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3-4 YEARS ALL FINAL PAPERS IN 1 FILE.. remember me in your prayers. 


CS403 (22-8-2016)
MCQS mostly were from Moaz past paprs file.
Theory questions:
1. ACID stands for?
2: Difference between Horizontal and vertical partitioning
3: Define index and its syntax.
4: Write any two DML commands.
5: Convert normal forms to another. (tables was given)
6: Match the following:
transaction ( internal schema )
3 level architecture (ACID)
Transaction Log (DBMS)
7: Write SQL statement to insert ROW.
8: Difference between DENSE index and Sparse index.

CS403 PAPER (20-AUGUST-2016) :
�#�MCQS�: 7-8 MCQS from MOAAZ FiLe.. RemaiNinG C0nceptuaL..!
(2 Marks Questi0ns):
1. Write Names of the Two Types Of Horizontal Partitioning.
2. Write Names of the Four Types Of VIEWS.
3. Correct The Statement:
“Hashing provides slow, time consuming data retrieve from sequential files” �#�it_was_from_MOAAZ_Subjective_File�
4. Had to c0rrect the Table Syntax, which was given.
(3 Marks Questi0ns):
1. As an interface designer, what features should be included in the interface for the expert user. Answer must be l0gical.
2. Give one example of Deadlock on DBMS Transaction.
3. Had t0 Relate Column1 with Column 2 with three entries in b0th c0lumns.
& the Remaining Paper c0mprises 0f INDEXES, TABLE SYNTAX'S & 0ne Questi0n was 0f VIEW of 5 marks.

Not mine..... Another paper

Done with cs403-Database Management system (25-08-2016)
MCQs 20% past sy thy, subjective mein Queries related question ziyada thy.
1) Doctor(D_ID,D_PHONE) (5marks)
I. Create unique index on table Doctor on D_ID
II. Create unique index on table MEDICINE on (M_CODE,DESCRIPTION)
2) What are the two primary modes of the locks?differentiate between shared lock and update lock. (5marks)
3) relation 1st normal form mein dia tha usko 2NF mein convert krna tha (5)
4) CREATE FURNITURE TABLE, CREATE VUDTUDENTS TABLE...rewrite given create command. (3 marks)
5) what are two types of horizontal portioning? (2 marks)
6) Write two important features which must be ensured in input forms.(2)
7) Write sql query to find those employees whose age is between 25 and 40 (2 mrks)
8) In which situation check points needs in database.(2)

My today paper cs403

mostly MCQ is not in OLD Solved papers  only 20 to 30 % mcqs from moaz and other solved papers.... But

Moaaz k subjective solved paper se approx 70% paper aaya ...

SQL , Views and Index .. and DeCompos ... aor khuch aise hi easy question the ..
Over All easy tha

Questions posted in this discussion in a single file with some solutions 
Tomorrow I also have to attempt the paper of CS403.
Pray for me 



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