly were from moaaz file
1-why the pumping has been used for the pumping lemma?(2)
2-What is top down parsing?(2)
3-What is the length of the string?Give 2 examples.(3)
Rest of paper was from CFG... so prepare CFG very well.

paper today of CS402
Q1. Describe the POP operation and draw symbol for POP state in context of Push down stack
POP is an operation that takes out a letter from the top of the STACK. The rest of the letters are moved one location up. POP state is expressed as
Q2. Draw the PDA for a give CFG.
Q3 Describe language of the given PDA
Q4 calculate the infix and prefix expression for the following tree
Prefix *+*+1 2+3 4 7 6) = *+*+1 2+3 4 7 6 = *+*3+3 4 7 6
= *+*3 7 7 6 = *+21 7 6 = *28 6 = 168
And infix notation is as below
Q5. Explain Indistinguishable strings
Q6 what are live and dead productions explain?
Live production: A production of the form nonterminal → string of two nonterminals is called a live production. Dead production: A production of the form nonterminal → terminal is called a dead production.
Derive aaababba from a given CFG
SaXa XaX|bX|^
SaaXa using XaX
SaaaXa using XaX
SaaabXa using XbX
SaaabaXa using XaX
SaaababXa using XbX
SaaababbXa using XbX
Saaababba using X^
Q8 remove null productions of the CFG
SaX XaX|bX|^
SaX|a XaX|bX|a|b
Q9. Draw NFA for language [ bab, abab. aabab. bbabab………..]
Q10. Is string of odd zeros a regular? Explain
Q11 write the regular expression for the given turing machine
Q12 what is a semi word? Explain

Today Paper @ 2 PM
10 Mcqs from Moaz File ... 15 very easy and 15 were comceptual...
1). Is there a proof of Pseudo Theorem? Exaplain. (2)
2). Suppose two inputs are provided to a NAND gate. What will be the value of inputs such that there NAND output would be zero? (2)
3). Three decidability problems w.r.t PDA? (3)
4). Aik PDA diagram given thi .. what language will it accept? (5)
Baqi question CFG or CFL par thay..
mcqs and subjective from Moaz files dono files sari prepare kar k jana and
one question was
prove the given language wrt Myhill theorem
Second question was
Make the derivation tree of 0101010
Third question was
PRE(Q in R)
Fourth Qestion was
calculate the expression vo jo tree ha like *+*+ 3 1 +3 4 7 6
convert the CFG into Chmosky form
write the CGF for given FA

ALL Final Term Papers Spring 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 August 2015 ~ 02 September 2015

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 22 August 2015 ~ 02 September 2015 to help each other. Thanks

For more papers & Final Tem Papers Preparation Material check all the featured discussions in this group one by one discussion.
How you can check all the featured discussions in this group .Visit this link
Click Here For Detail.


Determine Context Free Grammar (CFG) corresponding to the following Finite Automaton (FA):

Draw an NFA which represents the following language.

L = { bab, abab, bbab, aabab, bbbab, abbab, babab …………….}
3 Write CFG for the following RE

Convert the following Context Free Grammar to Chomsky Normal Form (CNF).

A  0A | ^ | B
B  1B | ^
By using the trace table, show that the follwoing PDA accepts aabbb

Determine Context Free Grammar (CFG) corresponding to the following Finite Automaton (FA):

7 Consider the following Context Free Grammar (CFG):
Which of the following words are accepted by the above CFG?

1. abbaababba
2. abbaabb
3. abbbaabb
4. abbaababb
5. abbaabaababb
Draw transition graph for the following regular grammar:
SabS | baS | a | b
Draw complement of the following DFA

Can you neglect the statement that “Turing Machine is more powerful than Finite State Machine because it has no finite state control”?
Identify null and nullable productions in the following CFG:

A -> a | /\
B-> b | /\

12 How will you differentiate between "wanted" and "unwanted branch" (while deriving a string from CFG using tree structure)?
Is the following statement true? If not then correct the statement and rewrite.

"All regular languages can be generated by CFGs".

By + خا ن آفریدی + yesterday

My Today Paper (CS402) Final Spring 2015

MCQ were mostly from past Papers and some are conceptuals.

Subjective are mentioned below:-

Q1.      “If L is not a regular than it has no FA” is it the part of statement of “My Hill Nerodes Thoerem”?           2

Q2.      Mention the condition for a CFG to be regular?        2

Q3.      How will you differentiate between “wanted” and “unwanted” branch (which driving a string from CFG using tree structure)?   2

Q4.      How many states are there in FA which generates EVEN-EVEN languages over ∑(a,b)?   2

Q5.      Find Pref(Q in R) for:                         3

            Q = {01, 10, 11, 011}

            R = {10011, 100100, 01010, 010100, 01011}

Q6.      Construct the CFG for the language defined by RE : (a+b)+(aa+bb)(ab)*    3

Q7.      Write Down CFG for the TG given Below?


Q8.      Determine CFG corresponding to the following FA ?           3


Q9.      Draw an NFA which represent the following .          5

            L = {bab, abab, bbab, aabab, babab………..}

Q10.    Calculate the arithmetic expression of the following tree in index and prefix?         5



Q11.    Convert the following CFG into CNF.          5


A à aa/b

B à  c

C à d

Q12.    Using trace table, Show that the following PDA accept aabbb.




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