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CS403 All Current Final Term Papers Fall 2012 (20 February to 03 March 2013) at one Place

From 20 February to 03 March 2013 Fall 2012

Current Final Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Feb 2013 Final Term Papers, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs


Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

Total 52 questions

4 question - 3 marks of each

4 question-2 marks of each

4 question-5 marks of each

5 marks questions

Find cartesian product from given?

Create index of following query?

Draw cross reference matrix of following?

Different statements which is correct and which is incorrect?

3 marks question

One to one relationship

Indexes classification according to options?

What is the common disadvantages of indexes and materialized views?

Create alter statement of following

2 marks questions

What is the purpose of and operator?

What is the purpose of or operator?

Create syntax of select statement?

Which is used for wildcard?

Today Final Term Paper Fall 2012

On 21 Feb 2013


Total Questions: 52


Total Marks: 80


Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark)

Q1: write down the alternative name of browser base form? 2 marks

Q2: Different classification of indexes? 2 Marks

Q3: List down any two problems which may come up if the concurrency is not controlled properly? 2 marks ( handout page 307)

Q4: In three schema architecture, External schema is responsible for data storage on hard disk. Correct and justify it. 3 marks

Q5: Create view named “Product_list” on product table which will show all the columns? 3 marks

Q6: Describe the importance of Data link properties tool in designing form by using MS Access? 3 marks

Q7: In recovery procedure, transaction ended before the check points are redone. Correct it and justify? 3 marks

Q8: Draw cross Reference matrix? 5 marks diagram was given

Q9: Deadlock is a serious threat for the concurrent transaction; shortly explain the approach which is used to detect the deadlock by DBMS? 5 marks

Q10: Rehashing is better than chaining in term of time. (Rehashing and chaining collision resolution technique in hashing). Justify it ? 5 Marks

+ Death Game + annoucment again ghur say parhu ...pakistan k cancel huhay thay oversea students k naiii 

CS403 Solved Mcqz Final term With Refrence



My today's paper, 80% of MCQS were from Past papers, paper was not that tough.....

Best of luck to all :)


Maheen thanks for sharing ur paper to help other 

Note for All Members: You don’t need to go any other site for current Final Term papers fall 2012, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.

(2 marks Questions)

1-      Write any two benefits of using “VIEWS”?

2-      Write down basic disadvantages of using Indexes?

3-      Identify the main difference between Intersection and Set difference operations.

4-      Which clause is used to sort the records in the result set?


(3 marks Questions)


5-      STUDENT table is given below; Write a SQL query to get all student names along with father names and address, which belongs to Lahore city.  STUDENT (stu_id, stu_name, father_name, address, city, phone_no)


6-      Create a unique index named ‘ IndexNum’ on the ‘CustName’ column of the table ‘Customer’.


7-      Create a view named “STUDENT-IDs” on STUDENT table which will only show the ST-ID in ascending order

                    STUDENT (ST-ID, ST-NAME, ST-CLASS)


8-      Employee





















HR Dept


Accounts Dept


Employee X (Join) Dept-Head

The given algebra expression has following output / resultant table.


Resultant Table








HR Dept




Accounts Dept


Find that the said scenario is an example of which Join Type. Also define that particular join type.

[Theta Join, Equi Join, Natural Join, Semi Join, Left Outer Join]

(5 marks Questions)


9-      Student-Record (stu_id, COURSE_ID, SEM_NO, MIDTERM_MARKS, fINALTERM_MARKS)


Write a SQL query on Student-Record table to get record of all students who’s MIDTERM_MARKS are greater than 20 and FINALTERM_MARKS are not less than 30.


10-  Analyze the statements given below and identify each statement as correct or incorrect. Justify your answer in either case.


  1. In Recovery Procedure, the transactions that have a begin entry but does not have commit or rollback entry, are Redone.


  1. “Check point” is an entry in the data dictionary.


11-  If we have two tables Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 and Table 2 have same attributes and same records in them. Consider, we have 20 indexes on Table 1 and 14 indexes on Table 2. In Index Sequential File, we want to perform three operations (Insertion, Updation and Searching) on values in both tables. Keeping in mind, the scenario above; analyze the statements given below and identify as correct or incorrect.


      A – Time to insert value in Table 1 is greater than in Table 2.

B – Time to update value in Table 2 is greater than in Table 1.

C – Time to retrieve data from Table 1 is less than Table 2.



12-  Find out the Cartesian product (A X B) of the given pair of sets. Also find out any two relations from the set A X B





A = {Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday}

B= {Shift-1, Shift-2, Shift-3}.

aoa..dear ye file tu currupt hai plz ap correct file upload kren

huma ghaffar file currupt nai hai..download all PDFs files without IDM or check this link 

PDF File Downloading Problem. Solution From Ning Click Here

Any1 who has appeared in CS403 paper today....kind plz share here...thanks

My Today's Paper

Mostly MCQs and few Subj from Moaaz File

Q: What are window controls? Write name of 2 window controls (2 marks)

Q:  Write two types of Completeness Constraints? (2 marks)

Q:  About Deadlock 3 marks

Q: In recovery procedure, transaction ended before the check points are redone. Correct it and justify? 3 marks

Q: ER diagram was given in Crow feet notation, it was to be re-drawn in Arrow-head notation? 3 marks

Q: Write SQL Query using IN statement (5marks)

Q: Two statements were given? Tell if correct or not, if not then justify? (5 marks)

     (a) about Deadlock

      (b)  Wait for graph is used for joining tables

Q:  Table was given, we were to join type of RAID configurations with their properties (5marks) (available in past)

       RAID-5  ->  Multi user Environment

       RAID-3  ->  Single user Environment

       RAID -1  -> dont remember

       RAID-0   ->  Most Efficient Array

Q: Take Cartesian Product of    (5 marks)

      a.   Y X  Z

      b.   Z X Y

       c.  Y X Z = Z X Y

      Y = { Imran, Ali }

      Z = { CS201, CS504 }


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