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Dear students,

Please note that QUIZ-2 will be launched on August 17, 2015 and will include lectures No. 23 to 41.

QUIZ will last for 48 hours only and no alternate/offline will be provided once it is missed.

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CS402_Latest Quizz
9:40pm, 17 August 2015
Consider the following production (of a CFG): S->XYZ Here ______ is left most nonterminal in working string. Note: S, X, Y and Z are all nonterminals
Which of the following is pumped to generate further strings in the definition of Pumping Lemma?
The language of all strings partition ∑* into ___________ class(es).
Which of the following is a non-regular language?
Language of strings ending in abba
Tape and Stack alphabets
must be different 
Choice of path can be determined by left most derivation of the string belonging to CFL at………… state
The strings or words which do not belong to a language is called…………. of that language
If there is no final state of two FAs then their ______ also have no _____ state
In polish notation, (o-o-o) is the abbreviation of………?
Operator -Operand – Operand
If new A =1 NAND ( 1 AND 1), then what will be the value of new A?

Mostly Quizz got from these files..


some were from here..


My today's CS402 2nd Quiz..


Jazzak Allah.

Thanks مَلیکا ایمان! for great effort ...

Jazzak Allah.

My Today Paper (CS402) Final Spring 2015

MCQ were mostly from past Papers and some are conceptuals.

Subjective are mentioned below:-

Q1.      “If L is not a regular than it has no FA” is it the part of statement of “My Hill Nerodes Thoerem”?           2

Q2.      Mention the condition for a CFG to be regular?        2

Q3.      How will you differentiate between “wanted” and “unwanted” branch (which driving a string from CFG using tree structure)?   2

Q4.      How many states are there in FA which generates EVEN-EVEN languages over ∑(a,b)?   2

Q5.      Find Pref(Q in R) for:                         3

            Q = {01, 10, 11, 011}

            R = {10011, 100100, 01010, 010100, 01011}

Q6.      Construct the CFG for the language defined by RE : (a+b)+(aa+bb)(ab)*    3

Q7.      Write Down CFG for the TG given Below?


Q8.      Determine CFG corresponding to the following FA ?           3


Q9.      Draw an NFA which represent the following .          5

            L = {bab, abab, bbab, aabab, babab………..}

Q10.    Calculate the arithmetic expression of the following tree in index and prefix?         5


Q11.    Convert the following CFG into CNF.          5


A à aa/b

B à  c

C à d

Q12.    Using trace table, Show that the following PDA accept aabbb.




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