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CS403 All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 (25 May 2013 ~ 06 June 2013) at One Place

From 25 May 22, 2013 to 06 June 2013 Spring 2013

Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 Papers, May 2013 Mid Term Papers, Solved Mid Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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My Today Paper-----

Mostly mcq’s new thy…. But some were also from past papers..

Subjective question kch is trh thy….

  1. Difference between Equi-join and Natural join
  2. Define Subtype Discriminator
  3. Why Relational Data Model is popular? Give reasons.
  4. 1 relation table di gai thi jis mn normalization k bary mn pocha gya ta mean ye btana tha k table kis normal form mn hy..
  5. scenario dia gya ta jis mn se entities ko find kr k write krna tha…
  6. Garmi bht thi… so is ly last question yad ni hy…


Keep me in your prayers!!

Asif Khan thanks for sharing  keep it up 

Attention Related Mid Term papers Spring 2013: All Fellows You don’t need to go any other site for current Mid Term papers Spring  2013, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.

Why do the relational data model is considered as simple?

iss question ko koi explain krey ga plzzzz

Attitude girl 

There is just one structure and that is a relation or a table. Even this single structure is very easy to understand, so a user
of even of a moderate genius can understand it easily.

and the relational data model is based on mathematical foundation.

Relational Data Model   Page # 125

The RDM is popular due to its two major strengths and they are:

o Simplicity

o Strong Mathematical Foundation

The RDM is simple, why, there is just one structure and that is a relation or a table.

Even this single structure is very easy to understand, so a user of even of a moderate

genius can understand it easily.

Becaue of strong matematical foundation which has no confusion. 

assalam alaikum

my todayz paper

MCQZ jst 3 r 4 frm past papera

Dfrnc btwn relation and relationship??

write two type of cmpletness constraint??

2 qstn 4rm relational algebra.......... statmnt gvn thi us k crspondng tbl show krna tha...

Find out the Cartesian Product of (D X S) of the given pair of sets. Also find out two relations from set (D X S).

D---> Employee-Designation.


D={Manager, Officer, Director}

S={12000, 20000, 50000).

1 qstn ka crtizn prodct lena tha n 2 relation b lkhny thy...........

5 MCQs from past paper.

1. name and ____________ is the part of datbse in attributes.


    entities (baki 2 option bhool gae)

2. Rx(theta sign tha yahan) R and S are relations. ans theta is_______

    condition and aesi e option thi. i think condition answer banta tha is ka. so yad raha mjy

inference rule. joins, NF achay se kar lain sub

3. diagram was given and have to find foreign key.   2marks

4. can we use relational data model for logical/conceptual view, yes or no. justify? 3marks

5. 2 table was given. like in the examples of 2NF and 3NF. Aor dono tables k attributes ka likha tha k wo aik dosray pa depend nahi kar rahay. btana tha k konsa NF ha...     3marks

6. two entities was given Student and Course with their attributes and primary key. Given that both have many to many relationship. Just have to map them.    5 marks

7. Draw ER.diagram for the following entities.            5marks

a)      Doctor

b)      Patients

c)      Admitted patients

d)      Outdoor patients

e)      Bed

  • Doctor are associated only with single type of patients
  • Patients are sub divided into two groups admitted and outdoor patients
  • Bed are associated only with admitted patients

Instruction was given are same like above. Maybe a lil bit difference in them.

kal ka paper ha mera. light nhi thi so aj share kea. n last wali ERD page 3 pa jo maine 2 PPT files share ki hain un mai solve ha. us sub ERD ko aik nazar daikh lain.

Baki sub k basic concept samjh lain. MCQs new thy zaida.

8.  match column   2 marks

column 1                   column 2

1. theta                     a.

2.projector                b.

3. equi-join               c.

4. semi join               d.

a,b,c,d k agay sign thy in k.   answer aesay likhna tha

1-> b  (sign daikh k correct option select karna)

2-> d

3-> a

4-> c

math type nahi ha is liay sign nahi dal saki

All MCQS Mostly New if Concept clear then you can attempt it easly
Scenario was given. Draw cross reference matrix ............5 Marks
Table given Find Equi join.........5marks
Find one to one Relation>>>2marks
Other i don't remember
Friends if you want to get good attempt in Subjective question.....then understand all the concept from lecture 16 to 20.....and mcqs conceptually from 5 to 20

Write Two type of Anomalies?
Write the main Function of Subtype Discriminator?
ik scenrio diya tha us mai sy Entities dhond k mention karni thi
ik mai Diagram thi jis mai Entitiy Student aur us k Attributes {ID, Skill, Name, Fathers Name, Address} thay in mai sy hum ny best candidate for multivalue attribute btana tha
ik mai Student X aur us k attributes diyay thay aur us ki dependencies btana tha k ye BOYCE law mention krti han k nhi aur ye attributes sb candidates key han k nhi Yes OR No mai answer dena tha
ik mai 2 table Customer ka aur Invoice ka diya hua tha jis sy hum ny Resultant Table A nikalna tha Through Realtional somthing formula diya tha k Customer X(EquiJoin)Invoice and EquiJoin = Customer.Customer ID


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