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CS403-Database Management System Assignment No.5 Solution and Discussion Fall Spring 2013Due Date 9th July 2013

Database Management System (CS403)

Assignment No.5

                                           Total Marks:    20



Your assignment must be uploaded before or on Tuesday 9th July 2013.


Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

  1. The assignment is submitted after due date.
  2. The assignment is copied.
  3. The assignment is not submitted in .doc file.



The objective of this assignment is:

Giving the idea of the most commonly used RDBMS for designing physical database systems i.e. SQL SERVER. It is used to design systems physically either through Query Analyzer OR Enterprise Manager.


Important things to consider before doing this assignment: 


  1. This Assignment is the continuation of Second Assignment. Taking in consideration the same case study of Security Information System, a conceptual database has been provided in the form of an ERD.
  2. Now you have to complete your next phase of the Database Development Process which is physical database design. You will create it by utilizing the ERD provided in the next page.
  3. Apply foreign key constraint at this stage.


Task Description:


In this assignment you will focus only on the tasks given below:


  1. Open the Query Analyzer, and then create a new database by your id, like a sample screenshot provided on the last page of this file. Then create all the tables in this database by using it.
  2. You are required to transform all entities into tables by CREARE TABLE.
  3. You have to transform all entity attributes into columns.
  4. Define appropriate data types of each attribute.
  5. Apply entity integrity constraint by defining primary key, and foreign key of each entity.
  6. Write an SQL query to insert one row to each of the table.
  7. Take screenshots of your work, and paste them in your solution file (.DOC file).



Note: Use all concepts and techniques you have studied so far discussed particularly in lectures 24-33.







                                                              Sample Screenshot




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Replies to This Discussion


ALL students Email to sir that extend the date of assigment 5 of cs403.

AA students mari choti se confusion please dor ker do...


1-jab main ya code enter kerta hon to error ata jata

2- acha hum jo code enter kertay hai ager wo error na day its mean wo theek hai or on or hum us ka table b dehk saktay hia ager galti ya server band ho gaye or kya hum table waha majood ho tu kya hum us cod ko duba kasay open ker saktay hain please help me---

GOD bless u RaMadam MUbarik



Insert into DEPARTMENT (Dept_ID, Dept_name) values (1, 'Computer Science')


Insert into EMPLOYEE (Emp_id, emp_name, emp_design, Joining_date, emp_salary,emp_dob, Gender, emp_address, Contact_no, Dept_ID) values (1, 'Little Chef', 'iFanBoy', '9-JUL-2013',20000, '9-JUL-2013', 'Boy', 'Lahore', 1122, 1)


Insert into IMAGE (Img_id, Img_name, image_size) values (1, 'Pakistan.png', 2)


Insert into VIDEO (video_id, video_format, video_size) values (1, 'Pakistan.mp4', 60)


Insert into CAMERA (Cam_ID,Serial_no, Model, file_name, Img_id, video_id)values (1, 2345454, 'Cannon N70', 'Pakistan', 1, 1)

employee wala ma mera b error a rha ha is ma "gander " sa related

first insert the data in the table which have no FK then execute the other tables quries

It might help you in installation process.

tip for all friends

first create those tables which have no FK then create the other tables

same way no change

table_1_Id int NOT NULL,
table_1_No int NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (table_1_systemid),
CONSTRAINT fk_Pertable_1 FOREIGN KEY (table_2_Id)
REFERENCES table_2(table_2_Id)
CONSTRAINT fk_Pertable_1 FOREIGN KEY (table_3_Id)
REFERENCES table_3(table_3_Id)

SQL Server management Studio ka server Name kya hai help me please

here another tip for all

create table according to this sequence then insert the data in same series

1 - department

2 - image

3 - video

4 - employee

5 - camera

hopefully it solve all problems

ye last semester ki assignment file ha and solution file b.

same aesi e assignment ha jo is dafa ki 5th assignment ha. aik dafa match kar lain. then easy hoga solution.


plz help mery system me sql instal ni horha he me ne bht koshish ki he lakin ni horha he


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