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msqs ka to kisi na kuch btai nahi.mooaz file sa kuch aya?

plz tell me the correct option

which of the following is used to store textual data





attribute that make jointly composit attribute are called----arrtibute





varchar id used to store textual data.

entity attribute make jointly composit attribute.

todays my paper

question boht asan ay thay,topic is deadlock,clustering index,types of user interface,queries k question,similarieties of materialized and indexes.normalization krni thi first normal form.

mcqs kuch mooaz sa or baki handouts sa ay thay.

sanam thanks for sharing

My today paper. 

MCQs was 70% from past and the rest of was conceptual


todays my paper

mcqs  was most conceptual

1-SQL command to delete "STUDENT" table(Table structure and data both should be deleted ) 2marks.

2-What are the types of cache normally used in desktop computers 2marks

3-Difference between Drop and truncate commands? 3marks

4-3rd normalization form main table convert krna tha 3marks

5-De-normalization sy related 3marks

6-transaction sy related 3marks

7-queries k question CREATE VIEW or ak question CREATE TABLE

8- If a table 1 and table 2 have same entity and the table 1 is 20 index and the table 2 14 index. Then the sequential

file access use these operations (Insertion, updation or selection) on both table. Keep in mind the above
scenario and mark the below given statements correct or incorrect. (Marks 5)
I. Insertion in table 1 take greater time than table 2
II. Updation in table 2 take greater time then table 1
III. Retrieving a record from table 1 take lesser time than table 2.

Remember me in your prayers 

2016 current question that i have collected 

write a SQL cammand to create a database named vulms ?
name only four inferece rules
write any two important point which are neccessary while designing input forms
How a view can be used for security purpose.
Properties of transaction. only name
Mechanism used to detect deadlock
Similarites between Materialized views and indexes
Two ways to create a new view
Difference between Dense and spars index
Disadvantages of using index
Overflow area is better than chaining in term of time and space. is it correct or not?
A table was given about raid and we have to map them. page no 258,259
three basic forms of optical disks
Define floppy disk
write two types of user interfaces.
UPDATE and GRANT command related to which category
Define the purpose of OR operator in SQL
three works of Alter command
two main tools of MS SQL
a Question about clustering files
difference between Horizontal and vertical partioning
two types of partitioning
define the purpose of Range control
BCNF stand for? page no 173
Normalization must be applied on all database. correct or not also justify.

Ash thanks for sharing 

You Welcome M.Tariq Malik 


please see also



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