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CS403 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2010 (11~26 Feb 2011)

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Replies to This Discussion

objective koe nae past ppr sy aya.........bas thora thora aya tha.............subjective molahiza farmaye.........

1-Name 2 types of ordered indices? (2)
(saara ppr main zahen pr zoor daity rahy akhir kar last main yaad a hi gea.......;p)
2-Briefly explain any 2 property of transactions? (2)
(briefly v likha hai n explain v likha hai wo v 2 marks ka....haad nae ho gae....)
3-In which sitiuation it is require to use a join? (2)
4-what is meant by Inter Schema Mapping (2)
(is main apna concept lika.....ataa nae tha........;p)
5-how do the time stamping approch works to give priorties tothe transaction? (3)
(shukr hai akhei wakt main me yahi prh rae thi......)
6-how can we identify records in case of sequential files (3)
(is main main ny apna concept likha......aata nae tha........;p)
7-what is purpose of IN operator?
8-what does controlled redundacy as a advantages of database system mean? (3)
(yai to mid hi wala tha....kr lia)
9-Briefly eplain 3rd normal form (5)
(yai v mid wala tha.....ho gea)
10-what is the significance of check point in recovery procedure.How it is used in recovery procedure (5)
(last time peha tha........kr hi lia thora thora)
11-shortly eplain index?give 2 types of indexes (5)
(mostly mcqs idex pr thy....main ny copy paste wahein sy vaikh kr kr liya.....;p)
12-wo question ganda tha........mjy pasad nae aya.....aur choor dia.......query likhni thi........:/

to at the end ............ tiare achi achi krna...........:p

What is the purpose of IN Fucntions?
In which situation join is used?
What is serial execution?
Write three advantages of views?
What are locking protocols, explain?
What is rehashing?
In which situation self join is used?
Why direct access is preferred over sequential access?
1.Application programmer as user of database systems, (5)
2.different b/w rollback and rollforward.(5)
3.why will you prefer delete command on drop command while deleting a table,(5)
4.how many number of clusters are used in database and reason of limit,
5.purpose of having clause,
6.purpose of protection,
7.explain data independency
8.two types of interface,
9.write DML statement that changes the values of one or more than one attribute based on some condition.
10.describe insertion anomaly,
People the paper is quite lengthy(and the dusty keyboards makes it more lengthy ;)) ;)) )
52 questionions
What is the difference between Commit and rollback?(2marks)
What is the problem which occur in normalization of 1 form of normalization(2marks)
Why will u prefer direct access over sequential access?(2marks)
This question i have forgotten(5marks)
What type of information is stored in data dictionary?(3marks)
What problem occurs when data concurrency is not controlled?(3marks)
What is the purpose of file protection?(3marks)
What are database objects?(5marks)
Write sql statement for display list of persons in table PERSON and show only that records whose first name is Ahmed and who's Last name is Ali(5marks)
What is unary and ternary Relationship?(5marks)
Here is my CS403 Paper....
MCQS were from past papers 70%
These are questions which i remember

write 2 similarities between materialized views and indexes?
What is the purpose of testing DB syatem?
Why fixed length files are advantageous over variable length files?
Give and explain the LIKE clause?
How attributes are related to eentities?
What is the purpose of processing of database usage authority?
Write 5 features of views?
When the GROUP BY clause is used?
When is the LOST UPDATE is used?
Briefly describe any two properties of Transactions? 2 Marks

State the two conditions which are imposed on candidate key? 2 Marks

How many places to the right of the decimal can be stored in a CURRENCY data field? 2 Marks

Name the two types of caching that are commonly used in personal computers? 2 Marks

What is “Data Definition"? 3 Marks

What is the general purpose of using DML commands? 3 Marks

Write the salient features of Indexed sequential files? 3 Marks

What effect can be occurred if a transaction lacks durability? 3 Marks

Briefly explain super key in relation with primary key. 5 Marks

Write a statement to create a table named "Person", with four columns. The column names will be "LastName", "FirstName", "Address", and "Age". 5 Marks

What is a transaction and what are ACID properties? 5 Marks

Explain the technique of RE-HASHING? 5 Marks


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