1. Create a view to show all the supplier names along with their Supplier IDs

SELECT [supplier-name],[supplier-ID] FROM supplier

2. Create a view to show the supplier name and supplier ID, who provide the product “Mirrors”.
SELECT [supplier-name],[supplier-ID] FROM product, category, supplier
WHERE supplier.[supplier-ID] = category.[supplier-ID] and 
category.[category-ID] = product.[category.ID] and 
product. product-name = “Mirrors”

3. Create a view to list down all the product names with their category names


SELECT [product-name],[category-name] FROM product, category 
WHERE product.[category-ID] = category.[category-ID]

4. Update view to change the Supplier name from “AB Hardwares” to “Uplink Hardwares”.
UPDATE supplier SET supplier-name = “Uplink Hardwares”
WHERE supplier-name = “AB Hardwares”