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CS402 Online Quiz No 02  Solution and Discussion Due Date:December 17, 2014

The quizzes will remain opened for 24 hours.

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Quiz # 2

December 16, 2014

December 17, 2014


 Instructions for all Quizzes:

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1.     Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

2.     You have to attempt the quiz online. You can start attempting the quiz any time within given date(s) of a particular subject by clicking the link for Quiz in VULMS.

3.     Each question has a fixed time. So you have to save your answer before time expiration. While attempting a question, keep an eye on the remaining time.

4.     Attempting quiz is unidirectional. Once you move forward to the next question, you can not go back to the previous one. Therefore before moving to the next question, make sure that you have selected the best option.

5.     DO NOT press Back/Backspace Button while attempting a question; otherwise you will lose that question.

6.     DO NOT refresh the page unnecessarily, especially when following messages appear

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Please share the question and their answers of this quiz if anyone has done.

IF (L1 ^?L2c ) u?( L1C ^ L2) is regular language that accepts the words which are in L1 but not in L2 or else in L2 but not in L1 . The corresponding FA cannot accept any word which is in _______ L1 and L2.

Not both

  • Both

At least in one

None of the given options




Set of all palindromes over {a,b} is:


Regular and finite

Regular and infinite

  • Non-regular






While determining regular expression for a given FA, it is _________ to write its regular expression.

Always possible easily 


  • Sometime impossible 

always impossible 
None of the given options


Incase of Myhill Nerode theorem, if a language L partitions sigma star into distinct classes and L is also regular then L generates_________ number of classes. 
Select correct option: 


  • finite 






Which of the following is NOT a regular language? 
Select correct option: 

String of 0’s whose length is a perfect square 

  • Set of all palindromes made up of 0’s and 1’s 

String of 0’s whose length is a prime number 
All of the given options





If there is no final state of two FAs then their ____ also have no ___ state 
Select correct option: 

initial, union 
final, union 

  • union, final 

union, initial




For a machine with N number of states, the total number of strings to be tested, defined over an alphabet of m letters, is___________
Select correct option: 

Nm +Nm+1+ N m+2 +… + N2m-1 

  • mN +mN+1+ mN+2 +… +m2N-1 





In the context of Myhill Nerode theorem, for even-even language sigma star can be partitioned into________ number of classes.
Select correct option: 





In pref(Q in R) Q is …… to (than) R 
Select correct option: 


  • Not equal 





If an effectively solvable problem has answer in yes or no, then this solution is called_______
Select correct option: 

Infinite problem 

  • decision procedure 

Finite solution 
None of the given option

Quiz No. 2 Dated: Dec 11, 14
Dear students,
Please note that QUIZ-2 will be launched on December 16, 2014 and will include lectures No. 12 to 20.
QUIZ will last for 48 hours only and no alternate/offline will be provided once it is missed.
For any query, feel free to email at cs402@vu.edu.pk

In the context of make NFA for the concatenation of FA1 and FA2 (FA1 accepting null string), which of the following option is correct?

  • Initial states in both FAs
  • FA2 having initial state only
  • FA2 having final state only
  • Final states in both FAs

There ______ a language for which only FA can be built but not the RE.

  • Is
  • Cannot be
  • May be
  • May not be 
  • Cannot be

In drawing FA3 (which is equal to FA1 + FA2), a state will be declared final if ________ 

  • It corresponds to final states of both FA1 and FA2
  • It corresponds to final states of FA1
  • It corresponds to final states of FA2     
  • It corresponds to any of the final states in FA1 or FA2

It corresponds to final states of FA1

We can create an equivalent ______ for a language for which we create an _______.

  • FA,NFA
  • NFA, FA
  • FA, GTG
  • None of these 
  • NFA, FA

In the context of make NFA for the concatenation of FA1 and FA2 (none accepting null string), which of the following option is correct?

  • No initial and final states in FA1 and FA2 respectively
  • No final and initial states in FA1 and FA2 respectively
  • No initial state in FA1 only
  • No final state in FA2 only

No final and initial states in FA1 and FA2 respectively
not sure 


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