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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks


Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

aoa all members 

this is my todays paper of cs 403(remember me in prayers)

tamanm mcqs to mooaz bahi ki file se hi the bs wording change ki hoe the baqi long Q me tu tamam coding the me app ko l.Q bataty hoon
 1)How do you explain Cross Reference Matrix?2 marks
2)Crater a VIEW INSTRUCTOR_LIST which shows the list of instructor table with
Inst_Nam and City of these instructors belong to lahore or KARACHI.
INSTRUCTOR (Inst_ID, Imst_Name, City)3 marks
3)Create new view as Product_list from the table PRODUCT including all the columns of the table
PRODUCT?3 marks 
4)Given two tables DOCTOR (D_ID,D_CONTACT) , MEDICINE(M- CODE, Description)5 marks
(i) Create unique index D_ID on DOCTOT
(ii)Create unique index on both M-CODE, Description
5)What are two primary modes for taking locks 2 marks
6) ik q tha us me data dya hoa tha k batain is me normilization ki kon se type lg rhy hy5 marks  
7)interference ki types batain.2 marks
8) ager 2 componies me hm data ko share kerana cha rhy han tu app kia suggest kero ge k kon se ways adopt kie jain(ye me ne b chor dya tha 2 marks ka tha)
9)Write sql statement for display list of persons in table PERSON and show only that records whose first
name is Ahmed and who's Last name is Ali(is me ali ki jigha name hamza dya hoa tha baqi Q formate yahi tha.)5 marks
10)ik na lock ka Q b tha
11)delete k lye syntax likhna tha.


best off luck too all of u 

Mega Thread Of CS403 Database Management Systems Final term SOlve Papers 2008 to 2011 + Quizzes + Long Solve Questions

Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

please share today paper

My today paper 16-07-2012 at 11:00 AM

Q1: write down the alternative name of browser base form? 2 marks

Q2: Different classification of indexes? 2 Marks

Q3: List down any two problems which may come up if the concurrency is not controlled properly? 2 marks ( handout page 307)

Q4: In three schema architecture, External schema is responsible for data storage on hard disk. Correct and justify it. 3 marks

Q5: Create view named “Product_list” on product table which will show all the columns? 3 marks

Q6: Describe the importance of Data link properties tool in designing form by using MS Access? 3 marks

Q7: In recovery procedure, transaction ended before the check points are redone. Correct it and justify? 3 marks

Q8: Draw cross Reference matrix? 5 marks diagram was given

Q9: Deadlock is a serious threat for the concurrent transaction; shortly explain the approach which is used to detect the deadlock by DBMS? 5 marks

Q10: Rehashing is better than chaining in term of time. (Rehashing and chaining collision resolution technique in hashing). Justify it ? 5 Marks


Amir Mukhtar

Thanks Dear

Jizzak ALLAH

Best method of share your current paper

Sb se pehly apna paper solve kar lain us k bad examiner se 1 page ly lain us pe  short question note kr lain aur phir ghar aa kar type kar k net pe share kar dain. Agar hr banda apna paper share kary tu hm sb above 60% marks le sakty hain. Plz share ur paper.  its sadqa jaria…….. 


Amir Mukhtar

Asalam o Alikum !

1 - 5 marks  ka Create view wali query likhni thi aur us ma 2 fields select karni thin...

2- ERD digram banai thin yeh bhi 5 marks ka tha.

3- RAID wala question 3 marks ka tha.

4- Mcqs mostly past say thay, but thori modifications thi.. 

5- Types of Join.

6- agar app nay yeh paper pass karna hay tu app aik dafa mukamal handouts zaroor dykh loo, and Mooaz k subjective and objective walay past papers.


Syed Arslan Tahir

jazak allah  Syed ArslanTahir

my today's papar 16-7-2012

Q.1:If a company can not compromise on data access time. which file processing technique you'll suggest in this case.

Q.2: difference b/w semi join & natural join.

Q.3: if table 1 has 20 indexes & table 2 has 14. both have same data & values. three statements were given to choose correct or incorrect b/w the tables.

q.4: statement: text based interfaces include more tables than GUI. justify it as true.

q.5: a table can have more than one clustered index . if true justify it.

q.6: semi join sql coding & 2 tables were given & you have to calculate resultant table.

q.7: what does SELECT keyword in sql?

q.8: A view have to created & a student table was given. in view you have to collect all st.ID which in ascending order where city=something.

& 40 mcq's were given.


Thanks Dear

Jizzak ALLAH


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