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CS403 Grand Quiz + Mid Term Quiz Fall 2020 2020 Due Date: 28-12-2020

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cs403 Solved Grand Quiz Spring 2020 |midterm grand Quiz cs403|cs403 grand Quiz 2020

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CS-403 Grand Quiz || Live Attempt || 30/30 Complete

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CS403 Grand Quiz 2nd Attempt

cs304 grand quiz fall 2020 28-12-2020
CS304 today quiz 9:00 am
how many types of constructors are there in c++
Inheritance definition
what is operator overloading
advantages of encapsulation
finding error in the code
using namespace std;
int main()
int const x = 10;
cout ++x;
return 0;
7. correct way of declaring static variable count type int
8. Do Constructors have return type?
9. if we extend our model and the rest of model is not affected then it is called
10. how many objects can be created once a class is defined
11. member function for a student class can be?
12. hiding the implementation details makes a program
a) Complex (b) easy to understand (c) logical (d) none of these
13. derive a class from another class in c++ is called
14. Declaring constant variable Roll No
15. we get the address of a variable stored in a pointer using
16. if we extend our model and the rest of model is not affected then it is called
17. the derived class has all the characteristics of base class except
18. a good model is _____ related to real life problems
19. which of the following stores the address of a variable?
20. through interface we access objects
21. generalization definition
22. the process to hide information is called
23. Class is a blue print of
24. types of association in C++


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